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Instagram- Online Business at Your Fingertips

The current situation is extremely grave with the corona virus pandemic taking the entire world by storm where the death toll keeps rising at an alarming rate with each passing day where the cases have increased manifolds.

As a result of which many youngsters have lost their flourishing jobs thereby putting their future in jeopardy with very few places to turn for help and guidance and there have been innumerable suicide cases on the rise as we speak.

Nevertheless, instead of cribbing about the grave situation, one needs to work out a way and what better platform than social media to do the honors? The power of social media is so strong that it can make an ordinary but talented person famous overnight and also make an infamous celebrity come crashing down to the ground with a thud.


When talking about social media, we have different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to show us the way right from the mid 2000s with the latest entrant being Instagram that was launched in 2012 by Facebook Inc.

Due to the strong presence of digital medium, online businesses have got a new lease in life where people can establish their careers without the need to worry about fraud or conning by unscrupulous elements.

For setting up an online business, you need to first create your own Instagram account and star following important people who are into the field that you want to try out to get some tips.

Choose a topic that you feel that you are proficient in and start making content based on it so that it reaches your target audience so that it would notice you and start sharing your work with their friends.

It would also be important to make your account private so that it does not get spammed or hacked as certain elements might plagiarize your work and present it as their own so make it secure through

What Do George Michael and ABC TV Have in Common?

Just when you thought that you’d never see George Michael perform on TV except in clips of a VH-1 special about his life or for a charity concert, the famous British singer is back. The setting is a new TV series from ABC called Eli Stone, which aired on January 31.

This new series is bold and different, yet similar to other new shows that have come and gone in recent years. American audiences are always grabbed by shows about people with special abilities.

In this pilot, Eli Stone is a Stanford-alum lawyer working at a big law firm in San Francisco that defends corporate clients in lawsuits by little people. In the fictional story, a woman named Beth sues a pharmaceutical company for damages. She claims that her young son developed autism after receiving one of the pharmaceutical company’s vaccines.

What else did this show have to offer besides being a great distraction from the recent media focuson Campaign 2008 and the Hillary Clinton v. Barack Obama debate?

The cast is interesting. Eli Stone is played by Jonny Lee Miller. His fiancee, Taylor, is also a lawyer and the daughter of the head of Eli’s law firm, and is portrayed by Natasha Henstridge. His future father-in-law, Jordan Wethersby, is played by Victor Garber. A great supporting actress thoughtfully included in the cast is Loretta Divine, who is Eli’s assistant, Patti. She has starred in other big dramas and brings power to this role. What different live television satellite offer to the audience? The information about features of live television is available at site. The support of the team for the purchasers should be great to meet with the requirements. The sound effects and picture quality is high for the engagement of the visitors and audience.

On the same episode, Eli finds out he has an inoperable brain aneurysm, celebrates his engagement to the boss’ daughter, visits the Himalayas to scatter his dead father’s ashes, and gets special permission from his future father-in-law to switch sides and represent Beth and her son against the pharmaceutical company.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he is making friends with a new acupuncturist, he has visions (like seeing George Michael in his home and in the lobby of his office building), and his life is taking a new direction. Apparently, these hallucinations or visions have convinced him that he is some kind of prophet. He is going to start using his talents to benefit more clients like Beth and her son.

Leave it to today’s writers to attract you to a new show with this explosive twist of events. I don’t think they could have packed more into it, but I am not surprised because one of the creators is also behind the hit, Dirty Sexy Money. However, Americans will probably tune in next week because our boy, Eli, has special powers and he wants to do some good in the world. Too bad he isn’t running for President!

Making Money Online: Surveyhead.Com Review

Most people have heard about making money online by filling out surveys for companies that need data. There are too many survey websites to count all over the Internet. Therefore, it may be quite difficult to find one that you like. is an option for those who might want to make some extra money by taking surveys.

Taking surveys online is a really great way for people, especially teens at home over the summer, to make money. Unfortunately, SurveyHead is not going to make you rich. It can be very time consuming and you won’t get paid as much as you’re probably hoping. Despite that, SurveyHead is one of my favorite paid survey sites to work with.

Personally, I am not a fan of giving out my address to companies for a quick buck only to have them send me piles and piles of junk mail. I understand that these are called offers and not surveys, but on most websites like this offers are the only way you’re going to make money. For me, this is where SurveyHead shines. Unlike many websites, SurveyHead only has surveys, meaning there are no offers for you to do. Some might see this as a fault, but this is the main reason why SurveyHead stands out to me. I really like the fact that you earn money for providing your opinion, rather than clicking on offers that you could probably find as pop-ups on your computer.

As for the pay, I think SurveyHead is one of the most fair sites I have found to this day. You can get payouts that range from $.50 to $5, which is much better than similar survey places you can go. SurveyHead pays $1 for 15-minute surveys on average. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a five-minute survey that gives you $5. Although this has only happened to me once, I have still been lucky to get better payouts for less time. SurveyHead really does pay out well, especially when you compare it to another survey site, I like and use both SurveyHead and CashCrate regularly, so it’s easy for me to notice the difference in pay. As I said earlier, SurveyHead pays about $1 for every 15 minute survey. CashCrate only pays $.50 to $.80 for a survey that takes about 25 minutes. CashCrate also doesn’t tell you how long it might take, but I know from doing their surveys so often. I really like the fact that SurveyHead lets you know the pay and time it will take upfront. This really helps when someone is trying to decide if it’s worth it or not. Many people are offering fashion program at Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 in online search engines. Some surveys can be taken to learn about the online courses. The allotment of time and efforts is perfect to meet with the requirements.  The earning of money process is simple and easy for the online class attendants.

When the time comes for someone to get paid, SurveyHead gives you many options. You can cash out once you get $10 but that’s just for a magazine subscription. If you want a gift card, you’ll have to wait until you have $25 or even $50 for some. Unfortunately, you can only get magazine subscriptions or gift cards to places like Their are many gift card options, but if you want cash, you’ll have to get a PayPal gift card and then cash out from PayPal. I really think that the gift card idea is a good one, but it can’t be too hard to have a check in the mail option. To me, that is just a minor issue. Surveyhead doesn’t have many issues, but some of them may be major enough to send you running.

While there is a lot to like about SurveyHead, there are also a few aspects to dislike. One of those is the amount of time it takes for you to get credit for taking a survey. They say it takes two to four weeks to get credited, but I have had surveys pending for more than two months sometimes. To some this may not be a big deal, but to others it could be enough to not use SurveyHead. Not all of the blame can be put on SurveyHead, though. The companies that are sending out the survey don’t pay SurveyHead until they have all the information they need. Therfore, SurveyHead isn’t going to credit you until they are paid. Despite the fact that they don’t get paid until the companies are done, it seems like there could be a better way to go about this. Other survey websites have found a way to pay us much quicker, so why can’t SurveyHead? But you likely won’t run into this problem if you don’t have surveys to take in the first place.

Another complaint that I have is the amount of surveys they give you. Sometimes it’s days before I find a survey, and it can be weeks before I find one that I qualify for. This is a major issue that can send people away from SurveyHead pretty quickly. Even though you may go weeks without earning anything, there are times where you’ll find five or six surveys waiting for you and you’ll qualify for them all! I love it when those times come around, but they are few and far between, let me tell you.

In the end, SurveyHead is a really great option for people who want to make a little bit of extra money in their free time. You won’t get rich quickly. In fact you won’t even get rich and you won’t get your money very quickly. Despite all of that, SurveyHead is free to join, and you’ve got nothing to lose, meaning that you should definitely try it sometime soon!

Advertise Yourself for Much Less

I have many small projects that I am involved with. I make and sell jewelry and crafts, I do tattoos, and I write these articles. Each is very different but has one thing in common, I use social networking sites to promote them, and by doing so I keep the costs down on advertising. In an online world, advertising can be VERY costly, and most of the time, you don’t even know how much you will be spending to get the “exposure” they claim. Never spend more than you have the potential to make back.

The first trick I use is Facebook Groups. I join groups of similar interests to what I want to promote, as well as groups that might be interest in what I am promoting. For instance, for my articles I joined all of the writing groups, and every article that gets published, gets posted there. I also have a collection of girl scout groups all over the world that if I write about a craft idea or something along those lines, gets posted in them because they might be interested in the read. If your item is good, it’s more than likely going to be “shared” by others making it visible to all of their friends, giving you a new target audience you couldn’t get elsewhere.

The next thing is to tweet it on Twitter. I was once very against twitter, just one more social site right? Wrong! I have come to learn how to use it as a valuable tool, and I keep my personal life and business VERY separate, which I always recommend doing anyway! Your target audience probably won’t care that you had the best meal of your life at the new restaurant close to your house, or that you and your spouse are in a “complicated relationship”. They might even stop following you, and become uninterested in your promotions, thinking that you are more interested in what’s happening in your life, rather than focusing on your work.

Apart from twitter, Instagram is also a good platform to advertise your brand, product, service or even blog. Furthermore, with the help of, it is now easier for you to know your audience by looking at their profiles.

Another rather cost effective way to advertise and promote is using Everything is $5, and you can use the “advertising” section on the site to find what is appropriate for you. If you just opened your twitter account and need 5000 followers FAST, or if you have your own website and just need to generate traffic, they have it on there. Make sure to look at their ratings, and read all of the specifics on the job, as well as feedback (if they have any) before you choose to pay someone that $5 for your advertising. Also, if you are having “followers” or “likers” added to your social networking pages ask if they are real followers or “look real” followers, meaning they won’t really participate in anything you are doing, just give you the appearance of having a massive fan base (which may work for you). Choose what’s best for you, and make sure you weigh out all of your options, but for $5 you could generate a lot of business.

Always be careful when purchasing advertising especially if it’s by “click” basis, as that can become very costly without you even realizing it.

Independent Coffee Shops In Bunker Hill, Illinois

The little town of Bunker Hill, Illinois has a population of 1700 people. Like many other small towns in America, we have our coffee shops that offer coffee made with เมล็ดกาแฟคั่ว/คั่วบด. The discussion at these coffee shops is a lot like any other. The talk will cover everything from Obama-care to the local sports teams.

Each coffee shop has it’s regulars. Some of the regulars will even pay a visit to the other shops before they head home. They seek out their friends, as they try to solve all the problems of the world.

Independent Coffee shops in Bunker Hill, Illinois


This combination bar, coffee shop, and restaurant are located on the main drag in the center of town, at 116 North Washington. It is just a half a block away from the famous Lincoln statue. Go figure, a Lincoln statue on Washington. Chesney’s is a two-room establishment. The bar area is kept separate from the coffee shop. They open at 7 am and close at 7 pm each day except Sunday. On Sunday, they open at 11 am. There are plenty of refills and no extra charge for them.


Located at 208 North Washington. It is just a few hundred feet from the famous Lincoln statue. Sally opens in September and closes in the middle of April. She opens shortly after 6 am and closes at about 1:30 pm. Although she specializes in breakfast and lunch, many of the locals enjoy a good cup of coffee in her shop. Her coffee shop is a small two-room house. The backroom is the kitchen and the front room is the restaurant area. Just like Chesney’s, there is no extra charge on refills.


Is located in the southern part of the town at 702 South Washington. Although it is primarily a gas station, many of the locals will sit in one of the booths and enjoy a cup of coffee or an order of biscuits and gravy. There are no refills here. Each cup is paid for. This doesn’t seem to bother those that patronize it. Many individuals, on their way to and from work, often grab a cup of coffee on their way. As they do so, they often pay a quick visit to those that are there. Shortstop opens early and closes very late. However, the side window is open 24 hours a day. If you need, a cup of coffee in the middle of the night, they have it for you.

None of these three shops have specialty coffee. However, that doesn’t matter to anyone in town. All three of these independent coffee shops are important establishments in the town. It is a place where young and old gather for a few moments each day to check on each other.

Shop And Save Money Through Online Shopping

Online shopping has provided great ease to customers as they only need the internet for this. There are hundreds of websites that allow you to shop online and get your things delivered at home. Most people are switching to online shopping from traditional ones for obvious reasons—however, the best reason to shop online to save money every time with your one click. You can save a bundle with online shopping. Before you visit a site for online shopping, you must check its reviews on Reviewedpapa to know about how safe and reliable the website is.

Brilliant online shopping tips to save:

  1. Earn cash back every time you shop

While shopping online, you must check the items that offer cashback on your purchase. Cashback websites provide a little amount of percentage back on the total amount that you spend on shopping. There are many different things that can help you earn money and save back. There are some bank accounts as well that offer cashback, so better check you’re linked with the right provider.

  1. Find discounts

Sometimes while shopping, the user forgets to check on the voucher code sites that help to cut down the cost of what you are buying. You need to check the voucher codes online that are eligible for a specific site when you are shopping. The website gives you a notification on what you can save and by applying which voucher code.

  1. Shop on weekdays and not weekends

The day of the week decides how much money you can save. Working people that are free of weekends tend to buy things online, and the websites increase the prices according to demand. You must shop on weekdays as the prices are normal and sometimes you can get the best deals in your range.

Common Seo Mistakes To Avoid

While SEO, or search engine optimization, is the most important tool for any website as it allows you to achieve good rankings on search engine results and thus bring in great organic and targeted traffic, it can also have adverse effects if done improperly. These are two of the most common SEO mistakes that are made time and time again, learn them in order to avoid them.

The first, and most common, SEO mistake for you to avoid is improper use of keyword density that you can easily avoid by connecting with SEO professionals like Clovis SEO.

While it is important to use keywords throughout the page of your text, as a tried and true SEO method, overdoing it can cause some very unwanted outcomes. A good keyword density should be somewhere around 4%-5%. If you overdo it you can be viewed, by search engines, as spam even if you are not. A common SEO mistake is to shoot for a keyword density of somewhere around 7%-8%. Even this low of a keyword density is often viewed by search engines as spam.

You see search engines have algorithms that try to determine which pages are the most relevant and high quality for the end-user. This, if done properly, brings the user back for future searches. One of the best ways to bring high-quality results to the top of search engine results pages is to bury spam pages hundreds of pages back in the results. If you use a keyword density that is too high you will often be viewed as spam and pushed to the abyss that is page 100 of Google search engine results. In addition to this, although you may be a highly-skilled writer, most pages with an excess of keywords read like spam and discourage future visits.

Another SEO mistake that you need to avoid at all costs is to be seen as link spamming by search engines. While building backlinks is arguably the most important SEO technique for any website, if done poorly it can really hurt your website’s ranking. A few things to keep in mind when building backlinks is that you should not like from bad websites. These are sites that are already de-indexed for being spam or known as link farms because they provide no real value except for backlinks for other sites. Links from these websites will not help you much, if at all, and if you get too many of them you can expect to get your site de-indexed, or removed from search engine results, as well. Another fairly common mistake that is made when building backlinks is just being too spammy. Search engines hate spam! Never use automated backlinks programs as they will end up hurting you. It is a good rule of thumb that you keep your backlinks to relevant pages, other sites on the same topic or in the same niche as you, and build them naturally and by hand.

If you can avoid these common SEO mistakes then you will achieve much more success in driving your website to the top of search engine results pages.

Guide to Tweens and Social Networking

Social networking sites have infiltrated our lives. You can’t turn on your TV, open a magazine, or talk to a teenager without hearing the word “MySpace” or about other social networking sites. With users on these sites growing like wildfire, they are more and more likely to be used not only by your tweens friends, but also by sexual or other types or predators. In a perfect world, we could ban our tweens from using these sites. Banning them could backfire, they could resort to secret accounts or logging on at their friends houses. The following ten tips will make your tweens safer on social networking sites.

  1. Do Not Put a Computer In Your Tween’s Room

While many parents allow their tweens to have computers in their bedrooms for educational purposes, most of the time the computer will be used for socialization. If the computer is placed in a common area you will be able to better monitor your tween’s computer activities.

  1. Do Not Let Children Post Photos of Themselves or Their Friends

Predators will often scan social networking sites looking for young looking kids. If you child has pictures of themselves or their friends the predators will know how young your child really is.

  1. Do Not Let Tweens Post Their Location On Sites

Social networking sites such as MySpace have areas to input your location. Have you children list their location as their state, country, or use a phrase such as “nowhere”. Never let them post their school or city. This will make it harder for predators to find where your child actually is. It is much safer to have your child post generic pictures such as animals or symbols they may like. Instagram Private Profile Viewer Online will be beneficial for the person with animals and plants. The pictures of the animals and plants can be posted on the account with some considerations. The uploading of the photos will be safe and secure for the person. Besides it, no sharing of the location will be done with safety. 

  1. Make Your Tween Set Their Profile To Private

If your tweens set their profile to private only those people on her friend list can read her entire profile. This is also a great tip because even if your child doesn’t list their age or location one of their friends may. This will allow predators to deduce your child’s age and location as well.

  1. Do Not Allow Your Tween To Accept Friends They Do Not Know In Real Life

Inform your child that they are only allowed to add people that they know in real life. Do not allow them to add strangers or friends of friends. Predators may read your child’s buddy list and claim to know one of their friends when in actuality they do not.

  1. Set Your Tweens Profile To Only Accept Invitations From People They Know

Tweens can set their profile to ask potential friends to verify that they know know your child before they can submit a friend request. The sites will ask the person requesting to be friends with them questions such as your child’s full name or their e-mail.

  1. Know your Tween’s Password

Tell your tween that they must let you know your password and inform them that you will be going on their accounts regularly. This will prevent them from having secrets from you and will increase their safety immensely.

  1. Make Your Own Social Networking Profile

Make your own social networking profile and have your name be something along the line of “Tween’s Mom”. Have your child make you their top friend so that any potential predators know that you are not only aware but are also monitoring your child’s internet activity.

  1. Search The Social Networking Sites Regularly

As honest as we believe our children to be, they can sometimes be the complete opposite. Tweens may make two or more profiles. They may tell you about one profile and have a secret profile that breaks all your rules. If you regularly go online and search for profiles fitting your child’s statistics you will be more likely to find secret profiles your tween may have created. You should also check their friend’s profiles to see if they have added more than one of your tween’s profiles to their profile.

  1. Talk To Your Tween

The most important part of parenting is communication. Have an open and honest discussion with your tween about the dangers of social networking sites. Inform them that not everyone is who they say they are, and not everyone is on these sites just to make friends. You should also tell them that it is your job as a parent to keep them safe first, and happy second. This simple dialog will help more than you will ever realize to keep your tween safe on social networking sites.

Many Are Starting To Make Money Online To Supplement Their Income

In the current economy, the search is on to make money online. For those who’ve had to take a pay cut, had their hours cut back, or even lost their job entirely, the lure of making money while sitting at home in front of your computer screen is irresistible. The free download Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is a credible way through which you can start working part-time and earn money online.

Even if you are employed and looking only to supplement your existing paycheck, there are many ways to make money online with little effort. Depending on your experience and skills you can take jobs – usually freelance – which range from software editing to writing, typing texts, and even hosting chat rooms.

One way to begin to make money online is to create your own website. To market yourself successfully, take stock of what your strengths and weaknesses are. Where do you have experience? Would it be better to partner up with a company that can train you and teaches you how to successfully make money on the web? If you decide you are ready to show the world what your capabilities are, consider hiring a web designer to help you present yourself positively to future employers. Remember that your website will represent you and what you have to offer and make certain it is attractive and has no errors in grammar. You have a lot of competition out there, and one misspelled word can lose a potential job.

Once your website is up and running and registering enough traffic, you can make money out of affiliate programs, commercial banners, and the like.

What should your website focus on? Is there an area in which you feel you have particular expertise? Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about? Chances are there are others who will visit your site if you are constantly seeking to improve it. Know your audience. What would they like to read about? Post new articles every day or blog about your own experiences. Make sure your site is running correctly and navigation is easy. You may even survey your members to see what their ideas are or what content they would like to see.

Other web site ideas that will enable you to make money online include buying and selling, business, and price comparisons. There are so many possibilities that it may be difficult to narrow it down to one or two.

Another way to use your own website to make money online is to create it as a sort of web portfolio, a way to show off your work samples if you’re a writer or designer and attract new clients.

However, you choose to make money online with your own website, remember how important it is to have a professional look. There are website writers, designers, and engineers who can help you for a price or you can make use of a number of templates available to assist you. Check out other sites you find attractive to decide what they do right. Talk to friends and family members and ask for referrals. Be patient once your site is up and running and constantly seek to improve.

A Guide On Starting A Car Parts & Accessories Shop

Car components, like body kits, wheels, car sensors, and audio systems, improve both the inside and outside of vehicles. As such, selling car parts and accessories can be a lucrative business.

Take note that this article is a guide for starting your car parts and accessories store. If you are looking for a list of the best drill bit for porcelain tile, please visit Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Formulate a plan

Develop a strategy to assist you with every phase of business growth when setting up a car components shop. Record the kinds of components and set up services you intend to supply to your customers. Record startup expenses, like lease, amenities, labor, upfront expenses intended for component and car parts stock, company insurance coverage, and advertising expenses. You should also formulate a marketing strategy, and make an employee handbook or manual.

  1. Set up the legal requirements

Make application for your business permit to run a car components company within your town. Get in touch with the local authorities with regard to the licensing that you need, as well as the fees that you will have to pay. Obtain business insurance coverage from a certified insurance firm. Business insurance policies will safeguard your merchandise from damage, robbery, and other unfortunate events. Insurance coverage will also cover your business in case you need to face a lawsuit.

  1. Hire a spacious space in a good location

Always remember that you will need to have a physical display of the car accessories and parts that you offer, and you also need a big enough storage to keep your stock. As such, it is important that you hire a place located in a strategic location that is big enough to accommodate bulky items.

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