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Golf Tips For Every Move You Play In The Game

Not every time a person can have the luxury of having a mentor to keep a check on all his moves, find out the flaws and correct them. Also, golf is one of those games that you can never play if you don’t have complete knowledge about all your moves and tricks. So how can one become a better player? Well, the answer is, it’s 2019, and you have the internet to know everything you want to know about golf and its moves, it’s more like a Judi online.

Some tips and tricks to improve every golf move

  • Identify your weaknesses – No one is born a player. You need to learn and learn and even after that you’ll have weaknesses, but that’s not the end.
  • Work your weaknesses – Identify your weakness and work on it. A weakness can be anything that hinders your goal. Once you start identifying your weakness, you can start working on them.
  • Be your mentor – Most of the times, the reason for a bad shot is the lack of observation. This is where a mentor comes to help; He can identify the wrong body posture while you hit a shot. If you don’t have a mentor, do it for yourself.
  • Know exactly where your hands and feet are while you hit a shot –While practising, pay complete attention on how you’re hitting the ball, how close the club is to your body, where your legs are while you hit them, what part of the hand do you use to apply strength while hitting etc.
  • Find out the right posture – this tip is more like the next step after you have observed your posture. Compare the posture suggested by experts with yours and find out where you went wrong.
  • Develop a swinging habit as a pre-shot routine – everyone has a unique style of hitting, develop your unique style where you hit your best and follow it as a routine.
  • Read about the tricks used by some of the famous players – players usually share their tricks and tips for improving your game, you must go through them frequently.
  • Let your hands be free- it is extremely important to let your hands be free while you hit a shot, that way you allow the ball to fly far and high.
  • Practise regularly – this is something very basic and applies to every sport. Without practising, one can’t excel.

Above are some basic tips that would help you in every part of your game, when added with a regular practice routine.