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The Psychological Effects Of Playing Video Games

All the enthusiastic gamers might have at least heard once in their life how games are an obsessive and mindless hobby, how they can lead to aggressive behaviour and they are no good for the health too. Contrary to this popular belief, modern science and research have shown that there is a whole lot more to playing video games and if played in controlled amounts of time, they actually are more good to the human body than bad.

So what good do they do

The level of mental attention they require to excel at them actually has a lot more benefits to it than damage. They are as follows-

  • Improvement in memory and cognitive skills: People who play games have their brain stimulated which results in higher cognitive functioning and better recall ability. They also result in better mental flexibility.
  • Levels of stress come down: Video games are proven to be great stress busters and relievers. Those who have stressful days at work can easily let off steam by playing video games. Not only is it non-destructive like alcohol or drugs rather most of the times this option of relieving stress is completely free and not to mention evidently beneficial as well.
  • Anxiety levels also come down: Whether you are playing games like dominoqq or online shooter games, one’s brains become totally engaged and engrossed in those moving objects on the screen and one tends to forget all the worries in our earthly world which are needed from time to time for everyone.
  • Gaming can overcome dyslexia: And it is true! The benefits of gaming can help dyslexic children a lot as this improves their reading performance and cognitive abilities. They bring a lot of better results than traditional dyslexia training procedures.