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4 Top Trends In Sports Marketing Marketers Should Know

Sports marketing is a fast evolving space. What was popular last year has already been replaced by a new trend this year. Are you an aspiring sports marketer? Well, then, you must keep yourself abreast about the latest happenings and trends in the sphere of sports marketing today. The post below offers a brief on the hottest trends in sports marketing this time.

Cause-based marketing

Sports industry is largely inclining to a cause-based marketing approach for a while now. These marketing campaigns show eminent sports celebs voicing major societal issues to create mass awareness. Such thoughtful marketing campaigns hold the power to leverage the stature of the celebs featured in the campaign as well as the sports and teams they are connected to. You have the example of Manchester United maverick Rio Ferdinand here who was featured in a campaign last year that talked about male mental health.

Popularity of eSports

The rising popularity of eSports has certainly taken the entire sports and marketing industry by storm? The format is now especially popular with soccer teams which is evident from growing downloads FIFA football video games. In fact, McDonald is now sponsoring eSports instead of on-field soccer. Interestingly, Real Madrid has reported to launch a special section for eSports fans in their upcoming stadium.


Sports teams and organizations are becoming extremely serious about a strong online presence. They are deploy professionals to man their blogs as blogs are a fantastic way to connect with fans. The topics covered in blogs range from information about players, tournaments to gameplay tips like tips menang poker 2019.

Increased use of social media

From announcing upcoming matches to streaming live matches- sports clubs, players and sports marketers are using social media for almost everything. The massive member-base of popular social media platforms offer an excellent opportunity to sports clubs/organizations to reach closer to their fans worldwide.