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Effective Ways To Select The Best Online Recruitment Agency!

Hiring any recruitment agency is a vital step through which you can scale your business. For instance, if you look for the best recruitment agency bangkok you get the best and popular recruitment agencies that are there in Bangkok. Moreover, it is really important that you have a good relationship and communication with your agency in order to get the best possible candidates. Which is there are some things that you should consider as you hire any of these agencies:

  • The first and most important step is to establish healthy communication between your company’s HR department and the hiring agency. You should present all your requirements and needs before them. Make sure you clear all of their doubts and questions regarding the type of candidates that you need for your company. You can tell them all about the positions that are available in your company and the type of jobs that you are willing to offer.
  • Secondly, make sure that you get all the relevant data about your company. This is how you can learn about the track record of the agency that you are going to hire. Moreover, these records will prove that the is credible and can be trusted for the hiring process.
  • If you need candidates that are highly skilled and have a relevant profile you can choose a specialized hiring agency for this. These agencies only deal with certain job profiles only making them much more suitable and efficient than any generic agency.
  • In order to look at the progress of any agency, you can also join their online network. This will give you a fair idea of how the agency works and how effective is their online presence.
  • Lastly, before you decide to hire any of these agencies you should visit them once and look at their tests and screening processes. This will give a fair amount of idea of how they work and if they are suitable are not.

These are some simple steps that you can follow in order to select the best hiring agency for your company and save yourself a lot of time, money, and efforts.

How To Protect The Privacy From VPN Services?

VPN is the relatively best service that is offering benefits to internet users. If you don’t want to compromise the private files or any data, then you should consider a genuine VPN service provider. One can easily use a private and secure connection.

To protect privacy, then you should opt for a genuine VPN service. Make sure that you are choosing a genuine VPN provider that will able to offer top-notch quality service. Thousands of service providers are out there that are delivering the top-notch quality service. If you want to protect the information and identity, then you must consider a genuine one. Using a VPN is proven to be great because it will enable you to hide IP address. Users will able to identify fraud and theft with ease. Here are some ways that will help you in protecting privacy from a VPN service.

  • Paid Vs. Free VPN – Which one is better?

There are some companies out there that are providing the VPN services without charging a penny. In order to make the use of advanced features, then one should make the use of a paid VPN service that will able to protect the data from malware and dangerous virus. One should consider the best VPN service that can offer the top-notch quality service to you. The current torguard coupon code is proven to be great because it is providing a discount to those who are buying a VPN from Torguard.

  • Servers

Some premium VPN companies are out there that are charging the $100 on a monthly basis. They are featuring hundreds of servers that can be reliable for us.

Additionally, one should make the use of a private and secure VPN server that will protect your data from hackers or dangerous viruses.

How to Give a Belly Ring as a Gift to friends and relatives

Looking for a unique gift to give a young lady that will be both used often and deeply appreciated? If they have a navel piercing, a belly ring makes an excellent, inexpensive gift. Belly rings are small and easy to mail to someone as well. Body jewelry is never returnable, so you need to chose your purchase wisely.

Belly rings are one of the few pieces of body piercing jewelry that are a standard size. A few very petite women may have their belly pierced with a 16 gauge belly ring. Almost all belly rings are 14 gauge, this measurement refers to the thickness of the shaft that is inserted into the body. The length of belly rings, with 7/16 of an inch as the standard, refers to the length of the shaft. The length is the space between the ball on the top and the ball on the bottom. Women rings with different designs are available at reasonable rates. With the rings, same jewelry can be purchased from

Belly rings come in a wide variety of materials. Stainless steel, gold, titanium and acrylic are common materials used. Gold is the most expensive material, acrylic and steel are the least expensive. This does not mean that you would be considered cheap if you bought steel or acrylic. Many women are active in sports or have jobs where they may prefer a belly ring that is made entirely from acrylic. Acrylic belly rings are flexible and they usually do not have dangling charms that may get caught on objects.

You really need to know the person you are buying a belly ring as a gift for very well. Belly rings come in logos, which can be sayings or cartoon characters, plain round balls, or jeweled styles. Jeweled styles may dangle or there may just be one stone as the bottom ball. People with small children or pets that jump up on them may find a dangling belly ring cumbersome. You can find very feminine belly rings, gothic styles and anything in between.

Belly rings can be bought at jewelry stores and online. Online prices are usually much less expensive. Make sure you buy the body jewelry from a store that specializes in body jewelry, the quality is usually much better.

Only purchase a belly ring as a gift if you are sure the person will like the style that you have chosen. Body jewelry is not returnable just like pierced earrings cannot be returned to most stores. A gift belly ring can cost as little as $5.00 for an acrylic or steel belly ring, up to $50 for a gold or titanium belly ring. Belly rings with diamonds will of course cost more, cz stones and rhinestones are less expensive. You can use a regular ring box to make your present look extra special and have a great gift for less than $20.

How to Choose the Right Childcare Center for Your Child

“Renee,” a worker in the infant room of a large franchise child center, sits on a rocking chair and talks on the phone to a friend, as infants crawl and toddle around on the floor. Ten-month-old Conner tries to pull himself up on a set of shelves. He falls and bumps his nose, which begins to bleed. Renee continues to talk on the phone, not noticing that Conner is sitting a few feet away, screaming as his nose drips blood on the carpet. When Renee finally looks up and sees Conner, she gasps, grabs a nose siphon from another child’s “cubby”, and tries to siphon the blood from Conner’s nose. Another worker walks into the room, and Renee warns her, “Don’t tell his mom!”
Does this sound like a childcare nightmare? It’s a true story, unfortunately.

Most childcare centers have high standards that they actually do live up to, and children are usually perfectly safe and happy in these places. But in some childcare centers, unqualified teachers work too many hours and look after too many children at once. Here are some tips to help you make sure that your child is in one of the good childcare centers!

When you’re first “shopping” for a childcare center, the director of each center will probably give you a guided tour. She’ll take you to the classroom that your child would be placed in, if you were to choose that center. Often, the teachers in that classroom have been warned that you are coming, and everyone is on their best behavior. But keep your eyes and ears open. Peek into other classrooms as you walk by them, and you’ll catch teachers and kids behaving more naturally. Look for busy teachers and happy kids. For infants and toddlers, if there are more than four or five children in the room, there should be two teachers. In that case, one teacher may be working on preparing projects or cleaning up, but at least one of the teachers should be doing something to engage the children. Classrooms of two, three, four and five year olds should resemble busy preschool classrooms, with children playing and learning in all areas of the room. You might hear teachers talking loudly to be heard above the children’s voices… such a teacher calling, “Johnny, come use the bathroom!” But you shouldn’t hear teachers shouting and sounding angry. Childcare classrooms are busy, noisy places. But if what you see looks like chaos… too many kids, and stressed-out-looking teachers… you may want to bypass this center!

Before you commit to starting at a childcare center, ask if you and your child can spend some time in the classroom that she will be in. Most directors will happily allow this. Observe the routine and see how the teacher engages your child, as well as the other children in the classroom. Often, your child will be shy and hang back, but if the kids who have been there longer look like they’re happy and having fun, that’s a good sign. You may even want to tell your child you’re going to go use the bathroom or speak to the director, so you can step out for a moment and leave the child alone in the room with the prospective teacher. Peek in through a window or a crack in the door to see if the teacher tries to invite your child to get involved in the classroom activities.

Ask about the teacher-to-child ratios used in the classrooms. State laws require that there be one teacher for every four infants in a classroom, and for every five toddlers. The older kids get, the more kids a teacher is allowed to watch alone. One thing you need to watch for is that, when some teachers are missing or when some teachers have been sent home to prevent them from getting overtime hours, the director will shuffle kids around in order to make the ratios work. For instance, if your child is two years old, but is one of the oldest two-year-olds in the class, the director might have him sent to the three-year-olds room. Likewise, if your child is one of the youngest three-year-olds, he might be sent back to the two-year-olds room if there are too many kids in his own classroom. Being switched to different rooms can be very upsetting for kids. They miss out on playing with their friends and keeping the routine they look forward to every day. You can tell the director that you don’t want your child moved to different classrooms on different days. The director should respect your wishes. Be very clear on this matter, because if your child is preverbal, the director may sometimes switch him to different classrooms anyway, and switch him back before you pick him up.

Once your child is in a childcare center, watch her progress. At first, she may seem upset when you drop her off there each day, but this should only last a week or so, as she gets used to the routine. If your child seems extremely upset, to the point where it gives you a bad feeling, try lingering for a while outside the doorway after you drop her off, and then peeking in to see if she’s adjusted. If you see her standing alone in a corner screaming, or if you see a teacher yelling at her or belittling her for crying, this may not be a good place for your child. If, instead, the teacher is speaking gently to your child, trying to engage her and get her involved in the routine, things may be under control. You could also drop in at a random time during the day, to peek in on your child and see how she’s doing. If, when you pick her up, she is happily playing in the classroom, that is definitely a good sign.

Most childcare centers are in business because the people who run them and work at them love children. By being careful and observant, you’ll be able to find a great childcare center for your child!

There’s nothing like a good preschool centre for your child to enroll to mark his beginning in the outside world and understand life through it.

Top Ten Ways of Making Money with Runescape

#1. Making cannonballs.Cannonballs are extremely easy to make, requiring a very low skill level in smithing. All you need is steel bars and a cannonball mould. One bar makes four cannonballs a piece. They may not give as much experience as other steel things, but they sell combined for about 800gp, while a steel bar only sells for 500, and then you add the experience you gained, and voila!

#2. Bow strings, the easy way.When many people decide to pick bowstrings for money, they go out to Seer’s Village and start picking and then they…NO! That is wrong! It will take you forever and the money you earn will not be worth it. Instead, use all the money you have to buy flax. Then, go to Lumbridge Castle and run from the bank and wheel spinning them. Once that is done, sell them and repeat. This is the fastest way and while it won’t make you as much money as picking the flax yourself, it will earn you much more in the long run. Plus, you get quite a decent amount of crafting experience.

#3. Fishing for Lobster.In this guide there will be two fish specifically covered that you can fish for a lot of money. Lobster is the first. Why is lobster on here, and not swordfish? Because lobster will earn you more money. Approximately, Lobsters sell for 250. Swordfish around 450. You get lobsters three times as fast, sometimes more. Do the math, you get a lot more money and actually a bit more experience because you don’t always get tuna.

#4. Fishing for sharks. Sharks are also great for money. Also right next to a bank, they might not come out fast, but they sell for around 1,500gp (big money) and also give a lot of experience. Give or take that they are the fastest way to get money fishing, depend on how you go at it.

#5. Law running. Running runes is a fan favorite and rightly so. A full inventory of laws gets you around almost 10,000gp. Entana may not be that close to a bank, but if you can run back and forth to Draynor, you can get profits easily.

#6. Nature running. Same deal as law running…almost. Nats sell for around 300 on average, so a full inventory will net you around 7200gp, probably a bit more. The nearest bank to the altar is Shilo Village, so you might want to have done that quest first. Otherwise it is kind of a long run.

#7. Yews and Magics. Getting your woodcutting to 60 is not hard at all. In fact, woodcutting is one of the easiest skills to level. Yews sell for around 450 each, so you can get quite a lot easily, especially since there are tons around all the banks. Magics, although a bit farther, are great too, but not recommended till atleast 90 woodcutting because it takes way too long. Until then, Yews are better.

#8. Steel bars. This is like the cannonballs, but a bit different. What you need to do is spend all your money on iron and coal, double as much coal as you have iron, and then go to Al Kharid (closest bank to forge) and smelt them. This may take awhile, and not earn as much money as cannonballs, but it is much faster than having to resmelt them all, and you don’t even have to sell the steel.

#9. Mithril. Mithril is a sort of inbetween for miners. It comes at just the right place and sells for just the right price. It’s fast and easy and is sure to net you some money. The same trick here also works for the steel bars. If you buy all the coal you need for mithril, and the mithril itself, and smelt it, you will make almost twice as much as you spent on the coal and mithril.

#10. Bones. Bone farming is often overlooked, and if you go for the biggest bones, it might be one of the most effective ways to get money. Bones sell for tons of the Grand Exchange. Big bones, from killing giants, sell for 500gp! Bat bones, from those weak level 8 bats, sell for 200! There is tons of money to be made from running bones from the bank. Monkeys, those level 3 pests? The bones sell for 250! It really is easy money. If you find yourself by a bank with a lot of little guys around, why not just take the time and take the bones?

These are 10 ways to easily make money in Runescape. Only a few of them take dedication, and they really are quite easy. I hope this guide helps as you find yourself wanting that dragon chainmail. Beside all these ways, you can learn about cheat codes and hacks that can help you in earning boatload of in game money. All this is possible with xe88 apk download.


Mega Man 10 For Wii, X-Box 360, And Playstation 3 Review

For millions around the world, the name Mega Man resonates. It was a video game that left a huge impact on the NES, Nintendo’s first system, and it has been shaking gamers with its sequels ever since. With Mega Man 9, Capcom decided to bring younger gamers back to the past by rendering the graphics and music of the new game in the style of the old NES classics. Now once again they try this innovative styling with Mega Man 10, which is downloadable on the Wii, X-box 360, and Playstation 3. We’ll see how well they captured that gaming experience that has made such a difference. Even games like Domino111 are trying to grab interest of players with different tactics.


Roboenza, a robot disease, starts spreading among the robots and they naturally go insane and start trying to take over the world. Dr. Wily comes to Mega Man and explains that he had been building a machine which will cure the robots but that one of the sick robots had stolen it. Mega Man and Proto Man, his “brother” go out to defeat the Robot Masters in order to save the day. Yet in a twist, it turns out that Dr. Wily had created the robot virus all along and is holding the antidote in order to control the world. Mega Man must stop the evil scientist (odd how many scientists turn out to be evil) and save the world.


After the success of Mega Man 9, it seems only natural that a second “neo-retro” game would soon follow. This game was expected to fix the problems of Mega Man 9 which, though it was a very successful game, had the problem of simple and predictable level designs. Mega Man 10 does much to remedy this. Each level is very interesting and challenging, with many obstacles to combat and little puzzles to solve. With its limited graphics abilities, it was a good decision to focus on what the developers could improve. Another great addition was an easy mode which allows players who are new to the genre to enjoy Mega Man without having to battle through the old school difficulty mode. There is a certain threshold for many players where a game becomes too challenging to be any fun, so it is an excellent idea to provide this for people interested in the game, but not in a headache.

In other ways, Mega Man 10 fails to impress. The addition of Proto Man as a playable character is a bit of gimmick but will be fun to new characters because of his useful abilities. The worst aspect of the new game is the bad weapons design. After the immense praise for the Mega Man 9 weapons, it is a shame that Capcom has dropped the ball in this sequel. Many of the weapons are more trouble than they are worth–a bad situation to be in. Players will end up trying out the new weapons and then going back to old faithful when they discover that they are just too difficult to use or do next to nothing. This is a shame, really, because the impressive level designs really would go well with some weapons to play around with in them.

Mega Man 10 takes an old formula and releases it in a fresh way that will please old and new fans alike. This new game does a much better job of giving that old Mega Man experience than other releases in the near history so it is to be applauded for that. It is a worthy addition to any fan of Mega Man who has an itch to experience some more. Reviewers give it about an 8/10.

A Glance at Indie Games

A Look Back to the Start

Ten years ago, Indie games were little more than glorified freeware titles of poor quality. Some gems stood out, but for the most part it was just poorly coded and poorly designed. They lacked much in the way of originality, cribbing on franchises like Mario, Final Fantasy, and Sonic. Ten years ago, if you had said that a game coded by one man or by a team of five was going to be any good, you would have been laughed off. Now, making a game is easy, even if you’re wanting to finally design your Doom clone. Software packages are available that take the lion’s share of programming out of the mix altogether. You also have the flexible coding bases like C# and XNA which enable a developer to quickly come to grips and develop the title with a flexible tool set.

Indie RPGs

RPGs are a long endeared genre of gaming. Taking from every source under the sun, it’s impossible to think of what they haven’t covered at this point. The market for indie RPGs is rather slim at times it seem, at least in terms of fellows that program theirs the hard way. Coding an engine, designing art, and ultimately doing your own sound work is a pretty time consuming effort. Factor that in with creating a plot that hasn’t been done to death, and you may find yourself stretched well past the limit. Enterbrain and a handful of other companies have fashioned a system that takes the hard work out of it for the most part. RPG Maker VX, their latest version, holds true to principles of their popular system. Considering user made games like Yume Nikki, Laxius Power, and Avarice, it’s hard to comprehend games of their scope even being made by a tool derided by coders for its simplicity.

RPGs gain a bit of a resurgence on portable platforms like the iPhone. Being rather easy to develop for and having a quick turn around time for the distribution, it’s easy to see small developers taking on much larger risks than their better funded counterparts. Seeing ambitious projects trying to envision science fiction worlds in a portable package seem a little out of depth for smaller teams, but it’s done on a regular basis.

Indie Games in General

Generally, Indie games are like gamer tshirts that players across the globe have been highly interested into. With its crazy features and benefits, it is no doubt that it is one of the best types of games across the industry. Arguably the runaway success of Cut The Rope and Angry Birds should do much to convince your average consumer of the power of an independently developed game. The aforementioned titles cost a paltry dollar compared to casual gaming giant Popcap’s popular titles, but they preserve a charm all of their own. Cut The Rope succeeded where few titles have gone with its initial launch, garnering a million downloads over the course of ten days. We’re talking a small tiny little title with decent marketing sure, but taking up a fraction of the processing power of the device. Gameplay sells though, and Cut The Rope certainly shows that. Angry Birds has established a brand for developer Rovio, being referenced casually on talk shows, radio, by musicians and celebrities, and so much more. Angry Birds remains the top selling app on the store in fact, having sold millions of copies.

Indie developers have a broader selection to distribute their works in these days, and reaping the benefits of that work quite gladly. Microsoft provides an interface for developers to publish their works on Xbox Live, the same going for competitors Nintendo and Sony. There may be a deluge of shovelware, but there are the few gems that make themselves known loudly and clearly. We see ably how placing the tools to implement a product for the little guy ultimately can lead to resounding success. The indie scene is flourishing now of course, no longer is it some foregone dream to think of developing your own quality game. You can polish it up as you see fit, and you can sell it wherever you want, provided you’re paying whatever nominal fees you want to pay. This can be as simple as purchasing a developer’s account through Microsoft to submitting your game for review through Apple’s interface.

So while the RPGs may seem a bit too focused on, you have to realize exactly the sort of work that goes into creating your typical Final Fantasy game. The gaming crew is composed of over a hundred members for any given team at Square-Enix, and they may work anywhere between one to three years preparing a game for release. Compare that to the team of five who work frantically at a few hours a day and creating something of comparable playability. It doesn’t stack up quite fairly, but it never will.

What Does The Future Hold?

Both indie and commercial games have their unique places in the market. Provided there are systems in place, it’ll continue to be this way. The future of indie gaming is much like any other aspect of the gaming industry, and will quite literally progress as it wants due to the lack of executive control over the smaller studios. This means less deadlines, less concessions made to the suits, and overall more things where a die-hard gamer can get a truly great experience for a mere pittance.

13 Family Friendly Online Christmas Games

Looking for a little online holiday entertainment? Try some of these fun Christmas games. The games are listed by category and are all family friendly. Some of the games could be placed in more than one category, but I have only listed them once. Keep that in mind if you are looking for a specific game. Have fun, and happy Christmas.

Arcade Games

Christmas Smash Game

Here is a game that is similar to the popular arcade game Wac-a-mole. However, in this Christmas version, don’t hit Santa or Rudolph; but instead, try to smash imposters like a robber, the Easter Bunny, and a knight. Miss ten times and the game is over.

Santa Gift Jump

The object of this Christmas arcade game, is to help Santa skate along the ice and collect candy canes. Watch out for falling presents though as they will deplete your life source. Collect enough candy canes, and you’ll move on to the next level of play. Get hit with too many presents and the game will be over.

Board games:

Christmas Checkers

In this classic game of checkers, move your peppermints across the board to win the game. Click once on the piece you wish to move, and then click the space where you want to go.

Christmas Tic Tac Toe

Play tic tac toe Christmas style. Can you get three in a row?

Christmas Memory Puzzle

In this Game, you’ll need to flip over cards to find matches. When you find all the pairs a hidden picture will be revealed

Situs dominoqq

This is an online poker game. Your family or your friends will certainly love this amazing game. It will certainly bring out the best in your Christmas celebration.

Classic games:

Pac-man Christmas Special

Remember the Original Pac-man? Well, here it is with a twist. Play this game and help Santa eat everything in sight. Also enjoy the lively holiday music in the background.

Christmas Tetris

Here’s another classic for you. Play this tetris game with a holiday flavor.

Break-out Christmas Greeting Game

Play this classic game of Break-out by using your paddle to hit the ball to break the bricks. When you have broken all the bricks, you’ll be able to read your Christmas greeting.

Preschool and young children’s games:

Dress Up Elves

Here’s a game for the little ones. Dress these two adorable elves in whatever clothes you want. Then change their outfits for a completely different look. There are lots of outfits and accessories to try.

Christmas House

In this game, children can drag and drop stickers to decorate the picture. It’s simple, just click the sticker you want, and drag it to the picture to decorate however you choose.

Puzzle games:

Santa Penguin jigsaw puzzle

Try your hand at this 48 piece puzzle rated easy. If you have trouble, you can always change the cut or press the auto solve button for help.

Nutcracker Jig Saw

Here’s another holiday puzzle for you to try. If you want something different from the normal santas and snowmen, have a go at this nutcracker.

How Online Games Target more and more Adult Gamers today

When you think about games, you might automatically think of children, or youth. The concept of playing games is most commonly associated with a younger crowd or a lower level of maturity. At first thought, shooting games might trigger the childish antics you embraced as a child, or thoughts of the nights you stayed up late with your friends playing Go Fish or Candyland, but the truth of the matter is, Fighting games are no longer just for kids. Because of the Internet and the way is has taken society by storm and incorporated a gaming aspect into so many commonly visited websites, people of all age groups are now finding genres of online games that suit them perfectly, regardless of how old or young they are.

Think of Agen poker, for example, adults love to play classic table games such as pokers and its variations. Obviously, these games are not meant for kids, but they are available online today.

It is true that children, of course, love going on the Internet to play games, but online games pose no limitations for people whatsoever in this day and age, so adults are now finding that there are games online that are fun, free, and specifically geared towards their more advanced maturity levels. One of the most popular categories of games for adults is shooting games. Adults specifically love this genre because of the human interaction, realistic qualities, and skill development that is all interlinked with the games. Adults involved in hunting or the police academy, for example, can entertain themselves while sharpening their shooting skills. Shooting games are extremely realistic and can actually help to gain precision in the real world as well as online. People playing games from this category can go on solo missions, or compete against friends for high scores, but one thing about this genre that cannot be argued with is that these games are not just for kids.

A second popular genre for adults to immerse themselves in is fighting games. These intricately created free online games are in a category that seems to stand alone on the web. As one of the leading genres for entertainment, fighting games captivate adults from one end of the earth to the other and bring them together to play against each other in realistic fighting matches that will blow your mind. The graphics of these games are insanely lifelike, and some even offer intense levels of gore that children are actually encouraged to steer clear of. These games can be played from home, with ease, and they come in a wide spectrum of styles. You can play fighting online games with friends and try to dominate one another, or you can simply play alone against a computerized opponent. Regardless, the convincing graphics and intricate skill levels prove that free games online have been escalated to a level in which people of all ages are mutually entertained.

A Stylish Alternative For One Of The Season’s Best Designer Handbags

Handbags and shoes are fashion staples; they are the finishing touches of our overall look. There are a lot of gorgeous designer handbags and shoes, however, who wants to pay the high prices for these items? In this article I will highlight one designer handbag and a moderately priced comparable handbag. Both shoes to be profiled are inexpensive complimentary brands that can be worn with either the designer or moderately priced bag. You can click here to learn more about replicas. The website provide you the best collection of replicas. Be it bags, shoes, and heels. You get the best quality and the cheapest price of these products.


Coach’s Op Art Large Sabrina Convertible Satchel in Brass/Brown

This gorgeous designer handbag by Coach has a trendy Op Art pattern combined with classic construction to make this bag a lasting style for years to come. Priced at $398 it is a beautiful bag that is great to carry to work or around town. It can be worn as a satchel or shoulder bag depending on your mood. However, $398 is not very appealing price for the Budget Fashionista, so let’s find a comparable alternative.

The Rosetti Satchel

This beauty found at JCPenny stores while supplies last, is the budget friendly cousin of Sabrina. Originally priced at $48.00 the Rosetti Satchel fits the Budget Fashionista just fine. Though not a convertible like the Sabrina, the Rosetti Satchel can become one with a little DIY know-how.

  • Purchase a 21″ chain from an arts amp; crafts store or retail jewelry store
  • Two metal clasps big enough to hold two metal links
  • Attach the clasps to each end of the chain
  • Now clasp each end of the of the chain to the link on each side of the satchel
  • Voila you now have a Convertible Satchel that is perfect for the Budget Fashionista


No handbag is complete without a pair of shoes for the Budget Fashionista to strut her stuff in. No I am not going to profile a pair of Manolo’s or Nine West shoes. So breathe baby, come back to the world…

Looking fine in apt. 9 ®

I found a complimentary pair of pumps at Kohl’s for just $54.99, apt.9®Joon Metallic Dress Heels in Copper. This attractive heel is made from metallic faux-leather with adjustable T-strap for a custom fit. This shoe is even lightly padded in the foot bed for long wearing comfort.

Flexing those pretty feet in a smooth Merlot

While the apt. 9 Joon Metallic Dress Heels are not very expensive, I know there is an even better deal on a complimentary shoe for the Budget Fashionista to wear with our featured purses. The Lance Flex Point Patent Pump at Payless Shoe Source priced at $19.99 is an elegant alternative to the apt. 9® heels. This pump comes in a 3.5″ heel, padded insole, and flexible outsole. This dress shoe in merlot is a great match for the Rosetti Satchel.

Now you have your choice on what to spend your money on. If you prefer the designer bag with any of the two shoes then be prepared to part with between $452.99 – $417.99. This Budget Fashionista is going for the designer look sans the price. JCPenny and Payless here I come!

Happy Holidays!

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