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Summer Movies: What’s Coming Out? Read to know

As with every summer, this summer is going to see the release of quite a few blockbuster titles that people will be lined up around the block to see at; which will provide tons of exclusive films under their subscription package. Some of them will be going for the action packed ‘Mission Impossible 3’ and some will be looking for that drama of ‘World Trade Center’.

I will be passing on both of these movies because I am going to be busy waiting in line to see ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ (Opening July 7th) starring Johnny Depp. Upon the release of the first film, I was one of the last people in the world to actually see the movie. I had no intention of watching it actually until I was sat down and made to watch it and once I did, I never wanted to stop and if the premise for the second one is any indication, this film is going to be much the same.

Johnny Depp reprises his role as Capt. Jack Sparrow as he is hunted down by the ghost of dead pirate, Davy Jones, in hopes of dragging him down deep below to his locker. Part of me is worried about what will be coming next as there is a third movie planned for release next summer. As a side note, fan boys and girls alike will be able to take solace in the fact that Orlando Blood and Keira Knightley both reprise their roles for this movie as well.

Another movie that has me quite curious to see how it turns out is the big screen adaptation of the hit 80’s television, ‘Miami Vice’ (Opening July 28th). Like many people who will be seeing this movie, I am too young to remember really seeing the TV show when it was on television but this version starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx playing the roles of Crockett and Tubbs respectively, this film is rumored to have some absolutely explosive scenes that will rival some of the best released within the last decade. That alone has me raising my eyebrow in quiet anticipation.

The last movie that I will be camping out to see as soon as it opens will be the third movie of the X-Men series, X-Men: The Last Stand (Opening May 26th). Hearing the title announced as ‘The Last Stand’ does put me in a very dreaded sense of unease that this will be the final movie of the series. As a writer, I should be able to put into words how much this vexes me but even I am finding myself speechless, as there are so many characters that have yet to find their way into the movies that fans have been dying to see. Alas though, with the change of directors from Bryan Singer to Brett Ratner, perhaps this is for the best.

Deep River Town Hall Project Creates More Offices

DEEP RIVER – After much time and effort by the Town Hall Building Committee, residents of this Connecticut town will soon be able to cast their votes regarding a proposal to expand the 1892 municipal building. This aims to add more office space in CBD for additional functionality.

Richard King, chairman of the Town Hall Building Committee, said the project would add approximately 2,900 square feet per floor including the two levels above grade and the basement.

The project would completely renovate the existing building except for the auditorium, King said, adding it would result in the closure of Veterans Memorial Lane and create additional parking spaces near the building’s northwest corner.

King said the town has received $100,000 from Turnpike Properties, the developers of the future Walgreens at 190 Main Street, for design fees.

It has applied for a $300,000 Small Cities Grant for ADA Compliance to the existing building and a $100,000 grant from the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism for the restoration aspect of the project.

Schematic plans show the first floor would have a new main entrance in the expansion featuring a lobby with a more prominent display of the Columbia Memorial.

The expansion will house a 540-square-foot Town Clerk’s Office with an adjacent 640-square-foot vault, a large 740-square-foot conference room with a chair storage room, and an additional stairwell with access to the basement, first, and second levels.

The existing section of the first floor will house the offices of the Selectman, Selectman’s Assistant, Accounting, Tax Collector, Assessor, Resident State Trooper, a shared equipment room and restrooms.

It will also house an elevator with an extended pit allowing access between the basement, first, and second floors.

Schematics for the expansion to the second floor show it would house a 720-square-foot Land Use Office in addition to offices for the Probate Court, Probate Judge, and Registrar of Voters.

It would also house a 150-square-foot conference room and an 80-square foot conference room would be housed on this floor as well as a shared office, a 105-square-foot staff room, and restrooms.

The second floor expansion will be aligned with the auditorium allowing it to be fully ADA compliant.

Between the second floor expansion and the existing portion will be an area where one can look below into the Columbia Memorial lobby.

Because of the design of the 1892 town hall, the mezzanine level cannot be expanded or be made ADA accessible, but it is planned to be reconfigured to house a 304-square-foot conference room, a 342-square foot dressing room, restrooms, and a small storage room.

The basement will have mechanical, electrical, and server areas along with storage areas for shared files, non-staffed commissions, secure materials, Park and Recreation, and a food pantry.

The town has hired an outside financial advisor company, Dixworks, LLC, to determine the projected effect the expansion would have on taxes.

The project is expected to increase the mill rate by 0.50, or $50 on a house assessed at $100,000 in the first year of the bond, 2009.

The mill rate is expected to increase again in 2011 by an additional 0.61 mills, or $61 on a house assessed at $100,000.

In years thereafter, the mill rate will gradually decrease until the bond is paid off in 2030.

After Christmas Shopping Sales: 5 Stores with the Best Deals and Steals

With the holidays pretty much over, it’s now time to go and get what you really wanted for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Many stores do some kind of after-Christmas sale, but not all stores give a great discount or have much merchandise to offer. However, there are stores out there that will do everything possible to draw in disgruntled holiday gift recipients, like slashing items to 75% (or more) off of their original list price, offering entire departments on discount, and so on. Here is a listing of five stores which provide amazing discounts and tons of items from which you can choose:

Bath  amp; Body Works

Bath amp; Body Works (BBW) is probably the best-known emporium of soaps, candles, body lotions, shower gels, mineral salt scrubs, and whatever else you need to get squeaky clean. This store doesn’t mess around: within two days of Christmas being declared over and done, BBW prices a good half of its items at a 40% discount. Holiday items are priced at a 75% discount or even more. After another week, BBW will make a second grand attempt to clear out all its holiday merchandise by discounting items at an amazing 90% discount. You can Find Promotional Codes and other amazing deals on their official website. This is why it is recommended that you always check that out before you order anything from there. This is also valid most of the stores that are mentioned in this list. 

Victoria’s Secret

If anyone has not yet heard of Victoria’s Secret, it is a veritable woman’s bedroom, filled with frilly undergarments, cosmetics, perfumes, bath accessories, and even a stuffed animal or two. This store conveniently schedules one of its two semi-annual sales right after the Christmas season, either just before or after New Year’s Day. The savings are amazing: bras normally priced from $25-$50 go for at least half of their original value. Panties are priced even more affordably. Holiday items really take a hit, with many lotions and sprays priced at a 75% or greater discount.


Has anyone not yet heard of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the behemoth discount store company that makes a yearly profit equivalent to many a small country’s GDP? If not, take a drive- there’s bound to be one close to you. Despite what you may think of the company, Wal-Mart does a great after-Christmas blow-out on its holiday items. Starting the day after Christmas and going until about a week after New Year’s Day, Wal-Mart starts the ball rolling by discounting holiday items by 50%. After a few days, whatever is left is discounted again to 75% off of the original price. Once that gets picked through, everything that is left is slashed to 90% off or even more. Apparently, storing inventory can be more expensive than the inventory itself!


Kohl’s is a department store chain commonly found in the United States. It is much more upscale than Wal-Mart, ShopKo, and K Mart, but not quite on par with stores like Macy’s or Lord amp; Taylor. Still, the store has lots to offer, and even during the non-Christmas season it provides many amazing discounts and clearances on clothing and housewares. After Christmas is over, Kohl’s starts advertising online discounts starting at midnight and 60-70% discounts in-store at 6 AM. However, the real deals begin about a week after the holiday season ends, with many items going at even 95% off of the original price. If you are patient and vigilant, you can walk away with quality items paid for with just pennies on the dollar!


If you still think that Walgreens is just a drugstore, think again. This place has expanded from being just a pharmacy to a place that sells cosmetics, perfumes, candies, chocolates, greetings cards, and even Ben amp; Jerry’s ice cream. It also sells lots of Christmas items, which of course need to be disposed of after the holiday season is over. Walgreens will start the after-Christmas season sale by cutting all Christmas items to half off of their original prices. However, the patient shopper knows that this is just the beginning. Within a week’s time, the leftover Christmas items (of which there will be many) will be cut again to 75% off of the original price. After another few days, anything left in the store will be discounted to 90% off of the original price; this is the perfect time to swoop in and claim your treasures.

While there are many more stores that offer tremendous after-Christmas discounts, I’ve found that these five offer amazing deals, and are also the most commonly found within the United States. It certainly pays to keep your eyes open to their amazing sales, and in so doing, finally, get what you really wanted for the holidays.

Is the Russian Government Behind Recent Denial of Service Attacks on Social Media?

The blogging and social networking site LiveJournal has been the focus of repeated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks over recent days and weeks. DDoS attacks use thousands of computers to flood a website’s servers with requests. The goal is to so overload bandwidth that the site crashes and becomes unavailable to legitimate users.

LiveJournal, originally based in San Francisco, was sold to the Russian online media company SUP in December of 2007. Some 4 million Russian-language users currently rely on the Cyrillic segment of LiveJournal’s service. LiveJournal has become a popular medium for Russian political activists to organize and share criticism of the state. Russian bloggers argue that the attacks, which knocked LiveJournal completely offline for hours, were aimed squarely at activists such as Aleksei Navalny. Navalny attributes the attacks to a Kremlin “counter-propaganda plan” in preparation for upcoming elections.

The DDoS attacks started on March 24, caused a brief outage on March 30, and reached their peak on April 4. Suspicions of government involvement are based on the specific journals initially targeted, the enormous resources required to mount an attack of such magnitude, and the recent history of the Russian government allegedly mounting DDoS attacks against the Estonian and Georgian governments. In particular, fingers have been pointed at a Kremlin youth group called “Nashi.”

Ilya Dronov, development director with SUP, has posted comments on the attack to his own LiveJournal blog. Dronov speculates that the purpose of the attacks was to drive critics of the government away from LiveJournal. Depriving the Russian blogosphere of a unifying platform would leave individual users far more vulnerable. He expects that the attacks will continue.

While the attacks may have been aimed at Russian activists, all blogs on LiveJournal have been affected, including that of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. President Medvedev called the attacks outrageous and illegal, and urged law enforcement to look into the matter. Russia’s Public Chamber has released similar statements. The Kremlin has not issued any official statements, though a Nashi spokesperson has called accusations of government involvement “groundless.”

LiveJournal, whose servers are located in the U.S., has been fighting back hard. Additional equipment purchases are planned, and the issue may be referred to U.S. law enforcement. Svetlana Ivannikov, who heads LiveJournal Russia, released a statement indicating that the company hasn’t excluded legal actions in response to the attacks. No specific individuals were named as potential targets of any possible lawsuits. Relatively, spreading fake news is a big no. Hence, if you want to make a stand and prevent or fight fake news, you can get free ig followers and establish your profile and use it for the greater good.

While disrupting the activities of Russian political activists may have been the goal of these DDoS attacks, LiveJournal blogs have been affected all over the world. It remains to be seen if non-Russian bloggers will choose to take their fandom, personal, hobby, or political blogs elsewhere to avoid future disruption. Or maybe they’ll be galvanized in solidarity. Russian bloggers, for their part, say they’re not going anywhere.

Some Tax Tips For The Beginner Blogger! Read The Things Mentioned Below.

Bloggers are the people that publish their blogs on their official webpage, and they do a lot of hard work to serve the readers with ease. They find the right content, and blogging is the easiest way to make money, and they choose a niche. The right content enables the blogger to make more money as nothing can beat up the right content, and the blogging can make an individual to make money with minimal efforts. 

Blogging means getting social, accessible, and making money can lead you towards a path where you have to pay taxes. So here, we are along with the right guidance that is as you can consider them if you are a beginner blogger, moreover there are numerous steps that you can find to keep yourself at the safer side. Have a look at the following points to know more:

  • Count your income

It would be best if you focused on your earning while blogging so that you are capable of serving your CA with the right details conveniently. 

  • Estimate the right

As a blogger or freelancer, you need to pay quarterly estimated taxes, which is actually four times a year, and you have to send in chunk money to IRS. These processes it beneficial till you don’t have employer withholding taxes for you.

  • Deduct what you can

There are several things that you can consider deducting as a blogger. Subtracting these things will keep you on a safer side. 

These are the things that you can consider if you are a beginner blogger, and the points mentioned above are capable of severing you with the right guidance that you require to be a successful blogger and enables you to save legal money with you.  


Rebecca (1940): Classic Movies Re-View

We all know Alfred Hitchcock as the “master of suspense,” but it took him working with David O. Selznick to create the startling Gothic vision of Rebecca. The film hearkens back to a seemingly more intelligent era of Hollywood, with a well-written script based on Daphne du Maurier’s novel, eerie black, and white cinematography and outstanding performances from Laurence Olivier (as Maxim de Winter), Joan Fontaine (the second Mrs. de Winter), and Judith Anderson (Mrs. Danvers). If you consider yourself a “reader” of films and have the patience for a longer (130 minutes) film, Rebecca was made for you. And in order to watch this amazing movie online you can head to 123movies.

First, the script recalls the literary style reminiscent of many adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels. Dialogue moves the narrative, especially with the acclaimed acting of Olivier. While this may make the film seem overly serious, Hitchcock keeps your attention by using the Gothic theme of dark characters with hidden secrets. After a whirlwind romance with austere English gentleman Maxim de Winter in Monte Carlo, the young, pretty, naive (and unnamed) second Mrs. de Winter finds herself in the shadowy, cavernous Manderly country estate. Suddenly the lady of the estate, she becomes intimidated by the memory — and ghost — of the first Mrs. de Winter, who died in a mysterious boating accident only a year before her marriage to Maxim de Winter.

Although the film’s first half may move somewhat slowly, like any good book, close attention will pay off. After the engrossing suspense of the second half, the meaning of the earlier scenes will become more complex, and Rebecca will be a film whose Gothic vision will make you think long after viewing the film. Olivier’s Maxim seems rather unlikeable through much of the film, but this makes the ending all the more satisfying. And the same goes for Mrs. Danvers, a housekeeper obsessed with the memory of Rebecca. The relationship between Danvers and the deceased Rebecca will haunt you, and surely challenged the Hays Code for its time, as Danvers primps the underwear of the deceased woman.

Is “Rebecca” scary like a horror movie? No; the suspense comes from Hitchcock’s ingenious unfolding of new information. Who is a villain? What lurks in the hearts of men and women? You have to watch closely to find out. The film is more of a psychological thriller because the characters are not caricatures; like in a well-crafted novel, both protagonists and antagonists develop by reacting to events. Producer David O. Selznick was well-known for his faithful adaptations of literary works (especially 1939’s Gone with the Wind), and Rebecca is suspenseful because you really do not know what is going to happen next.

The overall production value of the film is impressive. The musical score haunts, as do the expansive sets of the threatening manse Manderly. Instead of using kitschy special effects to literally show the ghost of Rebecca, shadows establish the disturbing effect she has on all those who knew her. The acting powerfully intrigued me about Olivier, Fontaine, and Anderson’s characters. Like any great film, it combines an intellectual and emotional effect for a cathartic experience. One must simply have the patience to appreciate a film with a depth of meaning. The best testament to Rebecca’s force is that the film will stay with you in the same way that Rebecca stayed with the film’s characters: perhaps even after death.

Rock N Roll Diner Birthday Party Ideas for a Tween or Teen

My daughter wanted to have a fun theme party for her 12th birthday and so we came up with the rock n roll diner theme. Of course it is not a new or original theme but one that allows you to be creative and have just as much fun decorating for the party as you have during the party. Here is what we’ve come up with. So far, we had been taking all our party ideas and inspirations from but we knew it was time to search somewhere else. 

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Party Invitations

We decided to make the birthday party invitations in the form of a menu. Some construction paper, regular printer paper, and some contact paper are the essentials for this project. The rest is up to you. You can use your computer to type the menu words on the inside of the invitation and print it out using the printer paper. For the menu cover you can add stickers or illustrations of typical diner food to make it interesting. If you set up the decorations as a “test” you can take a picture of the dining area and include it on the menu (printing it out in black and white would be best). Glitter pens can add some glitz or you can use sticker letters or simply write them out. Let your tween and teen have at it and allow them to be creative!

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Decorations

You can decorate the party space, with the help of your tween or teen, using some thrifty and fun decorations. You can typically find old records at thrift stores which can be used as wall art. You can also use these records as chargers for the dinner plates. The local dollar store often has Coca Cola dishware and glasses for sale which the party guests can use to eat and drink from. Your tween or teen can cut out black musical notes that can also hang on the walls and/or chandelier. Red and white vinyl checkered tablecloths would be perfect to add a diner appeal to your table and protect it at the same time.

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Food

When you think of an American diner you probably think of burgers, fries, and a shake. So this makes the diner birthday party food simple to make. Of course not all tween and teen guests may like cheeseburgers or hamburgers so you can add a few other easy items to the menu like grilled cheese sandwiches, corndogs, and hot dogs. You can cook up curly fries and crinkle fries or whatever other french fry your tween or teen likes. For drinks you can offer the tweens and teens root beer floats (or ice cream sodas), milkshakes, and several different soda choices. For desert you can have a traditional birthday cake or bake a round cake and decorate it to look like a record. For my daughter’s birthday party we have opted to make cheeseburger cupcakes. You can find recipe ideas all over the web. They are very easy to make and a lot of fun for the kids to eat. You could also look into making a birthday cake in the shape of an old convertible or a jukebox. Whatever food you plan on serving you can list in the menu invitations which you can ask the guests to bring with them so they can place their order.

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Fun and Games

How can you entertain the tween and teen guests at your child’s birthday party? With the Rock n Roll Diner theme it seems to only make sense to have some sort of musical game to play. You can choose musical chairs only with whoopie cushions in each seat to make it more fun for the tweens and teens. You could set up a hula hooping contest to see who can hula hoop the longest while listening to oldies music. You can have a dance off or even play freeze dance where you randomly shut off the music and everyone has to stay as still as possible until the song restarts. After the music stops you can take the kids into the movie watching area and put on an old classic. If you have a garage with outlets you can set up a “drive in” movie experience for your party guests. All you need is a tv (one with a fairly big screen would be best) and a dvd player. Oh, and the car of course. My husband has a pick up truck and we just let the girls sit in the back with some popcorn and soda while enjoying the movie. You may be able to hang up some string lights to add a magical feel to the movie watching experience.

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Party “Goodie Bag” Ideas

No party would be complete without a “goodie bag”. Goodie bags are parting gifts for the tween and teen guest to take home with them. When it comes to goodie bags you can go crazy with what you put inside of them. You could put some musical themed costume earrings or jewelry from your local tween and teen jewelry store into each of the bags for a girls party. You can also include some sunglasses-which may be given at the door as the guests arrive so they can wear them during the party. You could give the sunglasses and a bag to store their goodies in when they arrive and hand out goodies throughout the party if you wish. For example you could hide a small surprise at the bottom of the popcorn buckets (you can find cheap plastic ones at the dollar store) that be a part of the goodie bag.

Whatever you decide to do for your tween or teens Rock n Roll Diner birthday party make sure you include them in the pre-party planning, decorating, and the decision on games and the movie. It will surely be a blast for your tween or teen and their party guests.

The Spot Reduction Myth: The Answer to Why Your Belly is Still There

It’s late at night you can’t go to sleep so you turn on that good ole’ TV of yours and what do you see, some gizmo abdominal exercise machine that makes the promise that it will get rid of your belly fat. Although this machine may do a great job of strengthening your sagging abdominal muscles it will not make the fat that lies over your stomach disappear. If this was the case tennis players would have a super skinny tennis arm and the other arm would have more fat on it. This is not the case; they may have more muscle on that arm, but as far as fat goes no studies have suggested this. Go watch any tennis player I promise you that what I am telling you is the truth.

Fat works in a simple way that is often misunderstood. Most body fat is stored directly underneath the skin right on top of the muscle. Another thing about fat goes like this; usually the first place fat goes is usually the last place it wants to leave. In other words no amount of sit-ups, or the use of “ab” machines will make the fat go away from a certain area on your stomach or love handles. So the best way to lose fat is to pick an activity you like doing and go as hard as you can for as long as you can. If that activity is walking go for a walk, if that activity is swimming go for a nice swim. For others that activity may be gardening and gardening is a great way to burn calories.


The equation for weight loss is not too complicated to comprehend, but so many weight loss gurus seem to mess it up all the time. It goes a little something likes this, if calorie expenditure is greater than calories taken in weight loss occurs. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. When you burn 3500 calories then 1 pound of fat is lost. The opposite works for weight gain. When you take in more calories then you burn then you will gain weight. So to answer another question of why does the weight seem to go our stomach if we are men or thighs and hips for women? That answer goes a little something like this; our bodies are smarter than we are so it stores the fat where we need protection the most. For men this extra padding we call fat goes to protect our vital organs in our stomach area, and for women it protects the hips an area that is prone to breaks.


So the next question is why isn’t this common knowledge? The answer is do you really think that the major conglomerates who sell these products want you to know this. The way they make their money is by the confusion that already exists. It’s a dangerous cycle that goes a little something like this. You buy their product and use it; get some initial results that start to taper off after a month. Eventually by the third month of using this product you get fed up and hid the contraption underneath your bed or in your closet. What a great way to use your 4 easy payments of $29.95. Then a few months later you are on the next gizmo and go through the same rollercoaster of effects. But a better question is how can these companies not get sued for making false claims? Well the answer to that is simple, using these machines does involve burning calories and as I have been preaching to you burning calories is key. So let’s do a quick comparison of running and crunches. For a 150lb. male running at a 10mph pace for 30 minutes can burn 214 calories, while doing 30 minutes of crunches at moderate intensity burns 148 calories. Another question that should be asked is do you think your muscles will be able to perform a sit-up type exercise for that long. I don’t know of any who can, but I know several people who can run for 30 minutes or more. As you see running is a better than an ab machine for weight loss.

So let’s face the facts people, when it comes to spot reduction let’s throw that term out of the dictionary. It is dangerous to believe in it when according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) it doesn’t. So the next time you see a gizmo on TV offering you flatter abs just remember doing exercises to strengthen your core doesn’t equal fat loss over your stomach.

A protruding paunch is one big problem that forms the basis of people taking up rigorous exercises to get rid of it in the first place and are willing to go to any extent to get a well built physique, especially film stars, as evidenced by their ever youthful looks and well maintained bodies. They achieve this by following a strict diet and regular training, along with protein supplements and the very best legal steroids added for good measure.

The Greatest Catch

While I am not a huge, gung-ho sports spectator, I do like to watch some professional football and baseball from time to time. I am a bigger fan of watching my son Jonathan play baseball and soccer and my daughter Ashley be a cheerleader. Ashley has never been that interested in sports except for the two years she played T-ball and a year of softball.

The summer Ashley was going to turn 10 she decided to give softball a try. I knew after a couple of practices that Ashley was going to have a tough year. The coach was competitive and yelled at the girls when they didn’t do as she wanted them to do. Ashley didn’t take too kindly to someone yelling at her, especially when she hadn’t played softball in about five years.

As the season progressed, Ashley improved some, but she just wasn’t getting into playing softball as she had T-ball when she was four and five years old. She was always either sitting on the bench or in the outfield.

While in the outfield, she seemed to always either have an inning where she just stood or didn’t get the ball when it was hit to her. Of course, the coach yelled at her when Ashley didn’t field the ball the way she wanted.

Toward the end of the season, the coach wasn’t there for a game so the assistant coach was in charge. One of the better players was gone as well. As usual Ashley was put into the outfield. The team had one of those innings where no matter what they did they couldn’t get the three outs they needed to end the inning. It was like watching the keystone cops with a softball.

When the team only needed one out, one member of the opposing team hit the ball to the right field, right to where Ashley stood. The spectators held their breath wondering whether Ashley would catch it. We all started cheering while Ashley stood there stunned. I watched her turn her mitt over and find the ball tucked neatly in the pocket of her mitt. The other girls on the team were cheering and jumping up and down. The inning was finally over, and Ashley was the one who finally made it happen. It was just too bad the coach hadn’t been there to see it.

After softball was over, Ashley decided she didn’t want to play anymore. Sports just weren’t her thing even though I thought differently. I thought she would make a good softball player, but I couldn’t convince her otherwise. I would just have to be content watching her as a cheerleader and singing in choir and leave the sports to my son.

To all the budding sportsmen out there, keep in mind that aside from hardwork and sincerity, the most important thing that you need to have is interest in the field and what you think of it is what matters and the practice session should feel like 안전토토사이트 that needs to be followed honestly.

The Right Golf Attire- Understanding the concept of the Sports

In any kind of recreational sport there are certain codes of dress, and golf is no different. Although it has been said that golf is a rich mans sport, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage in order to play. With that said though, you will need the right golfing attire in order to play the game. Showing up in a ragged pair of blue jeans, tie-dyed t-shirt and flip flops won’t quite make the cut. Here are a few golf attire basics.

Golf Shirts

Choosing a golf shirt is a matter of personal preference, but most every golf course will require you to have a collared golf shirt. You can find golf shirts in both long and short sleeves that will fit your needs for every type of weather condition. Name brand shirts can run from $30 up over $100, but they are well worth the money. Not only do they look and feel great, they will also last a long time.

I would recommend sticking with a 100% cotton shirt. Pima cotton is the type to get if at all possible. Pima is much more durable and softer than regular cotton. The results of the cotton should be studied and linked through the verification on the websites like .

Golf Pants/Shorts

Most golf courses will not allow blue jeans of any type, be it pants or shorts. Spandex pants are also another no-no. As a guideline, for guys, you’ll need a pair of golf pants or Bermuda shorts. For women, its golf skorts, golf shorts, pants, or dress shorts. No short shorts. Keep in mind that depending on the weather, lighter colors are great for hot weather, and darker colors work well in cooler weather.

Golf Shoes

Tennis shoes or sneakers are never a good idea out on the golf course. You’re going to need to spend a few dollars for a nice pair of golf shoes. For less than $75 you can easily accomplish this, and they will last for years to come.

Golf shoes are specially designed to help keep you balance during your golf swing, preventing you from slipping and possibly even injuring yourself. Tennis shoes simply do not give you the traction you need.

The most important point here is to find you a pair of golf shoes that are comfortable and give you the support you need. Don’t be fooled, golf shoes will improve your scores on the course, especially in wet conditions. To go along with your new golf shoes should also be a good pair of socks. A pair of socks that are well cushioned will help keep your feet even more comfortable.

Golf Jacket

If you’re playing in cool weather, or damp conditions, a golf jacket is a must. You can find golf jackets in any golf or sporting goods store, as well as online at many golf websites. Ranging in price from around $50 all the way up to $250, golf jackets come in many different styles including, sleeveless, half sleeves, and full sleeve. Deciding on which type is really a matter of personal choice.

Other items that you may want to consider having include sun glasses, hats, belts, and golf gloves. By arriving at the golf course in the proper clothing you’ll show yourself as being serious and a real pro. Spend a little extra on golf attire. I think you’ll agree, its money well spent.

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