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Making a Wedding Gift for our special ones! How? Have a look

Everyone who receives a wedding invitation in the mail struggles with the question of what to buy the bride and groom as a wedding gift. Especially for people on a tight budget, getting creative and actually making a wedding gift can be an inexpensive yet personal option. Personally, I have made dozens of wedding presents over the years for next to nothing that most recipients didn’t even realize were homemade!

One of the most treasured presents I have made for newlyweds is a quilt. While it is time-consuming and can take some planning, it is definitely something that they will cherish for generations. The color scheme can match the couple’s bedroom or you could make it in neutral tones so that it will match virtually any room. Oftentimes, I even hand embroider the couple’s name and their wedding date on one corner of the quilt for a personal touch.

A quilt is not the only thing that you can make for a couple’s wedding gift if you are handy with a needle and thread. I have also made pillows that have coordinated with the bedding a couple has on their gift register. I have hand embroidered cheap napkins with intricate designs. I even made one couple seat covers for their new car! The possibilities are virtually endless!

If you are not good at sewing, painting may be your forte. Perhaps painting and framing a nice commemorative picture for the couple would be a nice addition to the décor in their new home. If you are not quite up to painting an entire picture, take a couple of inexpensive wine glasses from a dollar store and spice them up! Get a little paint at the craft store that is suitable for glass and go to town! I have painted stripes, flowers, vines, and fruit on glasses and made them look expensive and spectacular!

While I am not a woodworking expert, many gifts can be made from wood for your couple. Gifts from wood can range from a simple picture frame to a piece of furniture that looks impressive just the way djs lancaster pa looks. Although not a carpenter myself, I did make a really cute jewelry box from wood for a bridal shower gift. I purchased an inexpensive pine box at a craft store and traced a design on the unfinished box. I burned the design in with a special iron used on wood that I also found at the craft store and then stained and sealed the box. After lining the inside with a piece of fabric, I had a wonderful jewelry box that the bride-to-be loved.

Whether your budget is small or large, making a wedding gift can be a fun and rewarding experience. Homemade gifts are so heartwarming and oftentimes become heirlooms that the couple with appreciate for many years to come.

All About Optical Mirror Coating in Nutshell

Mirror coating is popular these days in shades. People prefer this type of shades more than other conventional types. You may have different shades of this particular category, but do you know about optical mirror coating and how does it work? It is enough fascinating to know the entire thing. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss this. Here you go! 

What is optical mirror coating?

With one or multiple layers of coating the mirror finish on the glasses can be brought in. It is an excellent to reflect light from the glass instead of absorbing it. No matter how expensive shades you wear, the glass is bound to absorb some of the lights which make it transparent to some extent. However, with the optical mirror coating ensures that the light is mostly reflected not absorbed. This helps in giving a soothing feeling in your eyes, no matter how scorching is the heat outside. This is the reason, people consider it as the best shades for beach areas and high mountains where the sunlight is very direct. 

Types of Optical Mirror Coating

The common layers used in the shades for making it mirror coated in aluminium and this is the cheapest option among the others. Most of the optical mirror coated shades available in the market are coated by aluminium. The process is aluminium coating is known as silvering as the shades get a silverfish tint on it after the process. Aluminium tends to be 88%-92% anti-reflecting which is why it serves the purpose mostly. The most expensive option is real silver coating. For being a much expensive metal than aluminium, silver coated shades are way costlier than regular shades. 95%- 99% anti-reflection properties are present in this coating which also helps in blocking the harmful rays of the sun keeping your eyes protected under the open sky.

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