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Rock N Roll Diner Birthday Party Ideas for a Tween or Teen

My daughter wanted to have a fun theme party for her 12th birthday and so we came up with the rock n roll diner theme. Of course it is not a new or original theme but one that allows you to be creative and have just as much fun decorating for the party as you have during the party. Here is what we’ve come up with. So far, we had been taking all our party ideas and inspirations from but we knew it was time to search somewhere else. 

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Party Invitations

We decided to make the birthday party invitations in the form of a menu. Some construction paper, regular printer paper, and some contact paper are the essentials for this project. The rest is up to you. You can use your computer to type the menu words on the inside of the invitation and print it out using the printer paper. For the menu cover you can add stickers or illustrations of typical diner food to make it interesting. If you set up the decorations as a “test” you can take a picture of the dining area and include it on the menu (printing it out in black and white would be best). Glitter pens can add some glitz or you can use sticker letters or simply write them out. Let your tween and teen have at it and allow them to be creative!

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Decorations

You can decorate the party space, with the help of your tween or teen, using some thrifty and fun decorations. You can typically find old records at thrift stores which can be used as wall art. You can also use these records as chargers for the dinner plates. The local dollar store often has Coca Cola dishware and glasses for sale which the party guests can use to eat and drink from. Your tween or teen can cut out black musical notes that can also hang on the walls and/or chandelier. Red and white vinyl checkered tablecloths would be perfect to add a diner appeal to your table and protect it at the same time.

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Food

When you think of an American diner you probably think of burgers, fries, and a shake. So this makes the diner birthday party food simple to make. Of course not all tween and teen guests may like cheeseburgers or hamburgers so you can add a few other easy items to the menu like grilled cheese sandwiches, corndogs, and hot dogs. You can cook up curly fries and crinkle fries or whatever other french fry your tween or teen likes. For drinks you can offer the tweens and teens root beer floats (or ice cream sodas), milkshakes, and several different soda choices. For desert you can have a traditional birthday cake or bake a round cake and decorate it to look like a record. For my daughter’s birthday party we have opted to make cheeseburger cupcakes. You can find recipe ideas all over the web. They are very easy to make and a lot of fun for the kids to eat. You could also look into making a birthday cake in the shape of an old convertible or a jukebox. Whatever food you plan on serving you can list in the menu invitations which you can ask the guests to bring with them so they can place their order.

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Fun and Games

How can you entertain the tween and teen guests at your child’s birthday party? With the Rock n Roll Diner theme it seems to only make sense to have some sort of musical game to play. You can choose musical chairs only with whoopie cushions in each seat to make it more fun for the tweens and teens. You could set up a hula hooping contest to see who can hula hoop the longest while listening to oldies music. You can have a dance off or even play freeze dance where you randomly shut off the music and everyone has to stay as still as possible until the song restarts. After the music stops you can take the kids into the movie watching area and put on an old classic. If you have a garage with outlets you can set up a “drive in” movie experience for your party guests. All you need is a tv (one with a fairly big screen would be best) and a dvd player. Oh, and the car of course. My husband has a pick up truck and we just let the girls sit in the back with some popcorn and soda while enjoying the movie. You may be able to hang up some string lights to add a magical feel to the movie watching experience.

Rock n Roll Diner Birthday Party “Goodie Bag” Ideas

No party would be complete without a “goodie bag”. Goodie bags are parting gifts for the tween and teen guest to take home with them. When it comes to goodie bags you can go crazy with what you put inside of them. You could put some musical themed costume earrings or jewelry from your local tween and teen jewelry store into each of the bags for a girls party. You can also include some sunglasses-which may be given at the door as the guests arrive so they can wear them during the party. You could give the sunglasses and a bag to store their goodies in when they arrive and hand out goodies throughout the party if you wish. For example you could hide a small surprise at the bottom of the popcorn buckets (you can find cheap plastic ones at the dollar store) that be a part of the goodie bag.

Whatever you decide to do for your tween or teens Rock n Roll Diner birthday party make sure you include them in the pre-party planning, decorating, and the decision on games and the movie. It will surely be a blast for your tween or teen and their party guests.

The Spot Reduction Myth: The Answer to Why Your Belly is Still There

It’s late at night you can’t go to sleep so you turn on that good ole’ TV of yours and what do you see, some gizmo abdominal exercise machine that makes the promise that it will get rid of your belly fat. Although this machine may do a great job of strengthening your sagging abdominal muscles it will not make the fat that lies over your stomach disappear. If this was the case tennis players would have a super skinny tennis arm and the other arm would have more fat on it. This is not the case; they may have more muscle on that arm, but as far as fat goes no studies have suggested this. Go watch any tennis player I promise you that what I am telling you is the truth.

Fat works in a simple way that is often misunderstood. Most body fat is stored directly underneath the skin right on top of the muscle. Another thing about fat goes like this; usually the first place fat goes is usually the last place it wants to leave. In other words no amount of sit-ups, or the use of “ab” machines will make the fat go away from a certain area on your stomach or love handles. So the best way to lose fat is to pick an activity you like doing and go as hard as you can for as long as you can. If that activity is walking go for a walk, if that activity is swimming go for a nice swim. For others that activity may be gardening and gardening is a great way to burn calories.


The equation for weight loss is not too complicated to comprehend, but so many weight loss gurus seem to mess it up all the time. It goes a little something likes this, if calorie expenditure is greater than calories taken in weight loss occurs. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. When you burn 3500 calories then 1 pound of fat is lost. The opposite works for weight gain. When you take in more calories then you burn then you will gain weight. So to answer another question of why does the weight seem to go our stomach if we are men or thighs and hips for women? That answer goes a little something like this; our bodies are smarter than we are so it stores the fat where we need protection the most. For men this extra padding we call fat goes to protect our vital organs in our stomach area, and for women it protects the hips an area that is prone to breaks.


So the next question is why isn’t this common knowledge? The answer is do you really think that the major conglomerates who sell these products want you to know this. The way they make their money is by the confusion that already exists. It’s a dangerous cycle that goes a little something like this. You buy their product and use it; get some initial results that start to taper off after a month. Eventually by the third month of using this product you get fed up and hid the contraption underneath your bed or in your closet. What a great way to use your 4 easy payments of $29.95. Then a few months later you are on the next gizmo and go through the same rollercoaster of effects. But a better question is how can these companies not get sued for making false claims? Well the answer to that is simple, using these machines does involve burning calories and as I have been preaching to you burning calories is key. So let’s do a quick comparison of running and crunches. For a 150lb. male running at a 10mph pace for 30 minutes can burn 214 calories, while doing 30 minutes of crunches at moderate intensity burns 148 calories. Another question that should be asked is do you think your muscles will be able to perform a sit-up type exercise for that long. I don’t know of any who can, but I know several people who can run for 30 minutes or more. As you see running is a better than an ab machine for weight loss.

So let’s face the facts people, when it comes to spot reduction let’s throw that term out of the dictionary. It is dangerous to believe in it when according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) it doesn’t. So the next time you see a gizmo on TV offering you flatter abs just remember doing exercises to strengthen your core doesn’t equal fat loss over your stomach.

A protruding paunch is one big problem that forms the basis of people taking up rigorous exercises to get rid of it in the first place and are willing to go to any extent to get a well built physique, especially film stars, as evidenced by their ever youthful looks and well maintained bodies. They achieve this by following a strict diet and regular training, along with protein supplements and the very best legal steroids added for good measure.

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