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Ethical Issues: Who Should You Be Loyal To As a Human Resource Manager?

Cindy Olson was the executive vice president of human resources and community relations for Enron Corporation during the time that the companies lying and cheating caused it to collapse. Enron employee benefits included 401k retirement plans, and were invested in Enron stock. The employees lost their savings as the value of the stock plunged. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart,  amp; Wright, 2007, p. 315)

I believe that Cindy Olson was responsible for what happened to the employees of Enron. She should have made Enron employees her first priority before the company. My reasoning is right is right and wrong is wrong, there is no gray area here. It is black and white. Human Resource Managers should look out for the employees best interest and not feed them to the wolves.

HR professionals are now gaining leadership roles in companies, but they are still human resource professionals and that is where their loyalties should lie. If they want to make the corporation their number one priority then perhaps they should resign from their current job and take on a corporate official job alone. It is important for employees to know that there are rules set in place to protect them and someone to make sure that guidelines are being followed. Cindy Olsen was a person that Enron employees considered to be working in their best interest. However, she was only looking out for the best interest of Enron while the employees lost everything they had in their retirement savings. This seems like fraud to me. After making a visit to the sites, the person can say that software reviews are great. There will be no negative communicating of the messages. The results will be effective for working of the organization.

This sort of potential conflict does make it hard for HR professionals to serve as corporate officers, but not impossible. I think as long as job descriptions are clear and decisions are ethical there is still a possibility for a human resources professional to take on a job as a corporate officer. I would feel better if this person served as one or the other because conflicts do arise and a decision may interfere with one job or the other. If it were me, I would leave my human resources title behind and concentrate on being a corporate officer if it was that important to me. I would want to be able to give 100% to my work. If I had two responsibilities that conflicted with one another, I doubt I could give both responsibilities 100%.

Employee development programs could help address this type of ethical conflict before problems arise. An employee can create a career development plan to identify their greatest strengths, areas for improvement, and career goals for the short term and long term. The career development plan may also include potential next assignments and their training and development needs. This may make it more clear to the employee and the company what is in the best interest for the employee and where he or she is going with the company. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart,  amp; Wright, 2007, p. 308) Defining job requirements may help to decide weather or not an HR professional can also be a corporate official.(Noe et al., 2007, p.312)

To answer the question at hand, “Who do you serve?”, I would have to say that as a human resource professional, Cindy Olson should have been serving the employees at Enron instead of the corporation. She was a human resource professional first and foremost, and according to the U.S. Labor Department, Cindy was legally required to act In the interests of others, meaning the employees. Her corporate officer title was secondary to her Human Resources position. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart,  amp; Wright, 2007, p.315) She knew right from wrong and she knew what her job as an HR professional entailed. However, she served herself and a giant corporation, Enron, knowing that she was cheating innocent employees who were counting on those retirement funds.

Why Bitcoins Have Value?

If you are looking to learn more about bitcoins and why they hold so much value then you should take a look at bitcoin revolution review 2020 that offers you an insight into the factors that make them valuable. In this article, we are going to take a look at the different factors that are responsible for the value of bitcoins in the market. 

  1. In order to maintain the price of bitcoins, there will a limited amount of bitcoins that will be produced over time. This will make bitcoin a finite entity and is going to help it increase its value over time. Moreover, there is no control of the government over the flow and distribution of the bitcoins which is why there are tons of people that are interested in investing in bitcoins.
  2. Another factor that leads to an increase in the value of bitcoins is the fact that they are highly divisible. Just like fiat currencies, you will find that bitcoins can be used as a form of currency considering the fact that they are highly divisible making it possible to use them as fiat currencies. 
  3. One of the most important facts that make bitcoin is its utility. With bitcoins, you get several different options as you can use them online in different ways. Besides that, you can easily move and use bitcoins because of their nature. This is not possible with other commodities like gold and fiat currencies. 
  4. When it comes to durability you will find that bitcoins are more durable when compared with fiat currencies that are made out of material that can be easily affected with physical conditions. 
  5. In order to maintain the genuineness of bitcoins, several security measures need to taken by the government,  just like fiat currencies. 

These are the 5 factors that are responsible for the rise in the value of Bitcoin over time.

Slow Computer Repair Options Vary

In today’s over-technified society, we demand instant gratification and quick responses from all of our gadgets. When our computers run slow our lives slow down. In our frustration we bang on the keyboard, yell at the screen, and raise our blood pressure. The fact is that in an effort to save money, most people buy computers that are under-powered while demanding more performance with each click of the mouse. Priced as low as $300, there are many boxed-deal computers from retailers that can sound like a great deal for a tower, monitor, and accessories. The catch is that these machines are made with ‘left over’ parts.

Manufacturers build custom computers and then have unused, generally low-end, parts remaining. The remnants become computers sold to retailers at a huge discount.

Often these lower-end computers have less random access memory, or RAM, and smaller hard drives. Even with a faster central processing unit, or CPU, they can still bog down when running multiple programs. It’s like a car engine in a semi tractor; it might move, but you can’t put a load on it.

When several programs are opened simultaneously in an under-powered computer, the computer slowly grinds to a halt. The user clicks the mouse repeatedly in hopes of freeing the stalled computer compounding the problem. In addition to the programs already running, the computer is now trying to execute all of the commands initiated by each mouse click.

By the way, this problem is not limited to Windows PC’s but is beginning to have more of an affect on Apple computers as well. Both units require adequate CPU speed, RAM, and available hard disk space in order to function properly. So what can you do?

If the speed and RAM do not coordinate together then it becomes very difficult to handle the PC as the system becomes dead slow, prompting you to contact the nearest Didcot computer service in your vicinity.

If you’re buying a new computer, review the specifications carefully. Make sure you buy a computer with the fastest CPU, most RAM and most hard disk space affordable. Upgrading these items later is always more expensive. Computers can also lose efficiency to unwanted software operating in the background.

Malware (malicious software) is transmitted by websites, email, or instant messaging that lurk behind other programs using valuable operating resources. Other causes include viruses, multiple, overlapping security and computer supportmanagement programs, and browser add-ons. The best thing to do is to see a professional, but be cautious.

If the first words out of an IT person’s mouth are, “What’d you do to it,” or they seem impatient with you or unwilling to explain the situation in plain English, then move on and find someone else. Many people taking a computer into a retail electronics store for repairs are reporting a wait time of more than six weeks and often the computer is not repaired.

Discount electronics store repair services have a six-week, or longer, wait, and their in-home service can cost $120 per hour or more. It may be more advisable to call a privately-owned computer repair company to check out your machine for you but, again, be sure to check them out thoroughly before allowing them into your home or business.

Don’t let people sell you what you don’t need, however. If the techno-babble is too much, ask someone to explain it for you and be sure the IT professional you do business with is reliable and not just a teen-aged gamer hired by the big-box guys to drive a clown car and hold a pretend badge claiming to be an IT expert. Ask for references and testimonials from other clients who are not related to the individual.

Finally, plan to do a little research about the problem that is being experienced. Often a complete wipe and fresh reload of a computer is the best solution to multiple problems but be sure to back up your data first. Computer service companies are not responsible for lost data and you sign that liability away when you drop off the computer.

Dumpster Diving for Dates

I’m all for giving every eligible man a chance when it comes to dating because realistically you have no idea who will be your potential mate for life. However should it not be just a common courtesy and common sense that if you don’t have the capability to date, entertain, or even have a job that you should probably take yourself out of the game until you get in a better position. I’m not speaking of college kids who would still live at home but grown people in their “dirty thirties”.

I met a nice gentleman on a temporary assignment I was on and exchanged contact info. After the assignment ended we chatted on the phone and started to get to know each other. I decided after a week of phone calls that no we couldn’t date and just be friends and was open and honest enough to say so BUT of course as luck would have it he wanted to revisit the topic of me dating him, which I reminded him that we had already discussed that. I don’t know how or when I’m going to find my mister right but I’m sure it wont be a gentleman who lived with his parents for the past three years, with no car, no cell phone (not required), no private phone line, and no steady job except for a temp assignment a few times a year. I would rather date someone who works for dumpster rental Pomona, ca, with decent job, has own car, who is independent and responsible enough to shoulder responsibilities and to pay bills. I’m not into looks. I would always consider a established man over some lazy ass men.

What’s wrong with sitting out the game and focusing on yourself? I’ve done it, I’ve watched relatives and friends do it and speak on the issue of not dating due to their situation. It just doesn’t matter how nice you are but since I “date”, meaning I go out on outing and don’t have men come through my pad until I know them quite well. I just can’t see dating someone who doesn’t have the ability or means to date. I’d always have to drive, wait for the phone call ’cause I’ll be damned If I call your house and ask a grown mans parents can I speak to you. I’d feel guilty if you spent a dollar because honestly you’ve got no job. It’s just a sad situation and really looks like someone wants to be taken care of and rescued. Luckily I’m smart enough to not be the one. No, I’ve got no steady job but I keep my own apartment, car, home phone, cell phone (a simple luxury), high speed internet (because you could almost die without it), and let me tell you it’s a constant hustle to keep it all going and at the same time continue to try to get ahead by obtaining an advanced degree to put me in the position for an opportunity when it arises. So at the minimum in order for me to consider to date anyone who is less the wealthy I demand that you have to be supporting yourself or hustling your behind every day try to leave your bad situation behind because calling me at noon saying “I guess I should get out the bed now”, speaks volumes about how serious you take you life.

Who Pays $290 Million for Bankrupt Blockbuster Video?

With Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, and Amazon in the video business, who would pay $290 million for Blockbuster video and its failed business model? That is what one bidder is offering in Blockbuster’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

A bidder called “Cobalt Video Holdco” has offered an initial bid of $290 million to purchase Blockbuster out of bankruptcy. Rival bidders will have to come in with higher numbers if they want to acquire the failed video chain. [Source: Wilking, Rick. “Blockbuster gets $290 million ‘stalking horse bid,'” Reuters, 2/21/11. Downloaded from:]

But why would anyone want to acquire Blockbuster for over $290 million – or even for a lower amount? Just this week, Hulu announced that it’s $7.99 per month streaming video service will now feature films from the Criterion collection. For a few bucks, viewers will be able to watch many of the greatest movies ever made. [Source: “Classic Films To Debut On Hulu Plus,”, 2/16/11. Downloaded from:]. And Netflix’s subscriber base grew by 63% last year. [Source: Martin Peers. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). “Netflix Epic Turns to ‘Short’ Story.” New York, N.Y.: Feb 16, 2011. pg. C.14].

Why would someone want to take on these new service providers, not to mention Redbox and Amazon, by operating Blockbuster’s archaic chain of brick-and-mortar stores (for $290 million!)? As it turns out, there are a few potential reasons:

First, the acquiring company would not have to operate Blockbuster. It might be able to liquidate some or all of the company’s assets in a profitable way. Unfortunately, Blockbuster does not seem to have a lot of valuable assets. Its locations are generally good, though, and could be valuable to another chain store.

Second, the acquiring company could turn Blockbuster around with a new strategy. For example, an acquirer could retain Blockbuster’s kiosk business and compete head-to-head with Redbox, using Blockbuster’s name recognition, but dispose of its other assets in a profitable way. Another option would be to make Blockbuster a pure retail store, selling dvd’s, video equipment, and associated merchandise

Third, one of today’s video superstars (e.g., Redbox) could acquire Blockbuster to benefit from its movie inventory and relationships with studios (to the extent such relationships still exist). An existing giant might even see an advantage to having brick-and-mortar locations. For example, what if bought Blockbuster and operated its store locations as stores, providing free overnight pick-up for any customer order, as well as drop shipping for Amazon sellers? That probably will not happen, but it would be interesting.

The bottom line is that acquiring Blockbuster could make strategic sense for someone, and of course the price tag would be high – higher than $290 million. A comparison can be made among the bankruptcy attorney san diego available at the firms. The charges of the lawyers should be under the funds of the person to cover the financial loss. 

Why Men Cheat

Women have long wondered why men cheat, particularly those who are supposedly happily married or in a long-term relationship, maybe with children, a home. Infidelity can create a scar in a marriage, which is difficult to heal.

Men who cheat are not necessary bad people or lacking morals. The answer to the questions ‘why do married men cheat?’ is complex and multifaceted. For some, of course, the answer could be that they are unhappy in their marriage and no longer in love with their spouse. Others do love their wife, but are looking for excitement and adventure, elements which can often be missing in a long-term marriage after the initial thrill has died down. For others, the answer can simply be that the opportunity was there. A large number of extra-marital affairs are with people in the workplace. When two members of the opposite sex are working together in close proximity for nearly 40 hours a week, feelings can grow. After all, you probably see your work colleagues more than your spouse, and these are the people you share your everyday achievements and frustrations with. In these circumstances, romance can and does occasional bloom – what starts out as an innocent drink after work can soon spiral into something less innocent. 

Why do people cheat? There is no simple answer. Some argue that infidelity does not come naturally to us as human beings. Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt that infidelity has the power to completely destroy a marriage, with implications not only for the couple themselves, but for their children and their wider circle of families and friends. However difficult it may be for some people to stay monogamous, when you consider the effects of infidelity, it is very difficult to understand why men cheat.

Why Men Cheat

It can be difficult to understand why men cheat, and it’s an issue that has been discussed in media, literature and music for many years. Some argue that monogamy doesn’t come naturally, and that men who cheat are just following their natural instincts. Others are dismissive of this idea, believing that the reasons for infidelity are varied and often related to unhappiness in a marriage or relationship. Most of the cheating men look for backpage and other hook up websites. With the presence of these platforms, it is now easier for men to cheat without leaving any trace. Hence, it is fair to say that technology somehow affected the way we live our life especially in the aspect of our relationships with our partners.

To find solutions to the issue, it’s first important to consider: why do married men cheat?

The issue can often come down to an existing relationship that is not fully meeting his needs. Although we know that is no excuse for cheating, statistics show that men are more likely to stray if they are not fulfilled in their current relationship. One of the keys to keeping a happy marriage is openness and honesty. Where mutual honesty and trust exists in a marriage, it is less likely that either party will break that. Try also to keep some of the early excitement of the relationship alive. Make time for each other, go on dates, try to remember what things were like in the early days – the butterflies, the excitement, the snatched moments together.

One of the most frequent answers to the question ‘why do people cheat?’ is simply: the opportunity was there. This is incredibly important to bear in mind, as the reason for infidelity is not always an unfulfilling marriage. On the contrary, some men who have cheated are adamant that they were extremely happy in their relationship, and yet they still strayed.

Why does this happen? Why would men who seem to have it all, who are settled and possibly even have children, feel the need to embark upon an illicit relationship? Unfortunately the answer can often boil down to simple temptation, lust or opportunity. How many of us possess the strength of character to turn down that sort of proposition? If a woman has been showing your man attention, flattering him, making him feel attractive and desirable – it takes a steely resolution for him not to succumb. Statistically, men are more likely to have an affair with someone who is already known to them, rather than a stranger. This stands to reason – if it is a friend or colleague they will already have plenty in common, shared stories and interests, and be able to spend plenty of time together. Under those circumstances, romance can soon blossom. If your other half has been spending more time than usual at the office, shows more interest in his appearance on work days than previously, and has suddenly started to go away with work a lot – these could all be indicators that something is going on.

Infidelity has been an issue in society since time began, and it is difficult to imagine a world where every single man stayed faithful to his spouse. However, one of the best ways to avoid this happening to you is to equip yourself with knowledge about why men cheat, and use this to your advantage.

Effective Tips for the Avid Hunter

Many individuals will be heading out into the woods and fields in search of their favorite game. A good hunter not only follows rules and guidelines set down by their particular state, but they are also safety conscious and take great care to preserve our natural resources.

With that being said, lets take a look at some hunting tips. You might want to review these before you head outdoors this season. Evid hunter will have a look at to gather all essential information about the hunting of the animals and birds. The tips should be adopted after checking the reviews. 

  1. Slow but steady; Hunting is not a hurry sport. You don’t run out to spot, bag your game, and get inside for the football game on television. A good hunter has patience, goes slow, and isn’t afraid to be still for long periods of time.
  2. Quiet; A good hunter makes very little if any noise. This goes along with number one above.
  3. Selective; A hunter always checks out his area days in advance. He knows if it is safe and a good place to hunt.

  4. Hunt with care; A good hunter observes everything that is happening around him. He pays close attention to detail.
  5. Gets a great view; Hunting in a dense area is very dangerous. A good hunter will get the big picture of everything in front of him before attempting to bag his game. He makes mental notes of houses and highways.
  6. Know the wind; Which way is the wind blowing? The wind will carry your scent. Sometimes this is helpful because it will stir up game. Other times it can be a disadvantage.
  7. Stop if you hear a noise; The same is true if you make the noise. Hunting is a quiet sport. The snap of a branch is a signal to the game and to other hunters that might be in the area.
  8. Know your landmarks; One of the worst things a hunter can do is get lost or lose a sense of where he actually is. Having given landmarks help the hunter to know and understand exactly where they and their game are.
  9. Be clean; Human beings, like animals, give off an odor. Colognes, sprays, deodorants, and even the scent from clean clothes can give you away.
  10. Clean away debris; If you use a blind or hunters stand, clean away the extra debris so that you get a good big picture of the area that you are hunting.
  11. Use hand signals; If you are with others, have a clear set of hand signals that everyone understands.
  12. Have a cellphone but, have it turned off; This in case that you need help or an emergency comes up.
  13. Know the spot; The worst thing in the world is to make a kill and forget where it is at. Once again the importance of landmarks are very valuable.
  14. No pokes. Never poke downed game with the gun muzzle. The animal could jump right back up and cause a dangerous situation.
  15. Never walk directly behind another hunter; This is just good common sense. Less chance of an accident happening.
  16. Be aware of Daylight; Accidents are waiting to happen when visibility is poor or getting poor. Fog and smog can be just as bad as the twilight hours.
  17. Dress properly; A cold hunter can make mistakes because of the cold weather. Dress properly for the elements.
  18. Perspiration on a cold day can also cause problems; Try to avoid sweating with all your gear on. Being hot is just as bad as being cold. If you perspire and your clothes then turn cold, you could have some major thermal issues with your body.
  19. Avoid dehydration and hunger; Be sure to have plenty of liquid to drink and a few power bars for energy. Wrap the power bars in cloth to eliminate the noise of rustling paper.
  20. Lastly, let people know where you are and when you will be returning; This is just good common sense.

Hunting is time when many individuals get to bond with nature. Stay safe, don’t over kill, and develop an appreciation for the experience that you get to enjoy.

Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

If you are looking for a new and interesting pet to add to your family, maybe you have been playing with the idea of a Pot Bellied Pig. These little pigs make wonderful pets, they do require work and commitment, as does any pet.

The first thing you will want to do before you actually run out and purchase a Pot Bellied Pig is to check with your local zoning laws and make sure that you are allowed to own one.

Once you have checked out the local laws and have purchased your new Pot Bellied Pig, you will want to get the house set up for it. Have a nice, clean place for the Pig to sleep inside the house, where it will be safe from the elements. You will want to keep your pig inside the house when the weather is cold outside. You will also want to make sure that your pig has constant access to water, both inside and outside. Make sure to buy a high quality pig food for your pig. Supply your Pot Bellied Pig with some toys. Find a veterinarian in your area that is used to working with Pot Bellied Pigs. Make sure that your Pot Bellied Pig gets some time to play outside each day. They are a lot like dogs in this sense. They are happy and content to be inside with the family, but they still need time outside to burn off some steam. You will want to bathe your Pot Bellied Pig about once a month and apply a pig moisturizer to them if it is needed.

Pigs are highly intelligent and can learn very fast. The number one thing to remember when you are training your Pot Bellied Pig is that they are best motivated to learn through positive reinforcement. The best motivator for their positive reinforcement is food. When they do something wrong you will want to firmly tell them “No” and stop them from the behavior. Once they behave correctly, give them a treat to reinforce that good behavior. Also, imagine that some people would actually go and take bearded dragon terriarium course for their exotic pig, what more can you do for pigs. 

Pot Bellied Pigs are actually easier to house train than most dogs are. If you decide to use a litter box for your Pot Bellied Pig, make sure to place the box far from their eating area or they will not use the litter box. When your pig starts looking for a place to go to the bathroom, put them into the litter box. When your Pot Bellied Pig uses the litter box you will want to give them a treat right away to reward that good behavior. In no time your Pot Bellied Pig will be completely house trained.

Cbd Oil- Benefits Of Natural Therapy

In view of the corona virus outbreak, there is an atmosphere of fear and panic as the disease is spreading like wildfire and as of now, thousands have already succumbed mainly due to carelessness or gross negligence on their part.

Even before this deadly pandemic took the world into its grasp, there are numerous diseases and ailments that mankind has been grappling with over the past many decades and things are going from bad to worse as time passes on.

It is indeed a serious matter that needs to be looked into before it is too late and today we are going to talk about an important remedy for this problem that has proven to be quite successful.

Gift of Nature

Cannabidiol Oil is an interesting find that deserves a worthy article on its own and more relevant by the fact that the atmosphere in current times is filled with pollutants in the three basic necessities food, air and water, which give rise to ailments in our body.

So it is essential that we consume only those medicines that are close to nature and original so as not to do any harm. CBD oil falls in that category as it has medicinal properties with chemical compounds that originate from cannabis plants.

Therefore, certain benefits that can be availed from this gift of nature are as follows:

  • Marijuana is good for providing relief from joint and muscle pain and the respite has soothing effects even for cancer symptoms
  • It is known for treating anxiety attacks and depression which are induced due to shock
  • The website Balance CBD has interesting items containing Cannabidiol like oil, Organic gummies, topical, etc. that cannot be found in the open market and the link for the site is you can go through it and decide the best product that you need at the moment to get the desired results

Painting Preparation the Fundamental Key to Do it Yourself Painting

Nothing makes a house pop like a professional paint job. That being said, a bad one can make the home look cheap, old and downright scary. These days, many homeowners prefer to bypass expensive painting companies in favor of doing it yourself painting. The results are often disappointing and expensive to repair.

So, what causes some paint jobs to chip and peel at the first sign of weather, while others seem to last for years and years? The answer is as simple as it gets: painting preparation. Yes, the only way to make your paint job last is by slowing down and committing yourself to proper paint prep work and investing in high-quality Painting Kits.

As an ex-painter, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people attempt to do it yourself painting the wrong way. And, the number one mistake diy painting amateurs make is diving into their project without proper surface prep. This one is a killer. Make no mistake about it, the number one rule in “how-to” painting is surface prep. Your paint job simply won’t last without it. No ifs and or buts.

So, how do you know how to properly prepare your painting surface? Where do you start?

Here are some easy tips that will keep you away from trouble and ensure that your diy painting project stands the test of time.

Painting over raw wood

Raw wood is defined as any wood that is bare. In other words, it has not been coated in paint or primer. It is critical that this particular surface is coated in an oil or latex-based primer before any paint is applied.

When you see paint cracking and peeling from its surface, it is almost always because the paint was applied over raw wood without being primed beforehand. Paint is made of latex. It just won’t stick to raw wood. You must use a primer to make the surface more adhesive.

Painting over metal

Metal is similar to raw wood in the sense that it must be primed or the paint will chip or peel. It is different in one important way: although you can use latex paint on metal surfaces like wrought iron fences or aluminum flashing, the primer should always be oil-based. If you use latex primer as surface prep you won’t get horrible results. But, the paint job won’t last as long.

Painting over old paint.

This is where people get lazy. Everyone gets giddy at the thought of remodeling their home with a fresh coat of paint. Virtually no one likes the idea of spending countless hours feeling their shoulders burn and their arms go numb as they pick and scrape at old layers of lead paint.

But, it’s just something you have to do. Try to remember why you are doing this project in the first place. You want to take pride in your diy home painting project because put simply, you did it yourself. You’re going to be bragging to others about how you saved hundreds of dollars bypassing expensive painting services. So, you don’t want a huge fleck of paint to rear up and fall away right after you tell them.

Take the time to do it right. Get rid of the loose, peeling paint. Be careful not to go overboard and carve chunks of wood out during this process. Try to be thorough, but careful as well. And, if after you chip away the old paint, you see raw wood, well, you know what to do next.

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