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I have many small projects that I am involved with. I make and sell jewelry and crafts, I do tattoos, and I write these articles. Each is very different but has one thing in common, I use social networking sites to promote them, and by doing so I keep the costs down on advertising. In an online world, advertising can be VERY costly, and most of the time, you don’t even know how much you will be spending to get the “exposure” they claim. Never spend more than you have the potential to make back.

The first trick I use is Facebook Groups. I join groups of similar interests to what I want to promote, as well as groups that might be interest in what I am promoting. For instance, for my articles I joined all of the writing groups, and every article that gets published, gets posted there. I also have a collection of girl scout groups all over the world that if I write about a craft idea or something along those lines, gets posted in them because they might be interested in the read. If your item is good, it’s more than likely going to be “shared” by others making it visible to all of their friends, giving you a new target audience you couldn’t get elsewhere.

The next thing is to tweet it on Twitter. I was once very against twitter, just one more social site right? Wrong! I have come to learn how to use it as a valuable tool, and I keep my personal life and business VERY separate, which I always recommend doing anyway! Your target audience probably won’t care that you had the best meal of your life at the new restaurant close to your house, or that you and your spouse are in a “complicated relationship”. They might even stop following you, and become uninterested in your promotions, thinking that you are more interested in what’s happening in your life, rather than focusing on your work.

Apart from twitter, Instagram is also a good platform to advertise your brand, product, service or even blog. Furthermore, with the help of, it is now easier for you to know your audience by looking at their profiles.

Another rather cost effective way to advertise and promote is using Everything is $5, and you can use the “advertising” section on the site to find what is appropriate for you. If you just opened your twitter account and need 5000 followers FAST, or if you have your own website and just need to generate traffic, they have it on there. Make sure to look at their ratings, and read all of the specifics on the job, as well as feedback (if they have any) before you choose to pay someone that $5 for your advertising. Also, if you are having “followers” or “likers” added to your social networking pages ask if they are real followers or “look real” followers, meaning they won’t really participate in anything you are doing, just give you the appearance of having a massive fan base (which may work for you). Choose what’s best for you, and make sure you weigh out all of your options, but for $5 you could generate a lot of business.

Always be careful when purchasing advertising especially if it’s by “click” basis, as that can become very costly without you even realizing it.

Independent Coffee Shops In Bunker Hill, Illinois

The little town of Bunker Hill, Illinois has a population of 1700 people. Like many other small towns in America, we have our coffee shops that offer coffee made with เมล็ดกาแฟคั่ว/คั่วบด. The discussion at these coffee shops is a lot like any other. The talk will cover everything from Obama-care to the local sports teams.

Each coffee shop has it’s regulars. Some of the regulars will even pay a visit to the other shops before they head home. They seek out their friends, as they try to solve all the problems of the world.

Independent Coffee shops in Bunker Hill, Illinois


This combination bar, coffee shop, and restaurant are located on the main drag in the center of town, at 116 North Washington. It is just a half a block away from the famous Lincoln statue. Go figure, a Lincoln statue on Washington. Chesney’s is a two-room establishment. The bar area is kept separate from the coffee shop. They open at 7 am and close at 7 pm each day except Sunday. On Sunday, they open at 11 am. There are plenty of refills and no extra charge for them.


Located at 208 North Washington. It is just a few hundred feet from the famous Lincoln statue. Sally opens in September and closes in the middle of April. She opens shortly after 6 am and closes at about 1:30 pm. Although she specializes in breakfast and lunch, many of the locals enjoy a good cup of coffee in her shop. Her coffee shop is a small two-room house. The backroom is the kitchen and the front room is the restaurant area. Just like Chesney’s, there is no extra charge on refills.


Is located in the southern part of the town at 702 South Washington. Although it is primarily a gas station, many of the locals will sit in one of the booths and enjoy a cup of coffee or an order of biscuits and gravy. There are no refills here. Each cup is paid for. This doesn’t seem to bother those that patronize it. Many individuals, on their way to and from work, often grab a cup of coffee on their way. As they do so, they often pay a quick visit to those that are there. Shortstop opens early and closes very late. However, the side window is open 24 hours a day. If you need, a cup of coffee in the middle of the night, they have it for you.

None of these three shops have specialty coffee. However, that doesn’t matter to anyone in town. All three of these independent coffee shops are important establishments in the town. It is a place where young and old gather for a few moments each day to check on each other.

Shop And Save Money Through Online Shopping

Online shopping has provided great ease to customers as they only need the internet for this. There are hundreds of websites that allow you to shop online and get your things delivered at home. Most people are switching to online shopping from traditional ones for obvious reasons—however, the best reason to shop online to save money every time with your one click. You can save a bundle with online shopping. Before you visit a site for online shopping, you must check its reviews on Reviewedpapa to know about how safe and reliable the website is.

Brilliant online shopping tips to save:

  1. Earn cash back every time you shop

While shopping online, you must check the items that offer cashback on your purchase. Cashback websites provide a little amount of percentage back on the total amount that you spend on shopping. There are many different things that can help you earn money and save back. There are some bank accounts as well that offer cashback, so better check you’re linked with the right provider.

  1. Find discounts

Sometimes while shopping, the user forgets to check on the voucher code sites that help to cut down the cost of what you are buying. You need to check the voucher codes online that are eligible for a specific site when you are shopping. The website gives you a notification on what you can save and by applying which voucher code.

  1. Shop on weekdays and not weekends

The day of the week decides how much money you can save. Working people that are free of weekends tend to buy things online, and the websites increase the prices according to demand. You must shop on weekdays as the prices are normal and sometimes you can get the best deals in your range.

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