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5 Hit Reggaeton Music Albums

Reggaeton has been a popular musical genre in Latin America since the 1900s. It was recognized by the world in 2004. Reggaeton can be described as a hybrid musical genre. An amalgamation of various music styles such as Bomba, Salsa, Bachata, Electronica, Jamaican Dancehall, Latin Pop, Hip Hop, Meringue, etc Reggaeton originated in Panama in late 1970s and early 1980s. Later it made its way to Puerto Rico where it found huge popularity Here are the top 5 Reggaeton music albums provide by Where you can also download any of these music albums for free.

Broke Famous:

Released on 11th December 2007 Broke  Famous stands out in Reggaeton albums. This album was produced by DJ Nelson, Marioso and Tainy. It was the debut album of Nejo Dalmata. It ranked 8 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Stars like Voltio, Tego Calderon, Los Rabanes, and Arcangel contributed to the making of this album. Some of the hit numbers from this album include:

  • Also Magical
  • See You Mami
  • Un Call
  • Violento
  • Pasarela

Le Reunion:

The next album that has made a remarkable entry in the world of Reggaeton music is “Le Reunion”. This Reggaeton album was released on March 20th, 2007. “Le Reunion” is considered to be the fourth studio album of Yaga Mackie. This album has not only been famous among music lovers but has also been appreciated by the music critics. Some of the popular numbers from this album are:

  • Tribu
  • Gotika
  • Tregua
  • Tortura

Sueltale  The Black Carpet:

Are you wondering what could be the next hit album? Well, the answer to your question is The Black Carpet. It has topped many popular Reggaeton albums of contemporary Latin America. Released on 11th December 2007 it is the latest album by Nicky Jam. Music lovers are overwhelmed with the singles of this album. Some of the hit numbers of this album are as follows:

  • Calor
  • Interlude
  • Trankila
  • Ve y Dile
  • Gas Pela

The Kings of the Beats:

The Kings of the Beats is one of the most well-executed Reggaeton albums that has ever released. Released on 23rd November 2004 this album has done great on the music chart of Latin America. This album was produced by Luny Tunes. Having a total number of 43 tracks this album also contains a few instrumental versions of some of the popular works of the two. The tracks that are included in this album are:

  • Reggaeton Beat
  • Bolero Beat
  • Rap Beat
  • Valla Beat
  • Amor Beat

Caribbean Connection:

The most widely appraised Reggaeton Music album Caribbean Connection is different from the previous albums. It not only contains the works of one or two singers but it is a synthesis of songs sung by various famous Reggaeton and Dancehall artists. Released on 24th June it is quite a new entry. Yet it has occupied a good position in the box office. The popular numbers of this album include:

  • Fly Away
  • Pegaso
  • Latinas
  • OG

Dance  These Reggaeton albums are not only famous in Latin America but they have been accepted by the audience world wide.

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