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Benefits Of Post Natal Massage

For all of you who don’t really have an idea regarding post natal massage, well they are basically full body massages applicable to women who have just given birth; this is not a onetime procedure, a post natal massage is done for 40 days after the day that the woman gave birth. These massages start from the feet and the masseuse work their way up and finish with an even better head massage. It may not sound all that important and numerous people don’t really see the need for it but post natal massages present amazing benefits to a strained body.If you think about it, the stress and strain that a woman’s body endures does not start during the labor hours, it begins when the woman carries the growing baby. Imagine all the time they had morning sickness, back pain, swollen feet or emotional stress and the additional stress of giving birth isn’t even added to our list so far. What we’re saying is that these post natal massages will be the ultimate treat for new moms; they’re utterly relaxing, comfortable and stress free.

Various Benefits

General massages offer their own benefits, but post natal massages concentrate on how to release all the strain and tensions from a woman’s muscles especially after giving birth. Basically, post natal massages offer the following:

  1. Easing sore spots and relaxing multiple muscle tension – the whole child birth process would affect and stress more muscle in a woman’s body than you can count. But the most affected areas are the hips, abdomen and lower back. You’d be wrong to think that those are the only strained areas; the upper back would also end up sore when the mother is breastfeeding in a difficult position.
  2. Massages tend to enhance the flow of blood and oxygen all throughout the muscles as it gets rid of toxins.
  3. Speed up the body’s recovery from a caesarean section in case the mother underwent one. Keep in mind that massages directly on the area of the wound is a strict no-no especially if it still hasn’t properly healed. Gentle massages close to the area is recommended in order to increase or enhance the flow of blood thus encouraging a faster internal healing.
  4. Since you’re incredibly relaxed, the body is encouraged to produce even more endorphins. The endorphins in our bodies act as the natural pain killers and feel good hormones.

Caution When You had a Caesarean

Caesarean sections are considered are major surgeries and will cause incredible pain to the body, it also takes considerable time to heal. If you underwent a caesarean section then its best that you wait until the scar is totally healed before thinking about getting a massage. It might take a couple of weeks and we encourage you to get your doctor’s confirmation before booking a post natal massage. Sure the massages will help your mind and body relax, but remind the masseuse to avoid the scar as well as the abdomen during sessions.

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