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Review of the Tom Clany’s Splinter Cell: Conviction Cooperative Modes

Splinter Cell: Conviction was released on April 13th 2010, with both a cooperative story mode as well as objective based cooperative modes titled ‘Deniable Ops’. These Deniable Ops modes include the Hunter, Face-Off, Infiltration and Last Stand modes. In the cooperative modes of Splinter Cell: Conviction you play as either Third Echelon agent Archer or his Russian counterpart Kestrel. Both characters have the same skills and abilities as Sam Fisher in the single player campaign. The only real distinction between the two is that Kestrel uses a red headset while Archer uses the traditional green one. The Splinter Cell: Conviction cooperative modes carry over the Persistence Elite Creation challenges. The challenges unlock points to use for upgrades. Even though you are playing as a different character you still have all of your weapon and gadget upgrades throughout both the single player and cooperative portions of Splinter Cell: Conviction. League of Legends Smurf Accounts for Sale will offer plenty of benefits to the players. Either there can be playing with the single player or multi; it is according to the choice of the person. The benefits in both the services will be same for the players. 

The Splinter Cell: Conviction cooperative story is a prequel to the single player campaign’s story. Your goal as Archer or Kestrel is to find and stop EMP bombs from getting into enemy hands. The story features 4 lengthy missions across multiple locales. The cooperative portions of Splinter Cell: Conviction add a few new elements to the single player campaign. The most notable is the ability to dual mark and execute. Both you and your co-op partner can mark enemies and then either player can then execute them after completing a hand to hand combat move. When one partner hits Y to execute the game slows for a second giving their partner a chance to also hit Y for a dual execution. This allows for 6 to 8 enemies to be executed all at once if the two players can get into the correct positions to cover everyone.

The co-op modes also add the ability to revive your partner if they get shot. When you take too much damage you fall to the ground on your back, and then your partner can come over and revive you. Your partner has a limited amount of time revive you before you will bleed out. To help watch your partner’s back as they revive you can sit up and shoot enemies. However, once you sit up enemies will realize you are not dead and start shooting at you again. This ability to revive your partner makes the cooperative campaign in Splinter Cell: Conviction more forgiving than in the single player. The final addition to the cooperative mode is that enemies now have the ability to put you in a choke hold if they spot you getting close to them. If you are grabbed by an enemy your partner can save you by killing the enemy who is holding you. To help them you have the ability elbow the enemy to make them jerk back and open a shot for your partner. However, time it wrong and the enemy will recover from the elbow and kill you.

The Splinter Cell: Conviction Deniable Ops cooperative modes do not have any story line but feature specific objective based goals. In Hunter and Infiltration you are tasked with clearing 10 enemies from a map without getting spotted. If Hunter, if you get spotted, 10 additional enemies are called in for reinforcements that you will also have to eliminate. Infiltration mode is less forgiving. If you or your partner gets spotted in Infiltration you loose and have to restart. The Last Stand mode has an EMP bomb that you and your partner must defend over 20 waves. Each wave features more enemies trying to destroy the bomb or kill you both. It reminds me a little of Horde mode in Gears of War 2 but with more stealth. The Face-Off mode in Splinter Cell: Conviction is the only adversarial mode available. In it you play against your co-op partner as well as game controlled enemies. The goal in Face-Off is get more kills than your opponent while not dying. You get more points for taking out your human adversary than the AI controlled ones, but you have to be careful because you lose points if you get killed.

The cooperative story and Deniable Ops modes in Splinter Cell: Conviction adds a lot of depth to the game. In some ways they are more forgiving than the single player mode since you can revive your partner and you can watch each other’s backs. However, there are more enemies and more times when you need to complete sections without ever being spotted. This requires players to communicate tactically and be patient with their approach to these sections. If you enjoy the Splinter Cell: Conviction single player campaign then the co-op sections should be just as enjoyable if not more so.

Attack Speed Nerf Brings New Problems – Diablo 3

In the recent patch 1.03 released just a few weeks ago now for Diablo 3, one of the major changes players were greeted with was a near 50 percent nerf on the attack speed attribute on almost all of the game items besides quivers. While this patch change was an expected one, the consequences of it has caught many players off guard whilst also seeming to have counterproductive ends.

The idea from Blizzard’s end with this patch change was that players were focusing too much on acquiring as much attack speed as possible on their weapons and items in order to push their damage per second rates through the roof. They wanted to shift the focus off of increased attack speed, or IAS being such an important attribute on items that those without it suffered in value. There were two solutions purported by the development team, the first being some sort of per character cap on the amount of benefit IAS can give, or cutting the possible percentage bonuses granted by weapons or items with IAS. In the end, they choose the latter option which has seemed to be the wrong choice, at least in this writers opinion due to the following observations.

Previously, as a heavy player, but one not focused so much on stacking one attribute as much as possible, I found sufficient benefit from just having a few items with decent IAS bonuses. After the patch, besides some of my hard accrued DPS falling, I found it more necessary to find higher rolls of IAS on as many items as I could to make up the difference, and from the looks of the auction house prices , this seems to be a global issue. Besides my own just damage related needs, others have rightfully had complaints due to having a harder time finding effectiveness with life per hit or spirit point gains with monks.

Besides the directly related gameplay effects, there are the economic side of things for those who spend their hard earned gold, or cash for that matter, on the IAS items. Now while there was notice of the coming changes on the website forums, it can be unfair to expect that every person make a habit to check the possible, not always easily found upcoming patch notes to make sure any potential investment wont suddenly lose value eventually. Finally its had an obviously worrying effect on what next attribute may be nerfed if found to be overused. The investment to Buy pokemon go accounts will be the good decision of the players. The speed of the gaming and internet will be premium at the accounts. There will be no adverse effect at the playing strategy of the players.

In essence, it would seem as though the IAS nerf has had some opposite effects from those intended. Hopefully there will be no more nerfs to attributes, but it feels like a fool’s wish, but in the end I do feel I have to respond to one particular denizen of the web. Aren’t you thankful you work for a company that doesn’t have to own up to its own missteps?

Bury Your Red Ringed Xbox 360 in the Xbox RRoD Coffin

There comes a time in every Xbox 360 owner’s life when their Xbox 360 gets the inevitable Red Ring of Death, well, at least 56% of Xbox 360 owners. What better way to send your Xbox to the afterlife than with a proper burial? In an Xbox RRoD coffin. This is how most casino online Indonesia games have also ended in the past.

The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death (RRoD) is a problem that has plagued the Xbox 360 since its release and the good folks over at Microsoft have sat idly and done nothing about the RRoD except extend the warranty to include Red Ring of Death occurrences for a longer period (leaked info points to a new possible solution for the RRoD).

The Red Ring of Death issue is such a big problem for Xbox 360 owners that there has been an entire market created around fixes, tips, and service solutions to fix the broken Xbox 360. There’s the X-Clamp Fix, Hot Towell Fix, Penny Tape Fix, Heatgun Fix, and a slew of other Red Ring of Death fixes to give your Xbox just a few more months of life before it Red Rings again. How do I know about these fixes? Well, I’ve been a victim of the infamous RRoD and I’ve tried all but the Hot Towel Fix on my Xbox 360 during the more than 12 times I’ve had to dissemble and fix my Red Ring of Death Xbox 360.

My Xbox 360 is currently down for the RRoD count again and this time I might let it stay down. My Xbox 360 has suffered long enough (and so have I) and I feel that it’s best to let it go to Valhalla (which ironically happens to be the name of the new alleged Xbox 360 motherboard). My Xbox 360 and I have been through a lot together and just dumping it into the trash wouldn’t be right. I was considering having it bronzed, but that was before I discovered the Xbox RRoD Coffin.

The Xbox RRoD Coffin is just what it sounds like (a coffin for your Xbox 360 that has died due to the Red Ring of Death) and is the only proper way to bury your Xbox that didn’t stand a chance due to design flaws by Microsoft. The Xbox 360 RRoD Coffin is a coffin that snuggly fits your dead Xbox 360 and controller for proper burial and the outside of the coffin even sports a Red Ring of Death design to remind would-be grave robbers that your Xbox 360 is no good.

You’ll be able to send your Xbox 360 to gaming heaven (or hell depending on the situation) with the coffin made specifically for that gaming system that holds dear to your heart; your Red Ringed Xbox 360, thanks to the Xbox RRoD Coffin designed by Alexis Vanamois.

For more read Red Ring of Death: Red Flashing XBOX 360 Lights Explained, Xbox 360 is the Worst Lemon of Gaming Consoles, and Will Xbox 360 Fix Motherboard Problems with New Valhalla Motherboard?

My Top 3 iPod/iPhone Games of 2020

The iPhone market is constantly expanding, with hundreds of new games being submitted every week. With that sheer number, many good games get overlooked.

1) Touchgrind BMX

Touchgrind BMX is a one of a kind game – there isn’t another game like it. Using two fingers, one for the back of the bike and one for the front of the bike, you control the bike and perform a large number of tricks in mid-air of pkv games that provides almost a realistic feel of the gameplay it has on their online webportals; which are extremely excellent. Different combinations and harder tricks will score you more points, and the more times you repeat the trick in the run, the less you get for that trick.

As you complete certain challenges for the levels, you gain Adrenaline points. As more adrenaline points are unlocked, new bikes, paints and levels become available.

The game has a great difficulty curve – the challenges on each level are harder than the next – and requires a lot of skill and practice to master. The feel you get when you pull off an amazing trick combination or run is incredible, and that, combined with the uniqueness of the game, makes this my no.1 spot.

2) Mission Europa

Mission Europa is a game very few people know about. This game took a year and a half of development, which really shows with the amount of content in the game – it took me 45 hours to complete it!

It’s a really fun RPG/FPS game, which involves finding certain objectives, collecting items dropped by monsters, killing a set number of enemies, or defeating the boss in 1 of 50 levels. Every monster you kill drops an item and gives you experience, which is used to level up so you can add points in skills such as strength and agility, as well as be able to buy and equip better items. As you level up and kill higher level monsters, you get access to new skills and better weaponry.

It’s quite hard to explain this game, as there isn’t particularly much of a story. Another downside is that it can get a bit repetitive and you may end up grinding, as well as the hefty pricetag. However, despite those cons, I still thoroughly enjoyed this game.

3) Gun Bros

Gun Bros is a free game by Glu. By playing either by yourself or through Gamecenter, you defeat waves of T.O.O.L (Tyrannical Overlords of Life – the Bad Guys) on 4 different planets, including a Zombies planet. As you progress through the waves, the enemies become stronger and more numerous, and also give you more experience, which allows you to level up, increasing your health and allowing you access to better weaponry and armour. Killing T.O.O.L also gives you Xplodium which can be converted into coins, and spent on better weaponry and armour and powerups.

As well as coins, you can buy weapons/armour/powerups using the IAP currency Warbucks. These can be earned by completing daily Bro-Op challenges, which include things such as killing a certain number of enemies with a certain gun. Alternatively, they can be purchased for an extremely expensive through IAP (In-App-Purchase).

However, to be able to earn warbucks through bro-op challenges, as well as to be able to have access to Bro-Buffs which give you bonuses, you have to have lots of GameCenter friends who play GunBros. Gun Bros really encourages multiplayer, which is a good thing in my opinion.

My main dislikes about this game are that the best weapons you have to buy with WarBucks, and with such large amounts which would cost up to Ò£50 to buy through IAP, which is ridiculous. Also, the game can get a bit repetitive and you may find yourself grinding Xplodium. However, all in all this is a great game, and I would really recommend it.

Diving into Gaming

I’ve always had a hazy memory of the first time I played Assassins Creed. It was possibly around 2008, sometime late after the first game had arrived into the public eye. I was a young girl desperate to attempt to fit in with a few of the older guys at friend’s house, and so I picked up the controller with every attempt at looking like I was comfortable with the controller in my hand. I have thickly clouded memories of falling, being stabbed, drowning, and generally finding every possible method of being killed. I remember being praised for being creative, for apparently, I had managed to lose in ways they never thought possible. Young as I was, I didn’t understand sarcasm; I couldn’t understand why we hadn’t become best friends until the next time I picked up a controller.

There is a unique relationship that I share with all the video games that I have played since childhood and of the various characters that have had a huge role in shaping my life and developing my ambitions for a future in advertising and web designing. Yes, I am in the hopes of taking it up as a career though nothing is in the pipelines currently but I have made up my mind and not relegate myself to judi poker online, which can only increase vices in a person.

Years later, in the summer of 2011, I fell in love. At a friend’s house, I noticed the second game in the series, simply labeled Assassins Creed II. Once again, more than eager to prove myself, I insisted that her little brother fire up the game, and eagerly gripped the controller in my hand. Once again, after years of attempting to convince everyone that I could just be ‘one of the guys’ because I knew that the X meant jump, I managed to revert back several stages of evolution. Yet somehow, through that mess of embarrassing failures, I fell in love with the game.

I fell in love with the main character, Ezio Auditore, the parkour-styled moves, and admittedly, the historical accuracy. That night, I brought the game home, and finished within a couple of weeks.

The story followed Ezio’s journey through Italy, first seeking revenge for the death of his family, then unveiling a drawn-out war between the Templars and the Assassins, a war which he becomes a part of, fighting as an Assassin for the freedom of the people. Yet this proved only to be point of the plot rather than the plot itself, interwoven with the story of Desmond Miles, through whose genetic memory the story is being exposed, and the elusive presence of Subject 16.

After I finished the second game, there was no turning back. I splurged on a PS3, bought brotherhood, which I finished in even less time than the Assassins creed II, played the first game immediately after, then got Revelations as a Christmas gift. I’ve played each game at least twice now. It was my male friends, apparently delighted that I could put knowledge behind my ravings now, forcibly spread my interest to other games. Since then, I’ve been laden with titles such as Heavy Rain, Uncharted, The Dragon Age origins, and I haven’t been able to stop.

The Power of Puzzle Games

According to studies, playing mobile games can sharpen the player’s intelligence. But if there is a more specific game that makes players smarter, it is definitely puzzle games. Nowadays, puzzle games are the most popular game category that helps in sharpening the minds. Aside form the fact that puzzle games are really interesting to play; these games also enhance our mental abilities. There are several and different puzzle games that we can play online like brainteasers and riddle games. All of these games are known for making our brains active. 

One of the amazing things about puzzle games is that they come in wide variety of forms and they can be played in different platforms such as magazines, puzzle books, news papers and most commonly on Internet through online games. Additionally, you can play your favorite puzzle games on your mobile phones as a lot of applications and games are already available on App store and Google store nowadays. So wherever and whenever you want, you can play puzzle games. Puzzle games provide wide variety of mental benefits. First, according to studies and research, puzzle games can sharpen the critical thinking skills of players. Since most of the puzzle games like brain teasers and riddle require critical thinking, regularly playing these games can improve critical thinking skills. On the other hand, puzzle games like crosswords are helpful in improving our vocabulary. Surely, you can find solutions to word cookies game and other crosswords. 

Generally, puzzle games boost player’s creativity and thinking power of player. Through solving puzzles, analytical skills are being enhanced.  This also applies to logical and reasoning skills. As such, it is no doubt that playing puzzle games can sharpen our intelligence. This has become even more convenient with the help of our mobile phones. 

The Tick, a hero for the gamers – Character Guide

The Tick – The Tick is your typical hero. Big, strong, square chin and he’s nigh invulnerable too. The Tick jumps from rooftop to rooftop looking for evildoers. The Tick even claims that he can suck blood but we have never seen him go through the demonstration.

Arthur – Arthur is The Tick’s trusty sidekick. Arthur wears an outfit that is completely white with ears so many people confuse him as a bunny but he’s actually a moth. Arthur also wears a backpack that has wings inside so that he can fly from rooftop to rooftop with The Tick.

American Maid – The American Maid is the resident patriotic hero of The City. She is basically a female version of Captain America except instead of throwing a shield she throws either one of her high heels or her tiara. That and American Maid is dressed like a maid.

Die Fledermaus – Die Fledermaus is the Batman parody in the Tick. Die Fledermaus is actually German for “the bat”. That’s about all that Die Fledermaus and Batman have in common though because Die Fledermaus is pretty much a coward.

Sewer Urchin – Sewer Urchin is what he sounds like. A guy dressed like an urchin that lives in the sewer. Since Sewer Urchin spends so much time in the sewer he always smells and he often won’t be invited to help The Tick and others. Sewer Urchin also talks like Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rain Man. Yes, definitely, definitely Rain Man.

Bipolar Bear – Bipolar Bear is a hero dressed as a polar bear that also has bipolar disorder. Bipolar Bear is actually not much help because most days he doesn’t feel like getting out of bed.

Caped Chameleon – The Caped Chameleon is a hero dressed like a chameleon and he has the ability to change colors to camouflage him from the bad guys. Unfortunately we have found out that if the Caped Chameleon attempts to change to plaid or brick color he will pass out.

Doorman – Doorman is the guard at the superhero club, Comet Club. Doorman has “sidekick senses” that tingle whenever a sidekick is near, sort of like Spiderman’s spider senses. Doorman will not allow sidekicks into the superhero club.

Human Bullet – The Human Bullet is simply a guy with a helmet that makes him look like a bullet. Whenever there is sign of trouble he will run out to his yard where he has a cannon. The Human Bullet will then climb in and his son will fire him in the direction of trouble.


The Tick – There is another The Tick other than the main The Tick. His real name is Barry and wants to be the only The Tick so he fights the real The Tick in order to be able to use the name The Tick. Got all that?

The Breadmaster – The Breadmaster creates baked goods that use as weapons. Some bread will expand until they engulf an entire building while other baked good will explode. The Breadmaster also tries to make a soufflé that will engulf the entire city.

Buttery Pat – Buttery Pat is the Breadmaster’s assistant. Buttery Pat is basically made of butter which will allow him to slip through bars or slip under doors. Due to his ability Buttery Pat is often the one planting bombs for the Breadmaster.

Brainchild – The Brainchild is a young boy who is super intelligent. He creates a glass skull so that people can see his brain and he also creates a robot dog that also has a visible dog. At one point the Brainchild acquires a weapon that changes The Tick into a French speaking bird.

Dinosaur Neil – Dinosaur Neil is a worker at a dinosaur park. One day he is showing the Tick some dinosaur tissue they found in one petri dish while eating pasta out of the other. Neil gets the two petri dishes mixed up and eats the dinosaur tissue on accident. Later that day he turns into a giant dinosaur and starts tear the city apart.

El Seed – El Seed is a giant sentient flower. He is also Spanish and wears a matador suit. El Seed is much like the villain Poison Ivy in Batman; he is always trying to get plants to come alive.

The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight – The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight (or TEMBWBAM for short) is a very nervous little man who is planting bombs in different establishments. The Evil Midnight Bomber often tries to play it cool nonchalantly hide his bombs but his excitement and nervousness get the best of him and he ends up screaming at people instead.

Mr. Mental – Mr. Mental knows how to use mind control. In one episode he controls the Tick and gets him to steal something. In another episode he makes everyone think that he is a baby.

Thrakkorzog – Thrakkorzog is the alien that lives next door to the The Tick. He came to our planet to make a clone of The Tick. When Thrakkorzog’s only DNA sample of The Tick comes from a tissue he blew his nose in, Thrakkorzog makes a clone made completely out of mucus.

Chairface Chippendale – Chairface Chippendale is the crime boss in The City. He hires all the worst bad guys Boils Brown, Professor Chrome Dome, and Zipperneck. He once used a ray to try and write his name into the surface of the moon. All the characters of the game should be verified through the 안전놀이 sites. The characters that are restricted cannot be used in the games.

League of Legends- What It Means To Children

It is difficult to decide the nature of a child because it is quite unpredictable at that young age. In fact, the child himself will not be aware of how and where he can experience a mood swing.

He may demand something at one moment but immediately shift gears to something else in the very next one. But one constant attachment that stays on from a young child until well into the teens is his love for video games.

Yes, at that age, video games are the constant companions of young children that they would play during leisure time to get a little respite from school and homework. You can find games in different variety of genres today but some of the all time classics that are loved by all generations are super Mario, claw, contra games, grand theft auto, to name a few.

Today, another one can be added to the above list and that is called league of legends, more well known by its acronym-LOL. It has become the darling of all young children due to its varied levels and interesting obstacles that everyone enjoys to go through.

As a video game, it has attained a cult status throughout the world, with a fan following ranging upto 100 million users and one for whom children can even kill to achieve.

Lol can be downloaded on both PC and ps4 and played through different types of medium. There are also champion levels that are attained that are controlled by real life individuals and each team contains five champions with a total of 10 champions in each game.

But first of all, you need to register and sign up to it and it is completely free of cost to get it. For more information regarding league of legends, you can always visit and get everything in a detailed account along with the reviews of different people who have shared their experiences with it.

Build A Lot 2: Town Of The Year: An Excellent Video Game Sequel

I have played the original version of this game, since it first came out about a year ago. I am also a real estate study who is constantly looking for methods to practice what I am learning in the field of real estate. This game was very appealing to a want-to-be home flipper such as myself.

Reality- 2/5 rating

This game has the very basic concept of flipping homes and building communities down rather well. You start off with a preset community to work with and given a mission board with goals to reach before the time runs out. The money to buy materials, hire workers, buy land and homes, and collect rent give the player a real sense of actually making financially important decisions. The time line does fly by rather quickly and the processes of construction, painting, demolition, and selling do happen rather fast and without much graphic detail, This is kind of disappointing considering the real estate market is all about seeing the transformations evolve in real time from unsellable to incredible. Compared to another popular real estate flipping game, this game does not take into account that you have your own bills to pay at home while investing in homes here. I often spent every dollar I had to get more materials leaving me broke for a month or more but had no side effects from doing so.

Graphics- 3/5 rating

The community maps are a simple design that makes it easy to be able to keep track of what is going on with all of the homes in the area at the same time without any delay in learning that something went wrong or is for sale and losing time to react. There are animations and sound effects that time the processes of the game together. I can here firework go off telling me that a home has been built, dollar signs float above homes when rent is collected, hats race through the streets to the homes that need their attention. Despite the lack of animation in constructive processes, the animations and alerts are enough to keep you excited and motivated throughout the game.

Ease of Play – 5/5 rating

While I have an education and experience in the real estate market, my wife does not and she was able to figure out the process and idea behind the game within the first round of tutorials without my help. Players do not need to have a real estate background to understand and enjoy this game. A simple process of buy, build, and sell and you will be well on your way to making millions in this game.

Entertainment – 3/5 rating

I am a true real estate buff and the more realistic the game play is, the more I would enjoy it. While I wish there was more realistic animation in the construction processes, I was so busy keeping up with the ins and outs of the business in this game of situs judi online terpercaya that gave me more reliable play and even increased my knowledge in building services. The hour long demo expired in what seemed like only a few minutes and I was depressed the demo was over and ready to type in my credit card to buy the full version.

Overall rating 3/5

This game is an excellent sequel to the original game that was out last year. For those that have the first version, the cost to get the second is well worth the expense. This version has so many new and exciting features that were never thought of as a player of the original. Some of the new features include community ratings, building parks and other attractions, more buildings, profit sharing on businesses, and so much more. This game is on the must-have this year!

Top Ten Ways of Making Money with Runescape

#1. Making cannonballs.Cannonballs are extremely easy to make, requiring a very low skill level in smithing. All you need is steel bars and a cannonball mould. One bar makes four cannonballs a piece. They may not give as much experience as other steel things, but they sell combined for about 800gp, while a steel bar only sells for 500, and then you add the experience you gained, and voila!

#2. Bow strings, the easy way.When many people decide to pick bowstrings for money, they go out to Seer’s Village and start picking and then they…NO! That is wrong! It will take you forever and the money you earn will not be worth it. Instead, use all the money you have to buy flax. Then, go to Lumbridge Castle and run from the bank and wheel spinning them. Once that is done, sell them and repeat. This is the fastest way and while it won’t make you as much money as picking the flax yourself, it will earn you much more in the long run. Plus, you get quite a decent amount of crafting experience.

#3. Fishing for Lobster.In this guide there will be two fish specifically covered that you can fish for a lot of money. Lobster is the first. Why is lobster on here, and not swordfish? Because lobster will earn you more money. Approximately, Lobsters sell for 250. Swordfish around 450. You get lobsters three times as fast, sometimes more. Do the math, you get a lot more money and actually a bit more experience because you don’t always get tuna.

#4. Fishing for sharks. Sharks are also great for money. Also right next to a bank, they might not come out fast, but they sell for around 1,500gp (big money) and also give a lot of experience. Give or take that they are the fastest way to get money fishing, depend on how you go at it.

#5. Law running. Running runes is a fan favorite and rightly so. A full inventory of laws gets you around almost 10,000gp. Entana may not be that close to a bank, but if you can run back and forth to Draynor, you can get profits easily.

#6. Nature running. Same deal as law running…almost. Nats sell for around 300 on average, so a full inventory will net you around 7200gp, probably a bit more. The nearest bank to the altar is Shilo Village, so you might want to have done that quest first. Otherwise it is kind of a long run.

#7. Yews and Magics. Getting your woodcutting to 60 is not hard at all. In fact, woodcutting is one of the easiest skills to level. Yews sell for around 450 each, so you can get quite a lot easily, especially since there are tons around all the banks. Magics, although a bit farther, are great too, but not recommended till atleast 90 woodcutting because it takes way too long. Until then, Yews are better.

#8. Steel bars. This is like the cannonballs, but a bit different. What you need to do is spend all your money on iron and coal, double as much coal as you have iron, and then go to Al Kharid (closest bank to forge) and smelt them. This may take awhile, and not earn as much money as cannonballs, but it is much faster than having to resmelt them all, and you don’t even have to sell the steel.

#9. Mithril. Mithril is a sort of inbetween for miners. It comes at just the right place and sells for just the right price. It’s fast and easy and is sure to net you some money. The same trick here also works for the steel bars. If you buy all the coal you need for mithril, and the mithril itself, and smelt it, you will make almost twice as much as you spent on the coal and mithril.

#10. Bones. Bone farming is often overlooked, and if you go for the biggest bones, it might be one of the most effective ways to get money. Bones sell for tons of the Grand Exchange. Big bones, from killing giants, sell for 500gp! Bat bones, from those weak level 8 bats, sell for 200! There is tons of money to be made from running bones from the bank. Monkeys, those level 3 pests? The bones sell for 250! It really is easy money. If you find yourself by a bank with a lot of little guys around, why not just take the time and take the bones?

These are 10 ways to easily make money in Runescape. Only a few of them take dedication, and they really are quite easy. I hope this guide helps as you find yourself wanting that dragon chainmail. Beside all these ways, you can learn about cheat codes and hacks that can help you in earning boatload of in game money. All this is possible with xe88 apk download.


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