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Easily Create, Modify, And Customize Private Wow Servers Through Mysql Manager

If you’ve read my other articles, I’ve already taught you one of the most basic ways to edit the content of your private World of Warcraft server.You’ve also found a game hosting with 99.99% uptime . However I haven’t taught you how to create and use custom content on your server. I also haven’t taught you how to use a MySQL editor, which is extremely important in the use of a private WoW server.

Your server runs off of a SQL; An SQL editor/manager can change any files in the entire game. You can change the health of any mob in the game, change the loot, change the accounts that you have created, etc. Basically, MySQL editors just make editing the game all in one convenient interface.

Navicat is probably the easiest MySQL manager to use for editing and adding custom items to private World of Warcraft servers. You can download this here.

After downloading navicat, assuming that you are running ArcEmu, connecting is quite easy. Just click the connection button and create a new connection with the following information: Name-Choose whatever you want. Host- Localhost User-Root Password-Root Port-3306

Now you’re accessing all of the core World of Warcraft files in your ArcEmu folder. This will definitely be really complicated at first. Under “characters/accounts” you can view all of the current accounts that are created under your World of Warcraft private server. Under “World” is where you will do most of your modifications. You can change just about anything in the game here.

You can edit mob names and basic properties under the creature_name folder. Under creature_proto, you can change just about anything else about the creature, such as health, damage, attack speed, displayid, size, etc. This is definitely fun for making custom instances and raids. Also, you can change what the mob drops under creature_loot. This can get confusing, and it took tons of practice for me to get everything right. You may find yourself entering tons of new fields or copying over the already existent ones to create new loot tables.

A website that is great for custom content is WoW Vendetta is a user-enhanced database of all of custom weapons, armors, vendors, and mobs that people have created and shared over time. You can quite easily view and download all of this content. You can also quite easily create your own content, and it’s setup in a really easy to use interface.

Once you find what you like, download it, and use your SQL editor to put it in place; Right click on the World folder and click execute. Browse for the SQL file you downloaded from and just let Navicat do its thing! Now all you need to do is re-load world.exe and get playing WoW!

Please note that in order for the SQL editing programs to work, your database will need to be running. World.exe and logonserver.exe do not have to be running, but the database will, and in order for changes to show you will need to re-run world.exe.

Have fun! Stay tuned for more information about managing your personal private World of Warcraft server!

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