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Mobile SEO Tips For Best Practices

With the exponential increase of mobile-web-surfers, mobile SEO has taken the center stage in SEO world. Companies are optimizing their inventories for mobile search engines to capture leads from growing number of mobile users.

Quick facts about mobile users: 89% of young people, aged 18 24 yrs spend between 1-5 hours/day on their mobile. 18% of them prefer to purchase products and services from their mobile phones, rather than visiting shops or shopping on their PCs. Nearly 1 in 3 young person would like brands to send them promotions through their mobile. Today, mobile phone usage and mobile web surfing has much deeper penetration even in the villages of developing countries like India and China. Improved mobile-web-user interfaces on smartphones are the big boost in the growth of mobile search.

How mobile SEO works?

Google mobile deputes a different kind of spider than Google bot for spidering, with the user agent string “Googlebot-Mobile”. The mobile search engine ranking algorithms of Google are altogether different. When a Googlebot-Mobile crawls your site, it sends an HTTP Accept request header to your web server and inform that, it wants to receive the mobile version of that page. For that, your web server should be properly configured and your website or blog should be responsive enough to render a mobile version of the website without redirecting to a mobile-specific URL.

You can offer a mobile specific URL also for your blog or website for marketing or promotional purposes. Few well known examples of such URLs are, etc. Here the big advantage is the smaller file size, which loads faster.

Mobile SEO Tips for Higher SE Ranking by Singapore SEO services

  1. Small and fast-loading site
  2. XHTML Mobile 1.0 DOCTYPE
  3. UTF-8 character encoding
  4. JPEG/GIF/PNG images
  5. On-site SEO as usual
  6. Use of a mobile sitemap

Apart from the above 6 factors, you have to follow the normal rules of SEO as usual, while optimizing your site for mobile search.

Promote Your Business In Instagram

Instagram is indeed one of the most popular social networking sites these days, along with Facebook and Twitter. Because of this, there is no doubt that this is also the best place to advocate, expose, and increase the publicity of your business.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that will surely help you have more follower su instagram

  1. Using Proper Hashtags

Hashtags are very important in Instagram, because this is the one that manages to filtering system of the site. However, you should also see to it that the hashtags you are using directly points out to the product or service that you are selling. Having specific hashtags is also preferred.

  1. Making Effective Use of the Filters

It’s just alright to post regular photos in Instagram. However, you can level up your posts by making use of the filters that are already ready in the Instagram app. This way, you are making your photos look more interesting, as it attracts more people. There is even a study that confirms that photos that use the Mayfair filter and the Inkwell filter are the ones that have more comments and likes in Instagram.

  1. Interacting Effectively with Other People

This is one of the most important rules in Instagram, and that is to interact as much as possible. Through this, you are also increasing your publicity, as well as improving your brand image and reputation. Interacting with other people, aside from your followers, will also deal a massive blow to your competitors, because you get to have the capability to pull out your competitor’s followers, and make them transfer to you instead.

Now that you know all of these basic tips and tricks, you’ll surely make the most out of your Instagram.

Few Reasons Why You Should Buy Instagram Likes

Instagram likes are bought and sold like a commodity today and not a very expensive one at that. Likes are sold by people online from all over the world for a little bit of money. These may not be the most genuine likes but at least these are from real people. These are real likes. So whenever you decide to buy Instagram likes for you or your client’s Instagram marketing strategy, you will need to make sure that the provider is providing you likes from real people and that these likes are not bot generated.

Buy Instagram likes has been the latest effective formula to be successful. Purchasing likes means you are spending some money to hire services of person who has an effective network of Instagram accounts and can use them to click like for your post. Seems crazy but likes does add value to your Instagram picture. Popular Instagram pictures are mostly preferred by the search engines and attain top rankings.

Instagram is a social network where people of all kinds converge and discuss their daily lives and social and even their political views. This is a hubbub of people online and these are real people with real problems and they are your potential customers. Your potential customer will need to know you first before he decided to swing by your shop and buy something. An Instagram picture is a front end that can introduce your business to your clients and can also make sure that your customer views you in the most positive light possible. If your customer already knows your business, the Instagram picture can help in strengthening that bond.  However if your Instagram picture is new it will look spare and deserted for a good number of days and unless you are a big brand it will struggle to get likes and visitor engagement.

This is where buying Instagram services comes in. When you buy Instagram likes you create a degree of perceived popularity and credibility with it. A visitor who visits your picture may very well not notice that your picture is all that new but he surely will notice that there are several thousand or maybe hundreds of likes on your picture. Now this new visitor will perceive your picture as a very popular one. He will think that your picture is visited by many people and many people care enough to like your picture. Now if you can buy a few comments and discussion making services you are all set to go. Your prospective customer will see all this activity on your picture and will instantly want to join the buzzing picture.

That is the power of perception. This power of perception can get things rolling when you are not catching a break or are just starting out.  When you decide to buy Instagram likes just be a bit careful about whom you chose as your provider.

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