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Deciding On the Type of Paper to Write

Before you can think of a thesis statement, you need to determine the kind of paper you are writing. With an idea of the type of paper, you can easily come up with your thesis statement without too much of a hassle. The following are examples of papers that you can settle on.

  • An Analytical Paper

This type of paper breaks down an idea or an issue into different component parts. After breaking these parts down, it evaluates and expounds more on the idea or best essay writing service. What the audience gets is the presentation of the breakdown and evaluation of the idea. This type of paper is perfect if you feel a strong inclination towards a certain idea. Here, you have the opportunity to give your reasons as to why you feel something should be in a particular way.

  • An Expository Paper

Just as the name suggests, this is an explanatory paper. It explains something to the audience. It makes the audience understand more about something. When you decide to write such kind of a paper, you need to be ready to research wide in order to get all your facts right. You don’t want to mislead your audience while explaining something.

  • An Argumentative Paper

This is a paper that makes a particular claim about a topic and then goes ahead to justify the claim with specific evidence. The claim could be anything from:

  • An opinion
  • A policy Proposal
  • An evaluation
  • A cause and effect statement
  • An interpretation

With this kind of paper, you are looking for ways of convincing the audience that your claim is true. The only way to do this is to have valid evidence in your paper.


Once you are sure of the type of paper you want to write, make sure that when writing a thesis statement it is specific and to the point. It should cover what you intend to discus in your paper and nothing more.

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