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Effective Tips for the Avid Hunter

Many individuals will be heading out into the woods and fields in search of their favorite game. A good hunter not only follows rules and guidelines set down by their particular state, but they are also safety conscious and take great care to preserve our natural resources.

With that being said, lets take a look at some hunting tips. You might want to review these before you head outdoors this season. Evid hunter will have a look at to gather all essential information about the hunting of the animals and birds. The tips should be adopted after checking the reviews. 

  1. Slow but steady; Hunting is not a hurry sport. You don’t run out to spot, bag your game, and get inside for the football game on television. A good hunter has patience, goes slow, and isn’t afraid to be still for long periods of time.
  2. Quiet; A good hunter makes very little if any noise. This goes along with number one above.
  3. Selective; A hunter always checks out his area days in advance. He knows if it is safe and a good place to hunt.

  4. Hunt with care; A good hunter observes everything that is happening around him. He pays close attention to detail.
  5. Gets a great view; Hunting in a dense area is very dangerous. A good hunter will get the big picture of everything in front of him before attempting to bag his game. He makes mental notes of houses and highways.
  6. Know the wind; Which way is the wind blowing? The wind will carry your scent. Sometimes this is helpful because it will stir up game. Other times it can be a disadvantage.
  7. Stop if you hear a noise; The same is true if you make the noise. Hunting is a quiet sport. The snap of a branch is a signal to the game and to other hunters that might be in the area.
  8. Know your landmarks; One of the worst things a hunter can do is get lost or lose a sense of where he actually is. Having given landmarks help the hunter to know and understand exactly where they and their game are.
  9. Be clean; Human beings, like animals, give off an odor. Colognes, sprays, deodorants, and even the scent from clean clothes can give you away.
  10. Clean away debris; If you use a blind or hunters stand, clean away the extra debris so that you get a good big picture of the area that you are hunting.
  11. Use hand signals; If you are with others, have a clear set of hand signals that everyone understands.
  12. Have a cellphone but, have it turned off; This in case that you need help or an emergency comes up.
  13. Know the spot; The worst thing in the world is to make a kill and forget where it is at. Once again the importance of landmarks are very valuable.
  14. No pokes. Never poke downed game with the gun muzzle. The animal could jump right back up and cause a dangerous situation.
  15. Never walk directly behind another hunter; This is just good common sense. Less chance of an accident happening.
  16. Be aware of Daylight; Accidents are waiting to happen when visibility is poor or getting poor. Fog and smog can be just as bad as the twilight hours.
  17. Dress properly; A cold hunter can make mistakes because of the cold weather. Dress properly for the elements.
  18. Perspiration on a cold day can also cause problems; Try to avoid sweating with all your gear on. Being hot is just as bad as being cold. If you perspire and your clothes then turn cold, you could have some major thermal issues with your body.
  19. Avoid dehydration and hunger; Be sure to have plenty of liquid to drink and a few power bars for energy. Wrap the power bars in cloth to eliminate the noise of rustling paper.
  20. Lastly, let people know where you are and when you will be returning; This is just good common sense.

Hunting is time when many individuals get to bond with nature. Stay safe, don’t over kill, and develop an appreciation for the experience that you get to enjoy.

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