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Looking For An Embroidery Digitizer In The USA?

Needing USA digitizers that work with embroidery is not a problem, dozens of companies and organizations are willing to do an excellent job for you. USA Digitizers are embroidery digitizers located in Minnesota; of course they also offer other services related to digitizing. A lot of factors make them standout among their competition like the fast turnaround time, affordable prices, exceptional quality, friend and professional customer support and they can work with just about any design. If you what to know more about USA Digitizers, then read on ahead.

USA Digitizers

Whenever we come across a new product or company that we have to work with, obviously we’re going to have a ton of questions at hand. For those of you discovered USA Digitizers, we might be able to answer some of the inquiries you have.

  1. How much will it cost? A lot of factors come into play when determining how much a specific design or service would cost. In order to find out how much yours would cost, you have to ask them through email.
  2. How long for the design to get digitized? Generally, a design gets digitized only after 8 hours. Sometimes, designs are immediately needed and 8 hours might seem too long. If that’s your case, you have to inform them right away so they can provide the design in less than 8 hours without additional charge.
  3. How to receive my design? Complete designs are sent through DST file, but any form is available as long as the client clearly informed them of the specification early on. Also included is the PDF file for all the details of the design and a scanned copy of the original Sewout, this can be scanned using high api and tied with the thread count.

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