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Manchester City, The Champions Of Europe Soon?

This is most probably the most exciting year for a soccer fan. So many strong and well balanced teams are in to fight for the most prestigious club tournament in the world, the UEFA Champions League. There are many clubs in the running and would expect the top four teams to be Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus but my review here there definitely is a team this season which could take everyone by storm and win their first Champions League medal.Manchester City have been in the shadow of their rivals, Manchester United and since a long time now and nobody even knew about them 6-7 seasons ago, when the oil money started to pour in. The Arabs have heavily invested in the club and are very passionate about the club too, with the club winning 2 league titles in the last 5 years. 2 league titles is a pretty big thing to be honest when it comes to the Premier League because it is the most competitive League in the world. They have got a star studded, very talented squad with the likes of Aguero, DeBruyne, and Silva all in the same team, and one hell of an attack to be honest. They have almost cleared the group stage with just one game to go and all they need is a draw. Every team would be scared to face them right now specially the way they out played Barcelona at Camp Nou. They are definitely the underdogs this season and this season could definitely be the moment for them to show the world that they mean business.


The addition of Pep Gaurdiola has definitely been the most defining moment in the history of their club. He is one of the most successful managers in the history of the game and is known for his tactical brain. He put together one of the best teams in the history of football at Barcelona and my review here we can definitely expect great things from him in England. A press darling, he is known to have his way with the players. He is very tactically flexible and his left his mark on every club that he has managed. Bayern Munich was undefeatable under him and he has really improved the club in many ways. You could see the tactical flexibility in Munich when he was there with many players being able to play multiple positions.Manchester City have also planned for the future and have set up an extensive youth development regime which Pep would definitely enjoy exploring as he has an eye for youth. Pep Gaurdiola has looked at the youth as an option and has provided many opportunities to young players. The players under him Barcelona were really young and you can still see so many players in the starting 11 still, 4 years after he left Barcelona. DeBruyne will be vital to Gaurdiola’s plans and has already reaped loads of compliments on the youngster. They currently lie on second position in the English Premier League and will definitely challenge for it too.

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