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Mega Man 10 For Wii, X-Box 360, And Playstation 3 Review

For millions around the world, the name Mega Man resonates. It was a video game that left a huge impact on the NES, Nintendo’s first system, and it has been shaking gamers with its sequels ever since. With Mega Man 9, Capcom decided to bring younger gamers back to the past by rendering the graphics and music of the new game in the style of the old NES classics. Now once again they try this innovative styling with Mega Man 10, which is downloadable on the Wii, X-box 360, and Playstation 3. We’ll see how well they captured that gaming experience that has made such a difference. Even games like Domino111 are trying to grab interest of players with different tactics.


Roboenza, a robot disease, starts spreading among the robots and they naturally go insane and start trying to take over the world. Dr. Wily comes to Mega Man and explains that he had been building a machine which will cure the robots but that one of the sick robots had stolen it. Mega Man and Proto Man, his “brother” go out to defeat the Robot Masters in order to save the day. Yet in a twist, it turns out that Dr. Wily had created the robot virus all along and is holding the antidote in order to control the world. Mega Man must stop the evil scientist (odd how many scientists turn out to be evil) and save the world.


After the success of Mega Man 9, it seems only natural that a second “neo-retro” game would soon follow. This game was expected to fix the problems of Mega Man 9 which, though it was a very successful game, had the problem of simple and predictable level designs. Mega Man 10 does much to remedy this. Each level is very interesting and challenging, with many obstacles to combat and little puzzles to solve. With its limited graphics abilities, it was a good decision to focus on what the developers could improve. Another great addition was an easy mode which allows players who are new to the genre to enjoy Mega Man without having to battle through the old school difficulty mode. There is a certain threshold for many players where a game becomes too challenging to be any fun, so it is an excellent idea to provide this for people interested in the game, but not in a headache.

In other ways, Mega Man 10 fails to impress. The addition of Proto Man as a playable character is a bit of gimmick but will be fun to new characters because of his useful abilities. The worst aspect of the new game is the bad weapons design. After the immense praise for the Mega Man 9 weapons, it is a shame that Capcom has dropped the ball in this sequel. Many of the weapons are more trouble than they are worth–a bad situation to be in. Players will end up trying out the new weapons and then going back to old faithful when they discover that they are just too difficult to use or do next to nothing. This is a shame, really, because the impressive level designs really would go well with some weapons to play around with in them.

Mega Man 10 takes an old formula and releases it in a fresh way that will please old and new fans alike. This new game does a much better job of giving that old Mega Man experience than other releases in the near history so it is to be applauded for that. It is a worthy addition to any fan of Mega Man who has an itch to experience some more. Reviewers give it about an 8/10.

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