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Movies or motion pictures have been around in the world for about two centuries now. There is a huge difference in the technology then and now. However, the love and affection for movies has been evergreen since ages and never ending. Moreover, today in the world of internet, you can watch movies free online whenever you wish to spend a good time alone or with someone. There had been times when movies were just meant for a couple of minutes or even seconds. There were no graphical effects, no sound effects, no editing. All it had was the replaying of the actual shot scene on the black and white screen.

The Journey Explained:

The first motion picture got released in 1880’s when the first camera was released which could click indefinitely long pictures up to several seconds using only a single lens. Some of the movies in the starting were meant to be seen only by a single person through a peep hole. Later, projectors came into being which could reflect the picture on a screen for a huge audience to see it. However, the film industry remained really limited until some technical advancement was made in the field. Further, people sought of telling stories through these motion pictures and even started joining several scenes to create a whole long meaningful story for the audience.

The first step that created a lot of difference in the film industry was the introduction of sound effects in the movies. The movies launched before 1920’s were all silent but with advancement in technology sounds were incorporated and played along with the video which made the audience relate more with the movie which also broadened the base of the film industry. Silent movies started to vanish over time and the “talking movies” came into being.Another reform that completely changed the movie industry was the introduction of capturing natural colors with the camera. It was the biggest reform in the history of the cinema industry. It was not easy to convert from black and white to color. Moreover, the change did not take place instantly. The black and white world ruled the motion pictures for decades even after the introduction of colored photography. This was due to the lack of quality of natural colors on the screen. Initially, the colors that were captured by the camera were by no means natural looking.

The movie industry started realizing a setback with the introduction of televisions in the world. However, several reforms were made and theaters provided more facilities for the audience. The sound systems were improved and the screens also became bigger. Thereafter, the movie industry became a core service sector and thousands of people started becoming a part of it. As of now, we can see that movies cater a special part in most of the people around the word which cannot be replaced by televisions. The modern day film making has been seeing several reforms and technology incorporations which has the movie industry going all the way in a better direction.

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