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The New Culture of Coffee

I first learned and then later perfected the art of coffee and coffee-concocting at the corporate franchise of Borders for a total of eight months. After a hiatus of sorts, I began working at a local, independently-owned coffee shop where what I learned in the previous months of corporate hell had started to pay off to staff and bosses that actually appreciate what I can do with a 12-ounce cup and espresso and steamed milk combination. With over a total of a year’s experience, I am by no means new to the coffee business which why you will find Traditional coffee here that will definitely help you with your business and that will make it easier to kickstart your business with the best coffee in your area. 

Most recently, even the small town that I have lived in all my life, I have seen more and more buildings sporting the green circle logo with the twin-tailed mermaid (or siren, in Greek Mythology) that can be noticed by an average person within seconds and with that, comes the antagonizing, misinformed customers.

Starbucks has quickly become by far, the biggest coffee franchise in the world, with 7,521 self-operated and 5,647 licensed stores in a total of 39 countries. Because of this, not only are the independently-owned coffee shops struggling immensely to keep their businesses up and functioning but the baristas who work for these so-called “Mom and Pop” places, such as myself, are struggling with their own set of frustrations — Having to repeatedly clarify that while Starbucks has taken over the coffee world, they have also reinvented and renamed beverages and the ounces you may purchase them in.

On more than several (hundred) occasions, I have rolled my eyes after taking an order from people of all age groups, teenagers to the elderly, that included the words “tall”, “grande” “venti”, and/or “frappuccino” when I would have much rather said “Sorry, I don’t speak Starbucks.” or “Hey, did you see a Starbucks sign outside?”

Whatever happened to the simpler world of small, medium, and large? As it has been severely mocked by a plethora of people across the internet, tall must have taken the place of small because not only does it rhyme, so it is certainly easy to remember when ordering, but it also makes you feel just a little bit better when paying five dollars for a 12-ounce cup of coffee.

Starbucks has certainly succeeded in brainwashing the public of all ages and in return, as most of the people who work in retail are infamous for saying The general public as a whole isn’t so bright. You may as well put a gaudy green logo on every coffee shop establishment across the world because we’re living in a Starbucks nation. It does not matter what you offer or how you serve it, people will assume that you too, speak in Starbucks lingo and will know what they’re asking for when it is more like a puzzle you have to figure out on the spot when trying to decipher what you are expected to present to a customer.

Looking back on how many times I have been asked for a beverage in Starbucks lingo, it is my belief that every coffee establishment that does not sport a menu where the prices look more like you’re ordering coffee by the pound instead of the ounce have a sign “This is not Starbucks, please order as if you are a normal human being not brainwashed by the corporate world.” or something to that effect.

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