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Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

If you are looking for a new and interesting pet to add to your family, maybe you have been playing with the idea of a Pot Bellied Pig. These little pigs make wonderful pets, they do require work and commitment, as does any pet.

The first thing you will want to do before you actually run out and purchase a Pot Bellied Pig is to check with your local zoning laws and make sure that you are allowed to own one.

Once you have checked out the local laws and have purchased your new Pot Bellied Pig, you will want to get the house set up for it. Have a nice, clean place for the Pig to sleep inside the house, where it will be safe from the elements. You will want to keep your pig inside the house when the weather is cold outside. You will also want to make sure that your pig has constant access to water, both inside and outside. Make sure to buy a high quality pig food for your pig. Supply your Pot Bellied Pig with some toys. Find a veterinarian in your area that is used to working with Pot Bellied Pigs. Make sure that your Pot Bellied Pig gets some time to play outside each day. They are a lot like dogs in this sense. They are happy and content to be inside with the family, but they still need time outside to burn off some steam. You will want to bathe your Pot Bellied Pig about once a month and apply a pig moisturizer to them if it is needed.

Pigs are highly intelligent and can learn very fast. The number one thing to remember when you are training your Pot Bellied Pig is that they are best motivated to learn through positive reinforcement. The best motivator for their positive reinforcement is food. When they do something wrong you will want to firmly tell them “No” and stop them from the behavior. Once they behave correctly, give them a treat to reinforce that good behavior. Also, imagine that some people would actually go and take bearded dragon terriarium course for their exotic pig, what more can you do for pigs. 

Pot Bellied Pigs are actually easier to house train than most dogs are. If you decide to use a litter box for your Pot Bellied Pig, make sure to place the box far from their eating area or they will not use the litter box. When your pig starts looking for a place to go to the bathroom, put them into the litter box. When your Pot Bellied Pig uses the litter box you will want to give them a treat right away to reward that good behavior. In no time your Pot Bellied Pig will be completely house trained.

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