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Process You Must Follow To Disinfect With The Hydrogen Peroxide

If we talk about the best disinfectants floating around the market, hydrogen peroxide will top the list. It is best known for cleaning your house and save it from various germs and pest attack. Are you the one who is not familiar with the concept of the peroxide disinfectant? So, to help you disinfect your house in a better way, let us talk in detail about disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide

The process of using hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant is very easy. The normal hydrogen peroxide present in the supermarkets and stores is having a 3% concentration of this solution. It is best to disinfect your house. If you have some delicate tiles and flooring in your house, you can dilute the market’s solution. The 0.5 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide is also considered to be very effective. 

For disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide, you must take the following steps:-

  • The first thing you need to do is buy reliable quality hydrogen peroxide.
  • If it is already diluted, you can directly mix it in water and apply it with the help of a mop.
  • If the chemical you have brought is concentrated, you need to make a solution to that chemical. Mix 300 ml of hydrogen peroxide in 10 liters of water and make a solution. It is the three percent solution of the hydrogen peroxide present in the market.
  • Now before moping, you have to mix this solution in the water and then start moping.


The hydrogen peroxide is safe to use for household purposes. You only need to take care of yourself while handling the concentrate version to harm your skin. Also, you need to remember that never mix the hydrogen peroxide with other cleaning agents like bleach or vinegar. It can be harmful to your floor.

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