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Proper Guide And Functions Of E-Cigarettes

Amongst all the injurious habits, smoking is considered the deadliest and most addictive. Since tobacco cigarettes are very easily available and relatively cheap, they have the high percentage of chance of being consumed. Even the smokers have realised the dangers smoking can bring forth. That is the reason why most of the smokers are trying hard to quit the habit. Yet only a few succeed in their attempt to quit smoking. For those who want to really quit smoking but fail, e-cigarettes are real boons. To understand how e-cigarettes can be helpful to quit smoking, we need to first understand why smoking is dangerous and what the differences between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes are all.Tobacco cigarettes, when inhaled, deposit smoky molecules to the lungs producing a layer of carcinogen. Because of this, not only the lungs but also every part of the human body is affected. When a smoker exhales the smoke, the people around him are also affected. The tobacco cigarettes don’t necessarily have tobacco alone. They consist of poisonous substances which can cause cancer.

E-cigarettes or Hookah e-cigarettes, on the other hand, don’t emit smoke at all. There is a cartridge which contains e liquid consisting of flavours, nicotine, chemicals, propylene glycol or glycerol. The e-cigarette is operated with batteries. When the smoker inhales it, the liquid in the cartridge gets vaporized and gets inhaled. Unlike the tobacco cigarette, an e-cigarette doesn’t produce smoke but vapour. The vapour doesn’t get deposited in the lungs and when it is exhaled no one around is affected. Conversely, when the smoke of a tobacco cigarette is exhaled, the people around the smoker become passive smokers and they are also affected by breathing in the smoke. So, e-cigarettes have turned out to be an advantage to both the smokers and non-smokers.What is more interesting is the fact that the smokers feel the same experience when they smoke a tobacco cigarette and an e-cigarette. So, the smokers can virtually continue smoking and escape from the evils of actual smoking.

E-cigarettes are available in the market for the past 3 to 4 years. But, it has to be said that they haven’t reached the majority of the mass. The manufacturers of e-cigarettes have gone to the extent of adding different flavours t the e liquid and making the vapour to come out like the smoke. Flavours in the e-liquid are many kinds like vanilla, coffee, strawberry etc. These flavours eliminate the stinking smell from a smoker. The vapour exhaled is propylene glycol or glycerol and it doesn’t contain any poisonous substance. Despite all these efforts, e-cigarettes have not achieved the kind of reach expected from them.If the smokers can have the same sensation, there is no reason why should they still go for tobacco cigarettes. The fact is that many smokers feel guilty about smoking but still they can’t get rid of the habit. So, if there is an option to stop spoiling their health with ease, it will be of great use for them.

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