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Why Men Cheat

Women have long wondered why men cheat, particularly those who are supposedly happily married or in a long-term relationship, maybe with children, a home. Infidelity can create a scar in a marriage, which is difficult to heal.

Men who cheat are not necessary bad people or lacking morals. The answer to the questions ‘why do married men cheat?’ is complex and multifaceted. For some, of course, the answer could be that they are unhappy in their marriage and no longer in love with their spouse. Others do love their wife, but are looking for excitement and adventure, elements which can often be missing in a long-term marriage after the initial thrill has died down. For others, the answer can simply be that the opportunity was there. A large number of extra-marital affairs are with people in the workplace. When two members of the opposite sex are working together in close proximity for nearly 40 hours a week, feelings can grow. After all, you probably see your work colleagues more than your spouse, and these are the people you share your everyday achievements and frustrations with. In these circumstances, romance can and does occasional bloom – what starts out as an innocent drink after work can soon spiral into something less innocent. 

Why do people cheat? There is no simple answer. Some argue that infidelity does not come naturally to us as human beings. Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt that infidelity has the power to completely destroy a marriage, with implications not only for the couple themselves, but for their children and their wider circle of families and friends. However difficult it may be for some people to stay monogamous, when you consider the effects of infidelity, it is very difficult to understand why men cheat.

Why Men Cheat

It can be difficult to understand why men cheat, and it’s an issue that has been discussed in media, literature and music for many years. Some argue that monogamy doesn’t come naturally, and that men who cheat are just following their natural instincts. Others are dismissive of this idea, believing that the reasons for infidelity are varied and often related to unhappiness in a marriage or relationship. Most of the cheating men look for backpage and other hook up websites. With the presence of these platforms, it is now easier for men to cheat without leaving any trace. Hence, it is fair to say that technology somehow affected the way we live our life especially in the aspect of our relationships with our partners.

To find solutions to the issue, it’s first important to consider: why do married men cheat?

The issue can often come down to an existing relationship that is not fully meeting his needs. Although we know that is no excuse for cheating, statistics show that men are more likely to stray if they are not fulfilled in their current relationship. One of the keys to keeping a happy marriage is openness and honesty. Where mutual honesty and trust exists in a marriage, it is less likely that either party will break that. Try also to keep some of the early excitement of the relationship alive. Make time for each other, go on dates, try to remember what things were like in the early days – the butterflies, the excitement, the snatched moments together.

One of the most frequent answers to the question ‘why do people cheat?’ is simply: the opportunity was there. This is incredibly important to bear in mind, as the reason for infidelity is not always an unfulfilling marriage. On the contrary, some men who have cheated are adamant that they were extremely happy in their relationship, and yet they still strayed.

Why does this happen? Why would men who seem to have it all, who are settled and possibly even have children, feel the need to embark upon an illicit relationship? Unfortunately the answer can often boil down to simple temptation, lust or opportunity. How many of us possess the strength of character to turn down that sort of proposition? If a woman has been showing your man attention, flattering him, making him feel attractive and desirable – it takes a steely resolution for him not to succumb. Statistically, men are more likely to have an affair with someone who is already known to them, rather than a stranger. This stands to reason – if it is a friend or colleague they will already have plenty in common, shared stories and interests, and be able to spend plenty of time together. Under those circumstances, romance can soon blossom. If your other half has been spending more time than usual at the office, shows more interest in his appearance on work days than previously, and has suddenly started to go away with work a lot – these could all be indicators that something is going on.

Infidelity has been an issue in society since time began, and it is difficult to imagine a world where every single man stayed faithful to his spouse. However, one of the best ways to avoid this happening to you is to equip yourself with knowledge about why men cheat, and use this to your advantage.

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