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A Brutally Addictive Game – Happy Wheels Demo

Nowadays, we can see every person who has one favourite game or the other. They like to play online games, compete with their opponents, defeat them and feel superior to them. There are a lot of online video games available for everyone who has a computer and internet facility. The adjective ‘addictive’ has turned out to give a positive notion after the success of video games. People want the video games to be addictive and they are willingly ready to be addicts to the games. Happy Wheels is one among the most addictive games that if you start playing it; you won’t know how fast the time is flying. The characters, tasks, obstacles and rewards you come across in this game are very impressive. You can go to any website and find Happy Wheels demo to play it online. Once you become addictive to it, the mere demo version won’t be sufficient for you.You can choose any one of the four characters to play the game. Even these four characters are unique and you will never see any of them in any other game. You have an old man on a wheel chair, a young man on a cycle with a child behind, a man on a motorized two wheeler and a man n an electric cart.  The objective of the game is to use any of the four characters to successfully reach the exit alive. I said ‘alive’ but not ‘undamaged’ which means that even if you lose the organs of your body, you still can win the game by reaching the exit. The game will be over only when your head or torso is crushed by any obstacle.

When you move along your path, you will have to cross so many obstacles. It is these obstacles which makes the game interesting. You will have to successfully cross them. There are certain key controls to play the game. It is sure that those keys in your keyboard will lose their print mark on them because you are going to be continuously playing this game day and night. If you feel that you are not comfortable with the default settings for key controls, you can any time customize it according to your wish.The Happy Wheels demo can be used by a player as a trial version to make a decision to download this game. It has most of the features of the actual game and what it lacks is only the higher levels of the game. Some players will surely like the animation reality with which the shattering parts of bodies and the shedding of blood are shown. This game has a physics touch to it that you need to guess how fast you will be sent up, in which speed you need t cross the mound etc are all related to physics. If you are fed up with your boring routine of everyday life, you can try this game out. The demo of the game is free online where you can play it.

Deciding On the Type of Paper to Write

Before you can think of a thesis statement, you need to determine the kind of paper you are writing. With an idea of the type of paper, you can easily come up with your thesis statement without too much of a hassle. The following are examples of papers that you can settle on.

  • An Analytical Paper

This type of paper breaks down an idea or an issue into different component parts. After breaking these parts down, it evaluates and expounds more on the idea or best essay writing service. What the audience gets is the presentation of the breakdown and evaluation of the idea. This type of paper is perfect if you feel a strong inclination towards a certain idea. Here, you have the opportunity to give your reasons as to why you feel something should be in a particular way.

  • An Expository Paper

Just as the name suggests, this is an explanatory paper. It explains something to the audience. It makes the audience understand more about something. When you decide to write such kind of a paper, you need to be ready to research wide in order to get all your facts right. You don’t want to mislead your audience while explaining something.

  • An Argumentative Paper

This is a paper that makes a particular claim about a topic and then goes ahead to justify the claim with specific evidence. The claim could be anything from:

  • An opinion
  • A policy Proposal
  • An evaluation
  • A cause and effect statement
  • An interpretation

With this kind of paper, you are looking for ways of convincing the audience that your claim is true. The only way to do this is to have valid evidence in your paper.


Once you are sure of the type of paper you want to write, make sure that when writing a thesis statement it is specific and to the point. It should cover what you intend to discus in your paper and nothing more.

Riding A Bus From KL To Hatyai

In the span of your travels here and there from incredible mountain tops to the depths of the ocean, have you ever heard of an amazing city called Hat Yai? If not, then it’s never too late to change that, treat yourself on a vacation to Hat Yai. A big city located near the border of Malaysia, Hat Yai offers tons of activities for just about any traveler. In case you originally wanted to stay in Kuala Lumpur and only Kuala Lumpur, take a bus from KL to Hatyai. We urge you to visit Hat Yai since travelling there is quite easy and transportation is incredibly accessible.Of course travelers have other transportation options aside from a bus; people can take a plane, train and minivan. As far as activities go, there’s more to the city than just shopping centers and museums.

What to do in Hat Yai

  • Hat Yai Ice Dome – this is located close to the entrance of Hat Yai Park. Seasonal displays include gorgeous ice sculptors by talented Chinese sculptors. The Hat Yai Ice Dome is open from 9:00 to 21:00 on a daily basis. Adults are charged 300 baht and children only pay about 150 baht.
  • Hat Yai Lantern – these are located near the Hat Yai Park. The Hat Yai Lantern Festival is an annual event that occurs during the start of the year.
  • Hat Yai Municipal Park – otherwise known as Hat Yai Park, this is located at Kanchanawanit Road and about 6 km for the city center. Not only do the tourists and travelers love this area, but local also turn to Hat Yai Park for their recreational activities. Hat Yai Park is filled with alluring flowering plants, there’s also a pavilion at the middle of the pond and food stalls for everyone to enjoy.

Taking a Bus to and from Kuala Lumpur

Numerous bus companies in Malaysia offer a ride to and from Kuala Lumpur for those who want to enjoy Hat Yai. Tickets are available at the bus company shop itself as well as official tour agents, ticket prices vary depending on the time of the trip as well as the company that offers it.

  • Konsortium Bas Ekspress Semenanjung – this company has 5 available buses that travel every day. Trips from Hat Yai towards Kuala Lumpur depart at 09:00, 09:30, 10:00, 12:00 and 19:00. On the other hand, Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai departs at 9:10, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00 and 23:30. Tickets would cost about 520 baht, it is a 10 hour ride at maximum; the 10 hours would include all typical stopovers, meal stops, waiting in immigration and traffic.
  • Alisan Golden Coach Express – with only 3 buses available on a daily basis, buses leave from Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur at 09:00, 11:00 and 19:00. Tickets typically cost about 400 baht for the 10 hour journey if we add the overall waiting time at the immigrations, the usual meal stop and traffic.

Benefits Of Post Natal Massage

For all of you who don’t really have an idea regarding post natal massage, well they are basically full body massages applicable to women who have just given birth; this is not a onetime procedure, a post natal massage is done for 40 days after the day that the woman gave birth. These massages start from the feet and the masseuse work their way up and finish with an even better head massage. It may not sound all that important and numerous people don’t really see the need for it but post natal massages present amazing benefits to a strained body.If you think about it, the stress and strain that a woman’s body endures does not start during the labor hours, it begins when the woman carries the growing baby. Imagine all the time they had morning sickness, back pain, swollen feet or emotional stress and the additional stress of giving birth isn’t even added to our list so far. What we’re saying is that these post natal massages will be the ultimate treat for new moms; they’re utterly relaxing, comfortable and stress free.

Various Benefits

General massages offer their own benefits, but post natal massages concentrate on how to release all the strain and tensions from a woman’s muscles especially after giving birth. Basically, post natal massages offer the following:

  1. Easing sore spots and relaxing multiple muscle tension – the whole child birth process would affect and stress more muscle in a woman’s body than you can count. But the most affected areas are the hips, abdomen and lower back. You’d be wrong to think that those are the only strained areas; the upper back would also end up sore when the mother is breastfeeding in a difficult position.
  2. Massages tend to enhance the flow of blood and oxygen all throughout the muscles as it gets rid of toxins.
  3. Speed up the body’s recovery from a caesarean section in case the mother underwent one. Keep in mind that massages directly on the area of the wound is a strict no-no especially if it still hasn’t properly healed. Gentle massages close to the area is recommended in order to increase or enhance the flow of blood thus encouraging a faster internal healing.
  4. Since you’re incredibly relaxed, the body is encouraged to produce even more endorphins. The endorphins in our bodies act as the natural pain killers and feel good hormones.

Caution When You had a Caesarean

Caesarean sections are considered are major surgeries and will cause incredible pain to the body, it also takes considerable time to heal. If you underwent a caesarean section then its best that you wait until the scar is totally healed before thinking about getting a massage. It might take a couple of weeks and we encourage you to get your doctor’s confirmation before booking a post natal massage. Sure the massages will help your mind and body relax, but remind the masseuse to avoid the scar as well as the abdomen during sessions.

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