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Top Academic Plagiarism Checkers In The Market

When you copy another person work verbatim and then don’t credit them for that, it is referred to as plagiarism. With the increase in digital usage and many people becoming techno savvy, most researchers, learners, newspaper editors, and reporters end up taking other people’s work and posting it without crediting the original author. Plagiarism has become so rampant that the need to use academic plagiarism checker for those who are in the education sector has become a must.

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Here are some of the free academic plagiarism checkers you can use to check your work before submitting to avoid plagiarism.

Paper Rater

It is one of the free online plagiarism checkers which will allow you to use three tools: writing suggestions, grammar checker, and plagiarism detection.  It is a reliable software as it is developed by graduate students and linguistic professionals. The title validation and readability statistics are good. The only downside about it comes on the side of the reports; you cannot save the plagiarism report.

It has an option of a paid version which accepts longer documents of up to 6000 words, has no banner ads, the processing is faster, and has the ability to upload documents. It comes at a cost of $7.95 per month with an option of annual payments.


If you are shopping around for a free academic plagiarism checker, then a duplichecker is the software to use.  It is easy to use and 100 percent free. If you become a registered user, you can have up to 50 searches per day which are good for those who have a lot of writing in a day. When checking out for plagiarism, you have the option of pasting the URL of the content, copy pasting the text you are checking, or uploading the file. The only downside comes to unregistered users who can only do one search per day.

You have an option of using free or paid academic plagiarism checker. Share the information with other students to enable them to know what is available.

Why You Should Read Manga?

The word ‘Manga’ is a Japanese word. It is derived from the words, kanji (man) meaning “impromptu or whimsical” and ‘ga’ meaning “pictures”. Simply speaking, manga are the Japanese comics. These are usually published in Japanese language. The term manga refers to both cartoons and comics. So, it basically is a comic with visual representation or we can say a graphic novel.These are usually printed in black and white color, categorized into two groups, one is shojo (for girls) and the other being shonen (for boys). These comics contain unique storyline. People of all ages read managa unlike American comics which are usually made to target young audience.

Why manga is popular among all?

  1. Storyline- Most of the Manga’s are based on history and mythology. We all know about Dragon ball; it was inspired by China’s journey to the west.
  2. Art style- People like the art style very much. Graphical and the cartoon representation of the characters is very good.
  3. Targeting a specific group of people- Most of the comics are for general public but the manga series target a specific group of people.
  4. Genres- Manga comics have wide range of stories. It contains many genres like fiction, thriller, romantic, comedy, etc. Availability of choice has played important role in its popularity.

Reasons to read Manga

  1. Manga’s are absolutely free. You can download it from internet and read them whenever you want to.
  2. If you have a taste for a particular genre, then probably there will be a Manga for it.
  3. Visuals provided in the manga adds to your imagination and make you more creative.
  4. It’s a new style of presentation but at the same time is very easy to read.
  5. Last but not the least, they are awesome.

Digital Photo Frames: Boon Or Bane? 

Electronics is just one of the fastest overtaking aspects of technology nowadays, in a sense that things which used to just all be done manually, now have an electronic counterpart. This is most especially true in businesses and calculations, together with publishing, typing and the like. From analog cameras, now come digital cameras, which employ electronics and make clearer, crisper photos much easier to have.When we talks about photographs, picture frames are the next thing on our minds, if we are to think about what to do next, once the pictures have already been taken. While photo frames have already become fairly common, together with albums, there are large digital picture frames that you can already make use of as well. While indeed, printing and displaying pictures come at a cost, no matter which way you put it, digital photo frames take this expense all up a notch, but also comes with its own share of advantages as well.Are digital photo frames really a good addition to homes or not? Here are the good and bad sides to them:


Pictures hanging on the wall are often a milestone or some important event you do not want to forget, or something you wish to proudly show or brandish. Sometimes, these events become just too many, and hanging too many frames could leave the walled cramped up with so many pictures, which is not necessarily a good thing. Having digital frames spare you the hassle of printing too many pictures, with one frame being enough to show several pictures alternately.


The cost of these large digital picture frames are undoubtedly, much larger than that of the non-digital ones. Moreover, it can’t display pictures during certain periods as these devices do have to rest every now and then.

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