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Manchester City, The Champions Of Europe Soon?

This is most probably the most exciting year for a soccer fan. So many strong and well balanced teams are in to fight for the most prestigious club tournament in the world, the UEFA Champions League. There are many clubs in the running and would expect the top four teams to be Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus but my review here there definitely is a team this season which could take everyone by storm and win their first Champions League medal.Manchester City have been in the shadow of their rivals, Manchester United and since a long time now and nobody even knew about them 6-7 seasons ago, when the oil money started to pour in. The Arabs have heavily invested in the club and are very passionate about the club too, with the club winning 2 league titles in the last 5 years. 2 league titles is a pretty big thing to be honest when it comes to the Premier League because it is the most competitive League in the world. They have got a star studded, very talented squad with the likes of Aguero, DeBruyne, and Silva all in the same team, and one hell of an attack to be honest. They have almost cleared the group stage with just one game to go and all they need is a draw. Every team would be scared to face them right now specially the way they out played Barcelona at Camp Nou. They are definitely the underdogs this season and this season could definitely be the moment for them to show the world that they mean business.


The addition of Pep Gaurdiola has definitely been the most defining moment in the history of their club. He is one of the most successful managers in the history of the game and is known for his tactical brain. He put together one of the best teams in the history of football at Barcelona and my review here we can definitely expect great things from him in England. A press darling, he is known to have his way with the players. He is very tactically flexible and his left his mark on every club that he has managed. Bayern Munich was undefeatable under him and he has really improved the club in many ways. You could see the tactical flexibility in Munich when he was there with many players being able to play multiple positions.Manchester City have also planned for the future and have set up an extensive youth development regime which Pep would definitely enjoy exploring as he has an eye for youth. Pep Gaurdiola has looked at the youth as an option and has provided many opportunities to young players. The players under him Barcelona were really young and you can still see so many players in the starting 11 still, 4 years after he left Barcelona. DeBruyne will be vital to Gaurdiola’s plans and has already reaped loads of compliments on the youngster. They currently lie on second position in the English Premier League and will definitely challenge for it too.

Causes Of Sleepiness

Sleep is one of the essential actions a person has to comply in order to have a well balanced life. For a person to live naturally and to do his or her tasks effectively, he or she has to have enough sleep every day. However, if you found yourself asking the question, “why am I so sleepy?” then you probably need more information regarding sleep. There are many reasons that can contribute to you being excessively sleepy. Read on to find the answer to your question which is, “why am I so sleepy?”We all know how important sleep is for every human being. Lack of sleep can lead to problems and unproductivity, which later can affect your career and life in a large scale. This article aims to define sleep and provide information regarding your question, “why am I so sleepy”

What is sleep?

Sleep or sleeping is a normal action done by every person in order to restore energy and rest for a day’s work. Every human being undergoes this natural state of mind and is often characterized with an altered or no consciousness with the world. It is really normal for a person to sleep every day as it is needed for our body.

Why am I so sleepy?

If you find yourself asking the question, “why am I so sleepy” then there might be factors which can contribute to this fact. Furthermore, excessive urge to sleep or sleepiness can also be a sign of a sleep disorder so it is best to ask and consult a doctor if deemed necessary.

Factors of sleepiness

There are factors which can contribute to a person’s sleepiness, these are the following;

Graveyard Shifts

If you work and is on the graveyard shift, then this is probably the main reason why you have an excessive urge to sleep. The time between night and morning is the time intended for sleeping, so if you’re just starting on your graveyard shift job, it’s not a surprise why you are always sleepy since your body is still adjusting to your sleeping pattern.

Staying Up All Night

Staying up late all night on a daily basis can be a factor why you have excessive urges to sleep. Since the night is meant for sleeping, if you let your body be awake during those times, then it’s no shock if your body has the urge to sleep since it does not have the sufficient time needed to sleep.

Medical Reasons

If you have enough sleep every night, or not skipping it but still experience extreme sleepiness, then you probably have a sleeping problem. Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder which is characterized by an extreme and excessive urge to sleep. It usually happens even if the person does not lack sleep during normal hours of daylight. It can be a problem for every person since you can’t concentrate on your job if you have narcolepsy. It is best to go and see a doctor regarding these.

Kitchen Island Lighting To Choose From

One of the biggest factors in the outcome of a kitchen’s interior design is the kitchen island lighting as well as the overall lighting in the kitchen. When choosing the perfect light, you have to take into account the practicality of the light and its decorative appearance in designing your modern kitchen; it’s no use having a fancy light that isn’t bright enough of an amazing light that doesn’t match the theme in any way, especially if you’re renovating. It’s common knowledge that designers needs to properly combine accent, tasks lighting and general structure.Basically, as the homeowner, every little detail is up to you from the color on the wall, furniture theme, lightings and positioning. Sure it might be fun and exciting, but there are times when you just don’t know what kind of light to put in there. Will it compliment the overall theme that you chose for the kitchen? It might be fancy and all that but is it the perfect one? What you need are numerous suggestions as to what kind of kitchen island lighting you can place.

Saucer Bubble Pendant

We’re sure that you’re familiar with this type of light, you may not have owned one before but several of your friends have them in their kitchen. Initially introduced back in 1952, the Bubble Lamps by Herman Miller are considered as mid-century modern. These lights have become a classic and are so iconic that it has a permanent place among the collection of Modern Art located in New York. These George Nelson Sauce Bubble Pendants have mainly stuck with the original design; they spray coat a steel wire frame with soft plastic, this creates the famous shape. Brushed Nickel is used in trimming the elliptical shape; this creates the effect of quality diffused light. In terms of lighting size, customers can choose from small, medium and large options. The lighting has a one year warranty and the suspension cord is field adjustable.

Vela Pendant

One look at the structure of the Vela Pendant light and ‘fancy’ will be the first word that comes to mind. Hand-blown glass, spun aluminum accompanied by a tall silhouette shape has captured the eye of designers and homeowners. These lighting were designed for multiple installation, a single one hanging over your kitchen island won’t really work. The oblong shape kind of reminds you of an acorn or a seed, especially on the part where the glass changes shape from round to somewhat quite pointed on the base. Since these were manufactured with the intention of combining more than one pendant, it has a small diameter that’s perfect for small clusters, although it is able to stand alone.The manufacturers believe that handmade items deserve a special place in our everyday lives, that’s why they trained in the art of glass blowing and the same technique practiced up to this day. The pendant light mainly consists of hand-blown glass and a spun aluminum cap, it also has a black suspension cord.

Why Visit Malacca From Kuala Lumpur

Since 2007 when Malacca was put on the world map for being one of the World heritage sites, it has attracted several visitors who mostly travel by bus from KL to Melaka. Some of the attractions which tourists go see are Jonkey Walk, St. Paul’s Hill, and A Famosa. There is also the Baba Nyonya Culture, which is something that is unique in Malacca.

Famous Food in Malacca

Some people travel all the way by bus from KL to Malacca just to go and enjoy a taste of the delicacies of Malacca. Here are some of the best that Malacca can offer

Chicken Rice Balls

When you travel by bus from KL to Malacca, you will not leave without having tried the chicken balls in rice. You will enjoy this unique dish which is loved by the locals and it will be a great change from the usual chicken breast on rice. There are some good restaurants where you can enjoy this delicious meal, ask around. Make sure you get there early so that you don’t miss out on it as it is in high demand.

Nyonya Laksa

Nyonya Laksa is worth the money you spend on it as it is one of the best delicacies that travelers by bus from KL to Malacca tend to enjoy. It is spicy and has all the ingredients that you will ever need in a Nyonya Laska and you might end up taking more than you initially thought.

Satay Celup

It is a delicacy of skewered meat which combines well with boiling sauce. It is a traditional dish which is best served atmost restaurants in Malacca.

Nyonya Satay

Though it is uncommon in Malaysia, when you travel by bus from KL to Malacca, you will enjoy this pork Satay. It is one of the delicacies you will enjoy when you travel by bus to Malacca. Most of the hotels and restaurants serve it and it is great, especially when mixed with pineapple sauce.

Fried Oysters

At Sin Yin Hoe, you will enjoy fried oysters, which are full of flavor, chili, lard, and egg. It is a new delicacy which is loved by many people of Malacca including visitors from KL.

The Rice of Char

Try this rice when you arrive at Malacca. It is the best among other great dishes served in  How Restaurant and you will always want more. Though the restaurant is located away from the city, it has a large fan following from the locals who love it mixed with other delicacies. The dish is tender, flavorful and crispy and it is a must take while in Malacca.


Malacca is hot and to beat its heat and humidity will require any visitor coming by bus from KL to Malacca should have a bite of Cendol. Though it is a drink which you can get anywhere, get it in most of the restaurants in Malacca.

Share these delicacies with your friends on social media so that, next time they visit Malacca, they will know where to order their special dishes.

A Brutally Addictive Game – Happy Wheels Demo

Nowadays, we can see every person who has one favourite game or the other. They like to play online games, compete with their opponents, defeat them and feel superior to them. There are a lot of online video games available for everyone who has a computer and internet facility. The adjective ‘addictive’ has turned out to give a positive notion after the success of video games. People want the video games to be addictive and they are willingly ready to be addicts to the games. Happy Wheels is one among the most addictive games that if you start playing it; you won’t know how fast the time is flying. The characters, tasks, obstacles and rewards you come across in this game are very impressive. You can go to any website and find Happy Wheels demo to play it online. Once you become addictive to it, the mere demo version won’t be sufficient for you.You can choose any one of the four characters to play the game. Even these four characters are unique and you will never see any of them in any other game. You have an old man on a wheel chair, a young man on a cycle with a child behind, a man on a motorized two wheeler and a man n an electric cart.  The objective of the game is to use any of the four characters to successfully reach the exit alive. I said ‘alive’ but not ‘undamaged’ which means that even if you lose the organs of your body, you still can win the game by reaching the exit. The game will be over only when your head or torso is crushed by any obstacle.

When you move along your path, you will have to cross so many obstacles. It is these obstacles which makes the game interesting. You will have to successfully cross them. There are certain key controls to play the game. It is sure that those keys in your keyboard will lose their print mark on them because you are going to be continuously playing this game day and night. If you feel that you are not comfortable with the default settings for key controls, you can any time customize it according to your wish.The Happy Wheels demo can be used by a player as a trial version to make a decision to download this game. It has most of the features of the actual game and what it lacks is only the higher levels of the game. Some players will surely like the animation reality with which the shattering parts of bodies and the shedding of blood are shown. This game has a physics touch to it that you need to guess how fast you will be sent up, in which speed you need t cross the mound etc are all related to physics. If you are fed up with your boring routine of everyday life, you can try this game out. The demo of the game is free online where you can play it.

Riding A Bus From KL To Hatyai

In the span of your travels here and there from incredible mountain tops to the depths of the ocean, have you ever heard of an amazing city called Hat Yai? If not, then it’s never too late to change that, treat yourself on a vacation to Hat Yai. A big city located near the border of Malaysia, Hat Yai offers tons of activities for just about any traveler. In case you originally wanted to stay in Kuala Lumpur and only Kuala Lumpur, take a bus from KL to Hatyai. We urge you to visit Hat Yai since travelling there is quite easy and transportation is incredibly accessible.Of course travelers have other transportation options aside from a bus; people can take a plane, train and minivan. As far as activities go, there’s more to the city than just shopping centers and museums.

What to do in Hat Yai

  • Hat Yai Ice Dome – this is located close to the entrance of Hat Yai Park. Seasonal displays include gorgeous ice sculptors by talented Chinese sculptors. The Hat Yai Ice Dome is open from 9:00 to 21:00 on a daily basis. Adults are charged 300 baht and children only pay about 150 baht.
  • Hat Yai Lantern – these are located near the Hat Yai Park. The Hat Yai Lantern Festival is an annual event that occurs during the start of the year.
  • Hat Yai Municipal Park – otherwise known as Hat Yai Park, this is located at Kanchanawanit Road and about 6 km for the city center. Not only do the tourists and travelers love this area, but local also turn to Hat Yai Park for their recreational activities. Hat Yai Park is filled with alluring flowering plants, there’s also a pavilion at the middle of the pond and food stalls for everyone to enjoy.

Taking a Bus to and from Kuala Lumpur

Numerous bus companies in Malaysia offer a ride to and from Kuala Lumpur for those who want to enjoy Hat Yai. Tickets are available at the bus company shop itself as well as official tour agents, ticket prices vary depending on the time of the trip as well as the company that offers it.

  • Konsortium Bas Ekspress Semenanjung – this company has 5 available buses that travel every day. Trips from Hat Yai towards Kuala Lumpur depart at 09:00, 09:30, 10:00, 12:00 and 19:00. On the other hand, Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai departs at 9:10, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00 and 23:30. Tickets would cost about 520 baht, it is a 10 hour ride at maximum; the 10 hours would include all typical stopovers, meal stops, waiting in immigration and traffic.
  • Alisan Golden Coach Express – with only 3 buses available on a daily basis, buses leave from Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur at 09:00, 11:00 and 19:00. Tickets typically cost about 400 baht for the 10 hour journey if we add the overall waiting time at the immigrations, the usual meal stop and traffic.

Benefits Of Post Natal Massage

For all of you who don’t really have an idea regarding post natal massage, well they are basically full body massages applicable to women who have just given birth; this is not a onetime procedure, a post natal massage is done for 40 days after the day that the woman gave birth. These massages start from the feet and the masseuse work their way up and finish with an even better head massage. It may not sound all that important and numerous people don’t really see the need for it but post natal massages present amazing benefits to a strained body.If you think about it, the stress and strain that a woman’s body endures does not start during the labor hours, it begins when the woman carries the growing baby. Imagine all the time they had morning sickness, back pain, swollen feet or emotional stress and the additional stress of giving birth isn’t even added to our list so far. What we’re saying is that these post natal massages will be the ultimate treat for new moms; they’re utterly relaxing, comfortable and stress free.

Various Benefits

General massages offer their own benefits, but post natal massages concentrate on how to release all the strain and tensions from a woman’s muscles especially after giving birth. Basically, post natal massages offer the following:

  1. Easing sore spots and relaxing multiple muscle tension – the whole child birth process would affect and stress more muscle in a woman’s body than you can count. But the most affected areas are the hips, abdomen and lower back. You’d be wrong to think that those are the only strained areas; the upper back would also end up sore when the mother is breastfeeding in a difficult position.
  2. Massages tend to enhance the flow of blood and oxygen all throughout the muscles as it gets rid of toxins.
  3. Speed up the body’s recovery from a caesarean section in case the mother underwent one. Keep in mind that massages directly on the area of the wound is a strict no-no especially if it still hasn’t properly healed. Gentle massages close to the area is recommended in order to increase or enhance the flow of blood thus encouraging a faster internal healing.
  4. Since you’re incredibly relaxed, the body is encouraged to produce even more endorphins. The endorphins in our bodies act as the natural pain killers and feel good hormones.

Caution When You had a Caesarean

Caesarean sections are considered are major surgeries and will cause incredible pain to the body, it also takes considerable time to heal. If you underwent a caesarean section then its best that you wait until the scar is totally healed before thinking about getting a massage. It might take a couple of weeks and we encourage you to get your doctor’s confirmation before booking a post natal massage. Sure the massages will help your mind and body relax, but remind the masseuse to avoid the scar as well as the abdomen during sessions.

Steam Wallet: A Short Guide

Being digital and staying that way is the trend nowadays. And it is not always about the trend. Being digital comes with its own set of benefits. And when it comes to digital money, we all know about the revolution they have brought into the market. If, today the entire cash-based economy is scraped away and in its place digital money is brought into the picture, transparency will be much improved in between the governments and their citizens. But enough about economics and politics; concisely speaking, there’s no denying the fact that digital money and e-wallets play a huge role in our day to day lives.Those who are not acquainted with Steam, let’s given them a proper introduction. Steam is a piece of software brought to us by Valve Corporation. This serves as an effective distribution platform for management of digital rights and social networking services, apart from multiplayer gaming. Steam has its own wallet services for all transactions in the steam network. This wallet is basically a bank system on Steam where you can keep digital money meant to be used for gaming, and basically any content which you need to download from Steam.

How to add money to Steam Wallet

Go to your Steam account. There’s the option of adding funds to your wallet. With the use of this fund, you may go on and purchase any game and conduct in-game transactions. Make sure to review your order before placing it. There are several options of adding amounts to your wallet. Click on the ones applicable for your purpose, and get done with it.

Gift Cards and Free Codes

Now this is really useful if you have a family member who’s crazy about gaming, and their birthday is coming up. Gift them one of the cards from Steam. They can make use of it to add money to their respective Steam wallets and purchase the game of their choice. These gift cards are just like gift certificates. The free steam wallet code is different, though. These are mostly useful for activating a particular game on Steam, and can be used to purchase it, any software, add money to your wallet or do about anything in your Steam account. The codes and gift cards of Steam are available across the world in several retail stores, in any denomination.Like everything else, there are several online stores which also deal in Steam gift cards and wallet codes. Steam has a wide variety of games which may spark your interest. After all, these are the stuff which can help relax your mind and help provide the much-needed rest for your brain after a hard day at work. The whole world is moving the digital way, why not you? Create your account in Steam, and get on with the entire experience. The design is kept simple and user-friendly, and the extensive gaming experience is sure to satisfy the gamer in you. The wallet services, gift cards and codes are just an added bonus.

This Is Why You Need A Fishing Kayak

South Texas Kayak

There are a number of things you can do in order to enhance your fishing experience. However, if you want to make the most of your fishing experience and you want to spend as much time as you can in the water then you need to consider investing in a kayak. While there are so many different kinds of kayaks that you can pick from, there are a few that are specifically made for fishing. You can check out these kayaks on so you can find one that is perfect for your fishing expedition.South Texas Kayak If you’re wondering why kayaks have become so popular for fishing, here are a few things about kayaks that you need to know. Firstly, a kayak is a lot easier to handle and this makes it very easy and convenient to get into the water.  While boats depend on the weather conditions and take a long time to get into the water, you can push your kayak on any kind of water body and start fishing in no time. Kayaks are easy to balance and you will get used to fishing in them in no time.

One of the major reasons why more and more people have been considering using kayaks for fishing is because of the cost. A kayak is a lot cheaper in comparison to a boat and it is also a lot easier to maintain. A high end kayak can cost you as low as $1500 and if you are lucky, you might find a pre owned one for cheaper.When you purchase a kayak you bring with it a number of advantages. One of the biggest advantages of a kayak is the portability. A kayak can be brought in and out of water with ease unlike a fishing boat. A fishing boat needs to be dragged in and out of the water while a kayak can be lifted into and outside the water body. This makes it easier to take the kayak into remote water bodies where a fishing boat cannot be taken. With a kayak you do not have to park right near the water body unlike a fishing boat. You just park where the parking is available and carry your kayak along.With a kayak there are no limitations on the water bodies as well. A fishing boat cannot be taken into shallow water or water with rocks. However a kayak can be taken anywhere. This gives you a better chance of catching better fish found in these water bodies. A kayak is also strong and sturdy. This means that if you need to see afar or need support to reel in a big catch you can stand in your kayak without having the fear of toppling over or any damage happening to the kayak. All kayaks are built wide and this is what makes them more stable than a fishing boat. Fishing in a kayak is a better experience than a fishing boat.

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

Building a home or office will require you to look into small details and invest on the best services. There are many things you will need to consider when building it. It isn’t simply about getting the right materials and construction workers to make a good foundation. There are other details you will need to take care of as well. One of them would be the proper insulation for all your rooms. There are many insulation methods to choose from, all depending on what you prefer. One of the common and popular methods would be spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is a simple yet effective method on how to properly seal all holes and cracks you find on various surfaces around your building, may it be on walls or roofs. If you are unfamiliar with this insulation method, we show you how it works and why it’s beneficial for any home or building.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a popular insulation method that uses a certain mixture mainly composed of spray polyurethane foam. This mixture is made onsite and sprayed onto various surfaces to cover holes and gaps that may be caused from imperfections and other small accidents. The mixture is prepared on the day you will be spraying it on the surface because of the quick reaction once it makes contact to any surface. The mixture will immediately begin to expand, covering all holes and cracks.

Not only will spray foam insulation help with vapor and air leakages, but it can also resist heat as well, making your place more comfortable. It will also help make your structure a stronger one, with you being able to live without worry.

There are many types of spray foam materials available, all depending on what you need for your home or office. If you are unsure of what to get, then a contractor can help examine and determine what your building needs. You can find a number of contractors who specialize in spray foam insulation. You can even do it yourself, f you have the knowledge on how to create and apply the mixture.

In Conclusion

Your building needs the quality services and materials in order for it to stand properly and without worry. With insulation (Spray Insulation Co), you will be able to reap all the benefits it has to offer. Not only will you have a strong home or building, but you will save costs on electricity bills and save your furniture from damage due to vapor or moisture. You can get a great contractor for spray foam insulation through a quick search online, or from recommendations made by trusted sources. Spray Insulation Co is one of the reputable and popular companies around UK. You can easily work with them and get a quotation by checking their official website and contacting them for more information. So what are you waiting for? Invest on the best for your home and go for the spray foam insulation services you need today.

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