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What Is The Best Toilet Available Today?

Toilet is a very important part of not just a house, but also some other commercial establishments. It is simply because this is where people urinate and do their thing in removing their feces from the body. All of these things should be done regularly in order to remain healthy, which is why toilet should be present. Even so, you have to make sure that you have the best toilet with you.


Just in case you do not know, there are different kinds of toilets available out there. One of these is the Western toilet. As its name suggests, Western toilet is very common in Western countries, and this is absolutely the best toilet that you can have at home or in your commercial establishment. The western toilet is also popularly being called Western Water Closet or European Water Closet. Such toilet is designed where users should sit on it in doing their thing.

What you can expect from this type of toilet are seat and a cover. When using this, you have to lift up the cover and then sit on it. And when you are done, you have to cover it again and flush it. Yes, it must be covered so that everything will be flushed well. Most of the time, you can easily recognize a Western toilet because it has a flush tank attached into it. Such tank can be made from ceramic or plastic material.


The Western toilet is actually very different from the other toilets that are used in the world these days. It is simply because it has a height of 500 up to 550 mm, which is way too high compared to the usual toilets out there. With accordance to its design, this toilet may have a weight of 12 kilograms up to 20 kilograms.

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