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Booking Tioman Ferry Ticket

Tioman island has a lot to be admired for; the cascading waterfalls, translucent waters, and lush jungles. This is what makes it a destination for beach lovers from all over the world. So if you want to travel in comfort, then buy ferry ticket Mersing to Tioman and you can go and enjoy the breathtaking geological wonder with places to see and explore.

Top Sites To Visit

When you visit Tioman, make a point of visiting places like Air Batang where you will get various things like great accommodation and budget restaurants to fit your budget. Nippah is another place which is a must of thevisit because it has some of the best beaches in Tioman. You will be able to catch the sight of phosphorescent seaweed which glows in the evening.  When in town, the greatest spot to visit is Mukut as it is a lovely beach and while there, you will be able to explore the Malaysian traditional life at its best; this is the place where you will also get beautiful sounds and sights, food and water activities being plenty.

The Best Way To Travel To Tioman From Mersing

The ferry is the most convenient way to travel from Mersing to Tioman. Most people prefer it because it is cost effective and you will have to enjoy the beauties on your way making it an adventure on its own. The best one to use is the Blue Water Express services to ports areas like Kg Genting, Tekek, Kg Paya, Kg Salang, Kg Air Batang. Each day, there are two ferry trips which run between Mersing and Tioman, taking 2 hrs and that is what has made it the transport of choice for many people.

All you need is to book your trip online, pick where you want to visit in Tioman and wait for the D-day.

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