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A Brutally Addictive Game – Happy Wheels Demo

Nowadays, we can see every person who has one favourite game or the other. They like to play online games, compete with their opponents, defeat them and feel superior to them. There are a lot of online video games available for everyone who has a computer and internet facility. The adjective ‘addictive’ has turned out to give a positive notion after the success of video games. People want the video games to be addictive and they are willingly ready to be addicts to the games. Happy Wheels is one among the most addictive games that if you start playing it; you won’t know how fast the time is flying. The characters, tasks, obstacles and rewards you come across in this game are very impressive. You can go to any website and find Happy Wheels demo to play it online. Once you become addictive to it, the mere demo version won’t be sufficient for you.You can choose any one of the four characters to play the game. Even these four characters are unique and you will never see any of them in any other game. You have an old man on a wheel chair, a young man on a cycle with a child behind, a man on a motorized two wheeler and a man n an electric cart.  The objective of the game is to use any of the four characters to successfully reach the exit alive. I said ‘alive’ but not ‘undamaged’ which means that even if you lose the organs of your body, you still can win the game by reaching the exit. The game will be over only when your head or torso is crushed by any obstacle.

When you move along your path, you will have to cross so many obstacles. It is these obstacles which makes the game interesting. You will have to successfully cross them. There are certain key controls to play the game. It is sure that those keys in your keyboard will lose their print mark on them because you are going to be continuously playing this game day and night. If you feel that you are not comfortable with the default settings for key controls, you can any time customize it according to your wish.The Happy Wheels demo can be used by a player as a trial version to make a decision to download this game. It has most of the features of the actual game and what it lacks is only the higher levels of the game. Some players will surely like the animation reality with which the shattering parts of bodies and the shedding of blood are shown. This game has a physics touch to it that you need to guess how fast you will be sent up, in which speed you need t cross the mound etc are all related to physics. If you are fed up with your boring routine of everyday life, you can try this game out. The demo of the game is free online where you can play it.

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