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Build A Lot 2: Town Of The Year: An Excellent Video Game Sequel

I have played the original version of this game, since it first came out about a year ago. I am also a real estate study who is constantly looking for methods to practice what I am learning in the field of real estate. This game was very appealing to a want-to-be home flipper such as myself.

Reality- 2/5 rating

This game has the very basic concept of flipping homes and building communities down rather well. You start off with a preset community to work with and given a mission board with goals to reach before the time runs out. The money to buy materials, hire workers, buy land and homes, and collect rent give the player a real sense of actually making financially important decisions. The time line does fly by rather quickly and the processes of construction, painting, demolition, and selling do happen rather fast and without much graphic detail, This is kind of disappointing considering the real estate market is all about seeing the transformations evolve in real time from unsellable to incredible. Compared to another popular real estate flipping game, this game does not take into account that you have your own bills to pay at home while investing in homes here. I often spent every dollar I had to get more materials leaving me broke for a month or more but had no side effects from doing so.

Graphics- 3/5 rating

The community maps are a simple design that makes it easy to be able to keep track of what is going on with all of the homes in the area at the same time without any delay in learning that something went wrong or is for sale and losing time to react. There are animations and sound effects that time the processes of the game together. I can here firework go off telling me that a home has been built, dollar signs float above homes when rent is collected, hats race through the streets to the homes that need their attention. Despite the lack of animation in constructive processes, the animations and alerts are enough to keep you excited and motivated throughout the game.

Ease of Play – 5/5 rating

While I have an education and experience in the real estate market, my wife does not and she was able to figure out the process and idea behind the game within the first round of tutorials without my help. Players do not need to have a real estate background to understand and enjoy this game. A simple process of buy, build, and sell and you will be well on your way to making millions in this game.

Entertainment – 3/5 rating

I am a true real estate buff and the more realistic the game play is, the more I would enjoy it. While I wish there was more realistic animation in the construction processes, I was so busy keeping up with the ins and outs of the business in this game of situs judi online terpercaya that gave me more reliable play and even increased my knowledge in building services. The hour long demo expired in what seemed like only a few minutes and I was depressed the demo was over and ready to type in my credit card to buy the full version.

Overall rating 3/5

This game is an excellent sequel to the original game that was out last year. For those that have the first version, the cost to get the second is well worth the expense. This version has so many new and exciting features that were never thought of as a player of the original. Some of the new features include community ratings, building parks and other attractions, more buildings, profit sharing on businesses, and so much more. This game is on the must-have this year!

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