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Know The Various Types of Decals On The Market

There are several dirt bike decals available on the market which you need to know about. There are a variety of decals that sell worldwide due to the success in the designing and manufacturing techniques which are used by the producers who are innovative when it comes to decals. The commitment placed on the manufacture makes them to provide quality service to clients before placing the dirt bike decals on the market. graphics2

Though decals on bikes don’t add horsepower, but they are important add-ons. It makes you represent the sponsors in a fashionable way which in turn sells their brand. Another importance of graphics is that they will protect your bike’s plastic and make it look new for a long time.

There are several options which riders have when it comes to dirt bike decals. Full kit includes graphics for the air box, fork guard, radiator shrouds, swingarm, rear fender, seat cover, front fender, and universal backgrounds. If you decide to go for the radiator shroud kit, you will be able to get radiator shroud graphics and air box decals. The trim kit dirt bike decals include rear and front fender decals, air box, swing arms, and fork tube.

If you decide to get the pre-printed background for your dirt bike decals, then you will get a number of plate backgrounds which are ready to stick on with the number plate printed on it. You will have the option to customize your bike to look superb. They will help you model specific and you need to get the designer have the details of your bike model before they are made.thick-stuff-mx-graphics-vinyl-stickers-for-bike-plastics

Universal background dirt bike decals are excellent when used on vintage bikes, custom application or just for your bike’s plastic protection. You have an option of choosing from a generic background or get to use outlines for style option. There is a need have numbers to help you in combining them with style and colors to come up with unique backgrounds.

Now that you have chosen the type of dirt bike decals, it is time to install them on your bike. How do you go about it? There are some things you have to put in mind to make sure that your graphics are long lasting. It requires patient and practices in order to get it done correctly.  You can either apply new plastic or use the existing ones on the bike – the choice is yours. In case you are using the old plastic, make sure that you use a heat gun to remove all the old decals before applying the new ones. The residual sticks should also be removed using contact cleaner or by using alcohol. Wash the plastic with soap and water and leave to dry before placing the new ones. In the case of new plastic, you only have to use alcohol or contact cleaner to wipe it and make sure that it is clean and ready for the application of new decals.

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