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Causes Of Sleepiness

Sleep is one of the essential actions a person has to comply in order to have a well balanced life. For a person to live naturally and to do his or her tasks effectively, he or she has to have enough sleep every day. However, if you found yourself asking the question, “why am I so sleepy?” then you probably need more information regarding sleep. There are many reasons that can contribute to you being excessively sleepy. Read on to find the answer to your question which is, “why am I so sleepy?”We all know how important sleep is for every human being. Lack of sleep can lead to problems and unproductivity, which later can affect your career and life in a large scale. This article aims to define sleep and provide information regarding your question, “why am I so sleepy”

What is sleep?

Sleep or sleeping is a normal action done by every person in order to restore energy and rest for a day’s work. Every human being undergoes this natural state of mind and is often characterized with an altered or no consciousness with the world. It is really normal for a person to sleep every day as it is needed for our body.

Why am I so sleepy?

If you find yourself asking the question, “why am I so sleepy” then there might be factors which can contribute to this fact. Furthermore, excessive urge to sleep or sleepiness can also be a sign of a sleep disorder so it is best to ask and consult a doctor if deemed necessary.

Factors of sleepiness

There are factors which can contribute to a person’s sleepiness, these are the following;

Graveyard Shifts

If you work and is on the graveyard shift, then this is probably the main reason why you have an excessive urge to sleep. The time between night and morning is the time intended for sleeping, so if you’re just starting on your graveyard shift job, it’s not a surprise why you are always sleepy since your body is still adjusting to your sleeping pattern.

Staying Up All Night

Staying up late all night on a daily basis can be a factor why you have excessive urges to sleep. Since the night is meant for sleeping, if you let your body be awake during those times, then it’s no shock if your body has the urge to sleep since it does not have the sufficient time needed to sleep.

Medical Reasons

If you have enough sleep every night, or not skipping it but still experience extreme sleepiness, then you probably have a sleeping problem. Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder which is characterized by an extreme and excessive urge to sleep. It usually happens even if the person does not lack sleep during normal hours of daylight. It can be a problem for every person since you can’t concentrate on your job if you have narcolepsy. It is best to go and see a doctor regarding these.

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