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Futon-The Japanese idea of having comfortable sleeping

Looking for a sound comfortable sleep after a long tiring stressful day? Bring Home, a, super comforting futon for sale and have a comfortable sleeping experience. cheap-futons-with-mattress-included

What is a Futon?

The word ‘futon’ is a Japanese word which typically means a Bed. Hence, a futon Bed is the system of Japanese Bedding which is laid on the floor and comes along with a mattress and a quilt.

What is it made of?cheap-futon-lounger-asian-outdoor-chaise-lounges

The exterior fabric of a futon mattress is filled in with cotton, wool or synthetic material. A futon basically is made up of natural fibres with a little bit of latex to give it support and good finish. A futon bed comprises of three sub components which are:

  • The ShikiButon- which is the bed mattress
  • The Kakebuton-which is a bed comforter
  • The Makura-pillow used with the bed.

Hence, to sum up these three parts together make up a Futon Bed.

Advantages of using Futon

  • The best part about Futon is that such beds create a multipurpose space as they ar laid on floors and therefore are portable.
  • Being light in weight, they can be easily carried them from one place to another.
  • The best thing about using a futon is that they are super comfortable. Absence of a spring mattress and a laid floor arrangement make you sleep peacefully and have a good night rest
  • There are lesser chances of breakage and damage as it is a floor based portable bed. Hence, kids do love such beds as it makes the playing experience fun.

Disadvantages of using Futon

  • It is not a cheap substitute for a couch or bed and sometimes looks just like a furniture
  • The amount of money one needs to spend is not very less in comparison to buying a regular wooden bed.
  • Moreover, if you find it difficult to get up and lie down on the floor daily, this option is not for you.
  • Futon Beds require a regular care otherwise the cotton within absorbs moisture making them heavy and dirty. So, regular cleanliness is a must.
  • Moreover, Adequate Space is required if one is using a Futon Bed regularly for the entire day.

Despite some demerits involved, Futon also serve some good advantages Futon are not a bad option to use and can act as a sofa, a bed or a furniture substitute at the same time.

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