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How the Making Viral Sales with Facebook

Attempting to get buying traffic from certain sources has been a constant difficulty for web marketers of the last few years. On the positive side, it’s a fresh new market with few rules so the potential winnings are huge but there is also difficult issues that come with this. For example, at first there was people not sure whether buying online was a good idea as it was thought unsafe and few people did it. Then after that people put up terrible pages on which products would be placed and its unprofessional look put people off. Recently people have been trying to get Facebook users to buy.

Facebook is a truly genius invention. They say if you create a great product people will come and this is true with Facebook. It seems to have come out of the blue to total domination of the social networking marketplace within just a few short years and with an estimated 750 million users logging in every day marketers have naturally started to realise that the traffic and sales potential is enormous.

They have their “Facebook ads” features which shows ads based on things like your age, gender, country of birth etc and many have seen good results with this method. Unfortunately though, it’s possible that Facebook users may just be going through a period of checking out the ads and the fact that it is new makes it a novelty and click through rates will decrease in the future. Remember, we’re talking about a market of people who are into the latest phenomenon (Facebook) and these type of people are the type who try new things for a short while.

People have also been trying to monetize Facebook groups and pages. They’ve been updated a lot in the last year or so making it much easier to navigate. It’s more regular that it’s not the group or page on its own that makes money but the activities engaged in upon the page. You can post an event and all if your page followers will see it. A certain percentage will follow the link and purchase something. That’s the basic gist of it. The latest trends information is provided at Instagram account. The purchase of the likes and comments should be done when a person find more about the sale of the business organization. The percentage of the likes is high with the services. 

Facebook have released a platform called open graph recently which made information on Facebook available outside of Facebook. Facebook in the future is looking like going the way of video hosting service Youtube. Most of the interaction will happen on other sites through things like video embedding and a smaller percentage will be on the site.

Facebook have a system now where if your friend likes something, they will show it in the space of the advertisement alongside the product. For example, your friend John could like “Coca Cola” and it would come up with “Coca Cola – John Smith + 3 other friends like”. This aims to use standard psychological principles to make you conform with your friends and looks a promising venture.

Also, if your friends have purchased the product it will mention that they bought it and also give your friends the option to “like” the product. This is likely to sway opinions too. All in all, when on Facebook trying to make money and convert traffic, don’t think too much about what you’re going to do with the traffic. Think of what people are on Facebook to do. It’s a social site and the more social aspects built into your campaign, the ore successful it is likely to be.

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