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If Social Media Is Free Why Do I Need You

Anyone who knows me knows I eat, breath, and sleep Social Media …… I love it! In fact, I encourage all my clients to build their social media communities.

It does wonders for an advertising budget and puts them even with the ‘big-boys’ when it comes to marketing, but most importantly…it makes it so easy for your ideal clients to find YOU and isn’t that what you’re looking for!

Finding ways to empower my clients to stay in front of their viewers, to get connected, and build those all-important relationships is a passion of mine.

The goal is to get your social sites up and running with valuable content and resources while increasing your online visibility as the go to person in your area of expertise and establishing your credibility.

Marketing shouldn’t break you out in a sweat or make you think…. “I’m not a sales person” and it shouldn’t break the bank. It should be (and can be) fun and worthwhile. That’s why I’m always “tooting the horn” for social media to my new clients.

Here’s how the process of working together usually goes:

There’ll be an email inquiry about services I provide or they may be requesting an estimate on a specific service.

I then respond by email with the information or if it’s more involved, I might request we schedule a complimentary chat to discuss their specific needs.

In my posts and emails I often tell my viewers if they have a question…ask, that I love answering questions.

Recently I was talking with a potential new client and she did just that. She asked this question: “At the risk of sounding sarcastic, if social media is free, why do I need you?”

Wow, I thought, and I said to her: “That’s a great question!”….

The fact is you don’t need me for social media…all the social platforms are free to set up and all come with unlimited free use.

However, many of my clients didn’t know what to do with their social platforms after they got them and/or they found they just didn’t want to deal with it or put in the time commitment involved.

They found they wanted to move on with their business rather than spending non-revenue producing time on watching videos and listening to webinars, etc on social media while trying to figure out all the pieces.

So, their sites were just sitting there and weren’t being beneficial at all.

Some of the best advice I’ve heard for business owners (yes, it’s a win-win for both of us) is “If you’ve struggled with something longer than an hour trying to do it…. Outsource it!”

Even if you want to manage your social sites in-house, you can still outsource the training for getting you up and running in a more productive time span. You don’t have to go it alone.

So, before you pull out what hair you have left…get help, email me (or someone) and get the ball rolling. Your hair will be very glad you did!

Subscribers are everything on YouTube. Anyone who has ever began to create a YouTube channel will know that attracting a sizeable audience doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a huge amount of effort and tons of luck. there’s such a lot quality competition out there all pushing for support and likes. It’s no wonder that achieving significant popularity on such a crowded platform is extremely hard, unless you’re a social media sensation.

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