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The Interactive World Of Neopets

Gaming is very good activity that makes us pass out time in a recreational and effective way. There are so many games nowadays that we can select the game of our choice. Nowadays games are not just played by kids anymore but by adults too. You’ll find many adults playing games on their phones or tablets, on the way to and from work and also while taking a little break. You don’t even need to download some games and you can play them online without any storage of your device getting eaten up.


One of the games that you could play is the Neopets games which has been going on from a long time and was created in 1999 by Adam Powell and Donna Powell for college students to have some fun during there free time. This is a cross platform online game that allows the user to make or adopt pets. They can customize their pets and make them wear different clothes or design their fur according to their liking. You are supposed to feed the pet and care for it so that it stays healthy. You can even talk to other users and engage in pet battles which doesn’t kill your pet but just harms it and you can nourish your pet back to normal health always.

The virtual world of Neopia can be explored by the users and there are different virtual world for everyone with different themes. The world has its own currency and points and also has its own economy. It has its own newspaper called the Neo Times and also it’s own stock market called the Neodaq. People also has it’s own time zones and calender. It has some of the highest user rates in the world with every user spending about 117 minutes on this game every week. This game uses the method if banner advertisement to earn money and there is a premium membership option too so that you can play the game without any ads but will have to pay for it.



There have been a lot of additions into the game recently had a lot of additions to its game play like Neopet Dailies and Neopet Freebies. Neopets Dailies are pages on the website that let you visit it for a fixed period of time, which generally is very less. There are various kinds of dailies that you can visit everyday and every daily has it’s own set of activities. Neopet Dailies helps you earn coins very fast within a short period which you can save in your bank and use later to buy potions and food from the NC Mall or other users to feed and take care of your pets.


Stickiest is the a sense means the most average time spent per user on a webpage and Neopets has been consistently doing very well on the Stickiest list. There are about 11 million unique users every month and the page gets about 6 billion views. The interactive gameplay has really attracted the attention of people.

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