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The demand for houses in Singapore is always high and trying to keep in sync with the high demands is difficult as people from all over the world flood here. There are a number of construction sites that are coming up in Singapore. If you are keen on investing in a house in Singapore it is always a good idea to check out the various options that you can choose from. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind when you invest in a house in Singapore. One of the things that you should check on your list is the location. 

Although there are various construction sites not all of them are centrally located and if you are keen on investing in a house that is centrally located and connects to the rest of the city you need to check out the Seaside Residences Price List, Seaside Residences Launch Price, Seaside Residences psf and floor plan today.

The best part of this construction is the fact that it is centrally located and very close to siglap MRT station. This enables you to travel to any part of the city without having to waste too much time. As the name suggests, Seaside Residency is situated right next to the beach and you can watch the waves even from your home. All the apartments are constructed in a way that they face the sea. The East Coast Park is walking distance from your home and this means you have a place to go whenever you have free time with your family or friends. There are a number of restaurants which means that can go out and enjoy yourself without having to go very far away from home. There are a number of shopping malls and grocery stores that are very close and enable you to buy whatever you need.

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