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Mistakes To Avoid When Leasing A Car

Most consumers decide to go for car leasing because they want to drive the latest model of the car for less money than what it will cost if they decide to purchase it. But for responsible drivers, they will have to read the blueprints before they go for prive lease which is one of the most expensive types of leasing.  Before you put a signature to that lease agreement, make sure you understand all that it entails. Avoid the mistakes most people make while on it.

  • Avoid Paying Too Much Upfront

Most  car dealers tell consumers to pay a large upfront amount, though they claim to offer low monthly car leases. The worst part is in case the car is stolen or gets damaged during the first month, refunding the money will become an issue. The insurance will refund the leasing company the value of the car as per the time it was stolen or damaged, but you as a customer won’t get a refund of the money you paid up front so avoid such private leasing companies.


  • Don’t Forget Gap Insurance

This is an important insurance when one is taking a car lease. It will help, especially in times when  the car you lease is stolen or damaged as you will be covered. Ask your private leasing company if the lease has this insurance before signing it. If they don’t have, you better look for one with it.

  • Never Underestimate the miles you have driven

Be wary of some private leasing companies who advertise low monthly payments as some of them have very low mileage limits. The limits vary between 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year. If you happen to exceed the limit, you will be charged for every extra mile at between 10 cents to 30 cents for each extra mile covered at the end of the lease. So make sure you check the charge against the mileage limit before you decide the company is your best option for car leasing.


  • No maintaining the car

There are some private leasing companies who are very strict that they will not do any repairs or maintenance on the car, however, small it may be. Others do specify that they will do specific minor repairs. Make sure you go for those companies which offer normal wear repairs after analyzing what the normal tear entails.

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