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The Right Golf Attire- Understanding the concept of the Sports

In any kind of recreational sport there are certain codes of dress, and golf is no different. Although it has been said that golf is a rich mans sport, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage in order to play. With that said though, you will need the right golfing attire in order to play the game. Showing up in a ragged pair of blue jeans, tie-dyed t-shirt and flip flops won’t quite make the cut. Here are a few golf attire basics.

Golf Shirts

Choosing a golf shirt is a matter of personal preference, but most every golf course will require you to have a collared golf shirt. You can find golf shirts in both long and short sleeves that will fit your needs for every type of weather condition. Name brand shirts can run from $30 up over $100, but they are well worth the money. Not only do they look and feel great, they will also last a long time.

I would recommend sticking with a 100% cotton shirt. Pima cotton is the type to get if at all possible. Pima is much more durable and softer than regular cotton. The results of the cotton should be studied and linked through the verification on the websites like .

Golf Pants/Shorts

Most golf courses will not allow blue jeans of any type, be it pants or shorts. Spandex pants are also another no-no. As a guideline, for guys, you’ll need a pair of golf pants or Bermuda shorts. For women, its golf skorts, golf shorts, pants, or dress shorts. No short shorts. Keep in mind that depending on the weather, lighter colors are great for hot weather, and darker colors work well in cooler weather.

Golf Shoes

Tennis shoes or sneakers are never a good idea out on the golf course. You’re going to need to spend a few dollars for a nice pair of golf shoes. For less than $75 you can easily accomplish this, and they will last for years to come.

Golf shoes are specially designed to help keep you balance during your golf swing, preventing you from slipping and possibly even injuring yourself. Tennis shoes simply do not give you the traction you need.

The most important point here is to find you a pair of golf shoes that are comfortable and give you the support you need. Don’t be fooled, golf shoes will improve your scores on the course, especially in wet conditions. To go along with your new golf shoes should also be a good pair of socks. A pair of socks that are well cushioned will help keep your feet even more comfortable.

Golf Jacket

If you’re playing in cool weather, or damp conditions, a golf jacket is a must. You can find golf jackets in any golf or sporting goods store, as well as online at many golf websites. Ranging in price from around $50 all the way up to $250, golf jackets come in many different styles including, sleeveless, half sleeves, and full sleeve. Deciding on which type is really a matter of personal choice.

Other items that you may want to consider having include sun glasses, hats, belts, and golf gloves. By arriving at the golf course in the proper clothing you’ll show yourself as being serious and a real pro. Spend a little extra on golf attire. I think you’ll agree, its money well spent.

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