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Secret Cheats For Youtuber Simulator

PewDiePie’s YouTuber Simulator is a chance for the players of this game at virtual YouTube stardom. YouTuber Simulator is a mobile game for Android and iOS. The gameplay is that you have to create videos and try to get as many views for those videos. The more views you get the more in-game currencies you get. You then use this currency to add stuff in your room and make the room bigger. The bigger the room gets and more stuff gets added, the more level you go up. This game is a chance for you to become a virtual celebrity. pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-hack

As you start completing levels and going up, the time that’s needed to complete the videos and the time that’s needed to receive the deliveries, start to increase too much. That’s why we are going to show you few Pewdiepie’s youtuber simulator cheats below that will make playing the game much more fun and easy.

The Looks

You shouldn’t worry about customizing the looks of your room or how everything looks in your room in the starting. You should just focus on adding the maximum number of items you can put in the room. Doing this will help you in levelling up faster. Once you start going up the levels, nice furniture and decorations will start unlocking, which will be much better in the long run.pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-hack-cheats-tips-and-guide-3

Change the clocks

Get ready to publish a long video from the trending topics section. You should get a notification for one hour and longer, when this happens change the clock of your mobile forward. Now click the home button on your mobile and exit the game. You also need to change the mobile settings to next day. Now open the game and you should have earned the subscribers and few extra things. Use this cheat before it’s fixed by the developers.

Watch the Ads

You need to watch the ads. By watching the ads you get a 2x booster, which helps in making the videos a bit faster and also speeds up the shipment of the deliveries. You can also get subscribers and free views to your videos for watching ads. It only takes few seconds to watch an ad, so why not do it when there’s nothing much to do in the game and you have to pass the time.

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