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Sewing Machine Reviews for You

If you ask us, since you’re going to invest on a sewing machine then why not invest on a good one? We’re not talking about the most expensive sewing machines found in the market, we’re talking about the ones that might be a little pricey but contain amazing features. Let’s face it, you can’t just buy a random sewing machine, hate it, be put off and discontinue your sewing projects. Buy one that’s you like and is perfect for your needs; we encourage you to read sewing machine reviews since opinions of others are a welcome help in making decisions. social2

Take note that you’re free to disagree with our reviews or choose a sewing machine that’s not mentioned here. Our aim to is to lessen your stress when it comes to finally choosing sewing machine.

Singer 4411

This heavy duty sewing machine is a practical model designed to take on huge amount of projects. Overall, it includes 11 built-in stitches; this is made up of 6 basic stitches, 4 decorative stitches and an automatic four step buttonhole. The bed plate of the machine is made from stainless steel which adds smoothness to the flow of the fabric as you feed it to the machine.So_Sew_Simple_WL

Singer 4411 is also known for its speed, it can reach up to 1,100 stitches a minute and its metal frame. This sewing machine can be used by experts and beginners alike, don’t be fooled by its budget friendly price since you’ll get your money’s worth and more.

Brother XL2600i

If you’re new to all of this sewing business, then we suggest the Brother XL2600i since it’s a very basic model aimed for the use of all the beginners out there. The most practical model out of all the sewing machines with prices under $100, you can also create simple sewing projects like quilting, home projects, crafting and more. This machine has 25 built-in stitches, although you do need to use a dial when selecting your preferred stitch.

Some of the reasons why users opt for this model are its beginner friendly features, multiple accessories, portability, bobbin winding, easy to follow manual and free arm. Although some are turned off by its overly basic features and lack of LCD display. But you can’t honestly expect the best features in the world for a price less than $100 right? Choose this model if you’re a beginner with a tight budget.

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