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The Benefits Of Carrageenan

Carrageenan is a fiber which is water soluble. This fiber is found in various kinds of seaweed. Carrageenan has been used as a thickener or as a stabilizer for a number of food products which include milk, ice cream, bakery goods and more. Most of the Carrageenan used all over the world comes from Asian countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and a few Pacific Islands. There have been a number of questions about Carrageenan side effects in recent times; however FDA has approved Carrageenan as safe to consume. The product is market as ‘GRAS’ which stands for generally recognized as safe.  healthy-new-years-resolutions-370x208

Since 2001, people began to doubt Carrageenan because people began to complain of digestive problems after consumption; however after further investigation it was proved that Carrageenan can in no way harm the digestive system of the body. Claims about Carrageenan causing cancer too had popped up a couple of times, however these rumors too soon faded once it was proved that the Carrageenan used in a number of products were contaminated and not in pure form. While pure Carrageenan is safe, it is also more expensive in comparison to cheaper counterparts that are not as safe as Carrageenan. This is why it is essential for any food industry to ensure they get their hands on good quality and pure Carrageenan which they can use for their products.11

Carrageenan is considered one of the best stabilizers of nature. The benefits of Carrageenan can be seen in the structure, texture and the physical appearance of foods. Carrageenan enables the delivery of a product that is a lot more indulgent. This holds true even for foods that have low salt, calorie, fat or sugar content. Carrageenan has been regularly recognized by various regulatory bodies across the world that has certified it as a natural and safe food ingredient.

Carrageenan is non GMO and is considered safe to use in organic products. Carrageenan is also gluten free and does not contain any kind of animal fats. Carrageenan is also approved for kosher, halal and also vegetarian diets. Carrageenan is an inexpensive and easily available ingredient that helps keep organic and natural foods easy to procure and affordable for various customers. With so many benefits it is difficult to ignore the good things that Carrageenan does for you and your body. Very rarely do you come across a food ingredient that does a lot more than add taste to the food.

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