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Tips To Set Up a French Provincial-Inspired Dining Room

The dining room of a house carries so much of life in it. It is a place where the family comes together for happy meals. Thus, people love to spend time designing their dining room in the best possible way. A French provincial style dining room carries a rustic look. It adds charm. For those who are not well-versed with provincial style furniture, here is a helping guide.

Set up a French-style dining room

  • The dining table

The dining table is the center of attraction in the room. A french provincial dining table for sale with its classic cabriole legs and carvings is the best choice. One can choose a suitable shade of table from companies that sell vintage-style French furniture.

  • The floor

The colors and décor for a room inspired by provincial styles must mirror nature. The countryside was packed with natural beauty. Thus, colors like browns and faded greens would be an apt choice for the flooring.

The walls

Animal-prints or floral decorations on the wall would complement the floor’s natural shades and complete the authentic provincial look.

Things to remember

Modern dining tables depend on bright pops of color and accentuated lighting. However, if you want to go with a traditional French style, drop these ideas, and choose natural lighting and warm undertones to decorate the dining room.

If one had to describe the French country style of décor – sophisticated and rustic would be the perfect adjectives. Try to avoid over the top decorations. One idea would be to include antic farm tools or silverware on the wall. These items would smoothly blend with the rest of the room, giving a French-inspired look.

Finally, distressed wood on the ceiling beams would be a great addition to the dining room.

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