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Top 5 Best Clear Face Masks With Protection And Lip Reading!

The use of a face mask has become necessary to prevent the contamination of the virus. It is a great choice for people to use protective masks to slower the rate of infection caused due to coronavirus. However, during this whole thing, it has really become difficult to understand what other person wearing a mask is saying to you, along with maintaining social distancing. 

We are here looking at the top 3 clear masks options that offer proper protection against the virus and easy lip reading as well. If you want to understand more about clear masks, do consider reading until the end. 

Top 3 clear face masks with lip reading!

The pandemic time is really difficult for people; however, it is even more difficult for deaf people who don’t really get to know what you are trying to say due to face masks. Deaf people master the art of lip-reading, which makes their life a little less difficult. However, clear face masks with proper protection and lip-reading can come in handy for deaf people and their families. You can even prepare these face masks at home by watching an optimal tutorial to make one. 

  • Smile mask:

it is a face designed by the speech pathologist based in Boston with the use of a BPA free plastic window that is easy to treat with moisture repellant agents for daily use. 

  • Clear mask:

it is the only face mask that is provided with a window to get approval from food and drug administration. Unlike other masks, it wouldn’t fog as easily as vinyl plastic. There is a lot of variety from which you can choose the optimal one for yourself.

  • Anti-fog adults and kids clear mask:

another top-performing Etsy merchant has provided this fog repelling treatment on the vinyl window. It is provided for use for kids and adults’ sizes easily.

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