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Why Visit Malacca From Kuala Lumpur

Since 2007 when Malacca was put on the world map for being one of the World heritage sites, it has attracted several visitors who mostly travel by bus from KL to Melaka. Some of the attractions which tourists go see are Jonkey Walk, St. Paul’s Hill, and A Famosa. There is also the Baba Nyonya Culture, which is something that is unique in Malacca.

Famous Food in Malacca

Some people travel all the way by bus from KL to Malacca just to go and enjoy a taste of the delicacies of Malacca. Here are some of the best that Malacca can offer

Chicken Rice Balls

When you travel by bus from KL to Malacca, you will not leave without having tried the chicken balls in rice. You will enjoy this unique dish which is loved by the locals and it will be a great change from the usual chicken breast on rice. There are some good restaurants where you can enjoy this delicious meal, ask around. Make sure you get there early so that you don’t miss out on it as it is in high demand.

Nyonya Laksa

Nyonya Laksa is worth the money you spend on it as it is one of the best delicacies that travelers by bus from KL to Malacca tend to enjoy. It is spicy and has all the ingredients that you will ever need in a Nyonya Laska and you might end up taking more than you initially thought.

Satay Celup

It is a delicacy of skewered meat which combines well with boiling sauce. It is a traditional dish which is best served atmost restaurants in Malacca.

Nyonya Satay

Though it is uncommon in Malaysia, when you travel by bus from KL to Malacca, you will enjoy this pork Satay. It is one of the delicacies you will enjoy when you travel by bus to Malacca. Most of the hotels and restaurants serve it and it is great, especially when mixed with pineapple sauce.

Fried Oysters

At Sin Yin Hoe, you will enjoy fried oysters, which are full of flavor, chili, lard, and egg. It is a new delicacy which is loved by many people of Malacca including visitors from KL.

The Rice of Char

Try this rice when you arrive at Malacca. It is the best among other great dishes served in  How Restaurant and you will always want more. Though the restaurant is located away from the city, it has a large fan following from the locals who love it mixed with other delicacies. The dish is tender, flavorful and crispy and it is a must take while in Malacca.


Malacca is hot and to beat its heat and humidity will require any visitor coming by bus from KL to Malacca should have a bite of Cendol. Though it is a drink which you can get anywhere, get it in most of the restaurants in Malacca.

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