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Ways Hollywood Affects Views on Dating and Relationships for Women

Women, especially teens and young adults, are often influenced by things they see in Hollywood. This includes everything from beauty and fashion to relationships and sex. While it is good to take notice of the world around you, it is hardly ideal to look at celebrities for advice on dating or marriage. There are some morality issues that should be addressed before taking anything away from celebrity couples. These are the problems with Hollywood stars broadcasting their romances, and what can be inferred from them.

They glamorize abuse

This is the main cause that leads the youth brigade astray, as they cannot distinguish between real and reel and constantly look up to their film idols for emulation in the hopes of becoming like them someday. Now I don’t have anything against films as long as they come up with a brilliant social message coated with songs and entertainment props but just that sex and sleaze are the norm of Hollywood these days that are corrupting young minds and they look up to useless apps like okcupid to try their luck with girls.

Abuse in any form is never okay, and definitely shouldn’t be tolerated. The women affected by this often make excuses for the men in their lives and continue to stay with them. It was recently brought to light that Rihanna is dating Chris Brown once again. This is the same man who was ordered to stay away from her after he did some damage to her face in 2009. Clearly she is sending the wrong message to her female fans, and many of them could be in similar situations. Abuse does not equal love, and if it happens once, it will most likely keep happening. You deserve better, and so does Rihanna.

They disrespect their partner with infidelity

Infidelity is high among Hollywood couples, and many of them air their dirty laundry in the media. Seemingly happy actors are brought to their knees when they find out the ones they love have strayed. A perfect example of this is the situation between Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwartzenegger. His affair with their maid produced a love child that was hidden from Maria for many years. This all came to light in 2011, and played out full circle in the media. I have been on the receiving end of an affair, and it is no fun. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have your life on display and dealing with something like this as the world is hounding you. Cheating shows a lack of respect and is a complete slap in the face to those of us who are faithful.

Changing partners like underwear

There aren’t very many lasting relationships in Hollywood. One week someone is dating this person, and then they next they are with another guy. This has become the acceptable way of life, and it sends out a terrible message to young women. Taylor Swift is a perfect example. While she is generally pretty wholesome, she has a slew of ex-boyfriends. These are not long courtships, and her rebound relationships are never any better. It is definitely okay to casually date, but serious things should be addressed with someone that will stick around longer than two weeks.

We live in a world where sex and relationships are all talked about and viewed differently. Many women look to Hollywood for insights, and the ones they are given aren’t good. Celebrities are hardly role models for love and life, and remembering that can save you a lot of disappointment and heartache in the future.

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